Our Worst Brand of Politics

Comparisons between the current scandal over purported ‘Russian collusion’ and the mother of all modern political scandals, Watergate, have become profligate, likening President Trump’s current situation to obstructions of justice that occurred over the Watergate break-in. Such analysis often overlooks a significant distinction. With Watergate, there was an actual crime, a break-in of the Democrat party’s campaign headquarters; with the Trump/Russia narrative, no evidence of underlying criminal activity has surfaced, giving strong indication that none exists.

A salient analogy, however, does exist between current events and those of the Watergate era. It concerns the madness and hysteria that take hold when reason and self-awareness wane in the pursuit of sheer partisan advantage. We see this in a sociopolitical climate generated by America’s political left, whose current Trump/Russia hysteria disregards truth, consistency and introspection.

Machinations of the so-called ‘deep state’ are ongoing and geared toward ending, abruptly, the Trump presidency; they are better calibrated and less conspicuous than the left’s more common methods and tendencies. Dishonesty, demagoguery, hypocrisy, ruthlessness, hatred, even violence, as we’ve seen recently, are tolerated when directed at President Trump and his supporters. To establishment liberals, it matters not how they get there, only that they succeed in achieving their goal — the personal and political destruction of the President.

I halt shy of the word ‘evil’ but there is something decidedly dark in all of this. A darkness manifest in the image of a blood-drenched, severed head of the President of the United States held up by a comedian, whose expression is determinedly deadpan, open to interpretation: Is this a joke? … a threat? … an incitement? … a directive? … all of the above?

Not long thereafter, a gunman, clearly mad, clearly emboldened by the cacophony of rage and hatred coursing through our media culture, targeted a group of lawmakers, specifically Republicans, for assassination. Miraculously, that madman’s effort was thwarted by Capital Hill police, else his swath of carnage would have been considerably more horrific. When the level of vitriol, hatred and violence increases and the resulting condemnation is less than universal, the stakes rise that much more. Vile and violent rhetoric morph increasingly into vile and violent acts.

Watergate was about politics, ultimately, and the liberal establishment, in all their rabid intensity, won the day, forcing Richard Nixon’s resignation of the presidency, securing a political windfall in the 1974 congressional elections and six subsequent years of largely unrestrained liberal dominance. If establishment liberals fail to win this time … if Mr. Trump survives his first term and wins re-election in 2020, the moment and the fallout will be transcendent … heaven help us.

How the Media Rob Us of Hope

It has taken a long time, decades in fact. But the Liberal Media Complex accomplished what they set out to do. They trained Democrats and Republicans how to behave. Perhaps the liberal media are to be congratulated on a job well done. Then again, maybe they ought to be condemned for having degraded political discourse and weakened our democracy.

The liberal media have trained Democrats to stand tall and say whatever they want, with little to no fear of negative repercussion. That is why Democrat presidents, and their surrogates, routinely deny requests for special counsels to investigate their scandals — something Barack Obama did repeatedly. And they do so without pushback from our vaunted media hounds. You know, the ones charged with ‘speaking truth to power’ … blah, blah, blah.

The same liberal media have trained Republicans to cower with their tails between their legs, waiting to be beaten. This is why Republicans break ranks and turn on a President of their own party, under relentless attack, until they cave and appoint special counsels or establish congressional investigative committees or special commissions; to their own detriment and the detriment of whatever agenda the voters duly elected them to pursue.

This is how it works in Washington, DC. Democrats boldly storm about the place, as though they are in charge, even when they are out of the White House and a congressional minority. Republicans, on the other hand, even when they control the White House and both houses of Congress, cower when the liberal media raise a threatening hand.

Folks … this has got to stop.

One held hope, as President Trump came into office, that perhaps it would stop, that Republicans … finally … would find a voice and some self-respect. But with all the momentum currently against them, and the liberal media breathlessly, relentlessly in attack mode, that hope teeters on the brink.

ObamaCare Repeal Is Now in the Offing

The Women’s March on Washington, that took place last weekend, was not the first time they came out with signs and chants. Outside the U.S. Supreme Court there were de rigueur demonstrations, in anticipation of the court’s decision, in the case of King v. Burwell. They held aloft signs reading, “Don’t take my healthcare away!” For every such sign, there should’ve been another reading, “Let me have my healthcare back!”

The year was 2015, and Democrats, via the legislative monstrosity known as ObamaCare, had taken away the health care that millions of Americans had previously taken for granted. This was the first time … ever … the bureaucrats in our federal government told us that we (who pay the salaries of said bureaucrats) must buy an overpriced, overly burdensome consumer product of the government’s choosing, whether we want to or not. They took away doctors and health insurance plans that millions of Americans wanted to keep. ObamaCare forced millions to take up insurance plans ill-suited to their individual needs. ObmaCare raised health insurance premiums and heath care deductibles so high that, for millions of Americans, health care itself was becoming, in effect, inaccessible.

Among the most important decisions people make, for themselves and their families, are those concerning health care. Democrats took many of those decisions away from the people, and put them within a massive federal bureaucracy … destined to become ever more burdensome and oppressive … You want to try a new medication to keep your diabetes in check? In the future, don’t ask your doctor about that; ask the bureaucrats in Washington. You need a kidney transplant? In the future, don’t check with your spouse; ask the bureaucrats in Washington, and see if they will allow your life to be saved … WAIT!!!

America! … That nightmare scenario can now be avoided. With a President Donald J. Trump and a Republican Congress, we have a chance. It’s time to fill the streets of Washington with demonstrators, carrying signs that read, “Hallelujah! I’m getting my healthcare back!”

They Who Attack Republicans Forgive Obama And Hillary

A note from the largely forgotten challenge that presidential candidate Barack Obama faced, some eight years ago, regarding his spiritual mentor and pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the same reverend who, from his church’s pulpit, cast angry, racially charged aspersions on the United States of America.  When Rev. Wright’s comments were made public and rightly condemned, Mr. Obama spoke from Philadelphia in 2008 to defend himself and his mentor. He stated that he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could disown the entire black community. Three weeks later, he disowned Rev. Wright, without skipping a beat, for pure political expediency.

What can be drawn from that chapter? First, if there were enough political expediency involved, Mr. Obama would disown the black community. Or second, he was not very sincere in his support of Jeremiah Wright. Either way, the speech Mr. Obama delivered from Philadelphia, the speech so lauded in 2008 by the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) elite and so readily absorbed by the malleable masses, the speech credited with nothing less than saving Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, was in fact a polished presentation of empty rhetoric, a cynical exercise in political skin-saving. Continue reading

Liberals Fear the Will of the People

For several years now, this columnist has suggested a primary distinction between conservatives and liberals is that the former are more process oriented while the latter focus more on results. This notion is echoed in a piece by David Catron in today’s online American Spectator, contending establishment liberalism’s greatest fear as regards ObamaCare is that the “will of the people” be allowed to determine its fate.

Liberals fear the process by which a Republican-controlled Congress may legislate, perhaps with gumption enough to overhaul the current ObamaCare regime. It doesn’t matter to such liberals that, four months ago, voters awarded Republicans new and newly enhanced legislative majorities in the U.S. Congress, in large part because of an overriding dissatisfaction with ObamaCare. Nor do such liberals care that Congress has the constitutional duty to propose and pass legislation of this very nature. This is all too much process.

Democrats prefer the President continue to prescribe extra-constitutional, piecemeal fixes via executive fiat, to keep ObamaCare from collapsing under its own weight. This would preserve the ObamaCare regime, and America’s relentless march toward authoritarian government control would continue. Such is their desired result.

By comparison, the will of the people and the U.S. Constitutional are seen as trifles.

The Audacity of ‘Nope’

Fallout continues from the poorly calculated State of the Union Address that President Obama delivered last week. The general consensus seems to be that, on a number of fronts, the President has lost touch with reality. He took credit for things he had nothing to do with, such as increased domestic oil and gas production and falling gasoline prices. And he suggested a flailing U.S. foreign policy has made the world safer and more stable than it really is; here note Russia on the move in Ukraine, ISIS continuing its horrific advance, Iran ever closer to nuclear capability and consolidation of its regional dominance.

Another telling miscalculation was the tenor of Mr. Obama’s speech, one of petulance and desperation. After refusing to acknowledge that Republicans had just won a landslide electoral victory, Mr. Obama proceeded to lecture them about all the things he would not allow them to do with their new and newly enhanced legislative majorities, backing up his bluster with one veto threat after another. Mr. Obama is attempting to force Republicans into a defensive posture, hoping desperately that they’ll recalculate their priorities. One envisions Mr. Obama, in the non-stop campaign mode to which he has relegated himself, repeatedly spouting lines such as … Why do you keep sending me legislation you know I’m going to veto? Stop clogging up the works and send me something I can sign. Let’s get some work done for the American people … blah, blah, blah.

Unless he recalculates his own priorities, Mr. Obama’s reflex will be to oppose and chastise. He will ignore the fact that the party with a mandate from voters is not his own, but rather the one he purports to lecture. Rather audacious, this strategy of saying ‘Nope’ not only to congressional Republicans, but to the voters who sent them to Washington with a mandate – to stop Barack Obama in his tracks.

Humpty Dumpty Democrats

Democrats were decimated in the recent midterms, and President Obama responds as though, despite what you may have seen in the news, it didn’t really happen. Denying their undeniable connections to Jonathan Gruber, and to the stale lies that barely hoisted ObamaCare over the legislative finish line, Mr. Obama and his media allies bat not an eye, as they move toward their next miscalculation. On deck is the president’s new immigration policy. The details of what he proposes this week will be overshadowed by his unconstitutional hubris in defying, via executive order, the very immigration laws he has sworn to faithfully execute … So help me, God … as he put it when taking his oath of office.

Mr. Obama is about to poison his relationship with the new Republican congress before it is even sworn in. That’s how gracious the man is. Beyond that, he will poison his relationship with voters, and not just the voters who gave him the back of their hand two weeks ago. He risks alienating many of those who’ve consistently given him their support (approval of his immigration overreach recently polled at only 38%). Such voters are, for Mr. Obama, a spent resource. They cannot vote for him again, and so with a mere stroke of the executive pen, it’s as though they never existed.

Showing consistent, unabashed disregard for America’s voters and for America’s constitution, Mr. Obama is poised to shove his party’s coalition of ethnic minorities and white working and middle class voters off the wall on which that coalition has balanced for so long – it’s going to land hard, crack at the seams and eventually come apart. Mr. Obama won’t be a candidate again, but others from his party will. Can they hope to put their king’s broken pieces together again?