This Man Holds the Key to Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

As tension builds, hourly it seems, over the fate of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, competing narratives and political factions increasingly entrench. Despite a fact set affirming Judge Kavanaugh’s innocence of decades old sexual assault charges, scoundrels continue to malign him with anything they can find, no matter how ludicrous.

Some argue that even if Kavanaugh is innocent of the charges that prompted re-opening his previously concluded confirmation hearing, he still must not be confirmed. Even if there is no fire, our carelessness has generated too much smoke—seems to be the argument.

One man, however, is poised to blow the smoke away.

During the first two years of President Trump’s administration, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been shrewd and steadfast in securing confirmation of Mr. Trump’s judicial nominees, in particular Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Senator McConnell has stated unequivocally that he will schedule a floor vote in the Senate on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, likely within the week.

This will put each senator on record as having either supported or opposed a good and eminently qualified man to serve on our nation’s highest court. That carries nicely into the upcoming mid-term elections. Several Democrat senators, from states President Trump carried convincingly in 2016, are running for re-election and will be forced to take a stand—betray the unscrupulous demagogues leading their party or betray the voters of their respective states.

If Republicans play this shrewdly (asking a lot, I know), they’ll have a major issue in Democrats’ unseemly, dishonest treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, making it a foundation upon which to build the rest of the Republican congressional campaign.

Quite a choice Mr. McConnell is poised to lay on the table.


The Left Goes Full Tribal

On one hand is an allegation of sexual assault—an allegation that is thirty-six years old, alleged by a victim who cannot say precisely when the assault occurred, where it occurred, how she got to the location where it occurred, or who was present when it occurred. In fact, all the purported witnesses identified by the victim have denied any knowledge of the alleged incident. The allegation has been fully investigated, and the evidence that has emerged would not be enough to secure a search warrant, much less a conviction.

On the other hand is a federal judge—a man of sterling reputation, universally admired by his colleagues, co-workers and friends, scores of whom have come forward in unqualified support of his character and integrity; a man whose life and career have been nothing short of exemplary, yet whose reputation has been maligned publicly in a most vile manner; and whose family has been subjected to attacks and threats equally vile.

Neither is the winner here; both accuser and accused have seen their lives turned upside down. This cacophony of personal destruction has been orchestrated for purely partisan reasons—by Democrats and the establishment Left—to maintain their grip on the federal judiciary. They have threatened to do anything—whatever it takes!—to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, and they fully intend to make good on their threat.

Make no mistake. They would—and will—do the same to any conservative jurist President Trump nominates to the Supreme Court. Destroying individual lives, ruining reputations, terrifying families are all within the Left’s decrepit playbook. We’ve seen how they weaponized the Deep State. This is how they weaponize the judiciary.

This is not about right or wrong, and most certainly not about protecting women. Democrats’ (and Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s) latest call for an FBI investigation is nothing more than a tactic of delay, and has nothing to do with getting to the truth. In the meantime, harassment of Republican lawmakers will continue, and more baseless charges against Judge Kavanaugh will emerge. Rest assured.

After all their carnage and destruction, the Left remains in full attack mode, utterly unrepentant. No sympathy or empathy. This is about power. Diminishing our nation’s revered institutions is no longer merely a cost. It is an objective.

It is ruthless. It is cynical. It is tribal.

Impeachment Is Not Trump’s Biggest Concern

The Liberal Media Complex howled deliriously of impeachment last week, even as Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that his justice department would not be influenced by political considerations. Sessions was responding to an unfavorable critique from his boss, the president, in a contentious back-and-forth that is interesting and peripheral. Under Department of Justice imprimatur, President Trump’s adversaries practice scorched earth politics. But impeachment is not the death-blow they seek to inflict.

In this intense an environment, Jeff Sessions is out of his depth. Otherwise, he would realize his justice department was already politicized when he stepped into it. Incredibly he was and remains oblivious, induced by his own staff into recusing himself from the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation, while taking no steps to insure that investigation would be properly conducted in his absence—clearly, it has not been.

Conflicts abound within the milieu—look no further than Loretta Lynch’s clandestine tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton while she was investigating his wife’s many crimes; Rod Rosenstein overseeing a ‘Russian collusion’ investigation in which he is both an instigator and potential witness; James Comey’s personal animus toward the president he was investigating, not to mention his ham-fisted exoneration of Hillary Clinton which allowed her to continue running for president; Mr. Rosenstein appointing James Comey’s close friend and cohort in curious self-enrichment schemes, Robert Mueller, to investigate the same president whom Mueller had just asked, unsuccessfully, for a job; Mueller’s hand-picked team of partisan scalp-hunters, ignoring the myriad misdeeds on the Democrat side of the ledger, while conducting a ‘search and destroy’ mission on a Republican president and anyone else on whom they choose to paint a bullseye—and somehow, amazingly, Republican Jeff Sessions is the only one to recuse himself. How convenient.

This talk of whether Sessions has control of his justice department is small ball. So is the minutiae of whether Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, actually violated campaign finance laws before he turned on his client. Even the debate about whether Democrats will try to impeach Trump should they take back the House is limited in scope. The long game is something entirely more sinister.

… to be continued …

Bias Creep Already

Here’s how they cover it at The Hill:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under mounting pressure from the right to appoint a second special counsel to investigate conservative allegations of abuse at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.” (emphasis mine)

The above quote is the first paragraph in today’s story. The Hill is a steadfast establishment news outlet. Query: How often did we read about liberal allegations coming from the left when Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation of the Trump Administration? Answer: We didn’t. We never do when the target of an investigation is Republican.

That double standard is bad enough, however, it is extremely condescending to downplay legitimate concerns about malfeasance at the highest levels of the FBI and U.S. Justice Department as nothing more than … conservative allegations.

An expanding volume of evidence points to serious, perhaps criminal, wrongdoing. And it leans less toward President Trump than toward the Deep State and President Obama. Maybe … just maybe … that is why establishment media are suddenly suggesting it’s about politics more than truth and justice.

D’ya think?

Democrats’ New Strategy Is Nothing New

Have Democrats found a way to beat Republicans in the 2018 mid-terms? Democrat leaders seem to think so, offering something new, different and destined to work. But don’t be fooled … it’s a sham.

Case in point: Conor Lamb, the Democrat candidate in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. He and Republican Rick Saccone locked horns in a race that is too close to call, even though voting took place yesterday. The difference between them is a few hundred votes; absentee and provisional ballots are in play, though Lamb has claimed victory. The kicker is that Donald Trump won in Pennsylvania’s 18th District by nearly 20 points in 2016.

Question: What gives? Answer: Conor Lamb ran like a Republican.

Democrats proffered a candidate, in Mr. Lamb, both young and attractive, which doesn’t hurt. They also positioned him as mainstream, even right of center on certain issues. And that is their strategy. Run like Republicans in order to beat Republicans. But there is nothing new in this.

It is exactly what Chuck Schumer and the Democrat leadership did in 2006. They recruited congressional candidates who ran as though they were Republicans, claiming middle-ground on issues that Republican voters cared about (they also benefitted from President Bush’s military quagmire in Iraq and congressional Republicans accumulating huge budget deficits). A key, often overlooked, ingredient in the Democrat’s 2006 victory was their calculated effort to run like Republicans, and thereby regain control of Congress.

Of course, once Democrats obtained super-majorities in 2008, they governed as leftists, hoisting Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, and other Obama-era travesties on the nation. Does anyone believe that, should he emerge victorious, Conor Lamb, who ran like a Republican, would actually govern like one? Answer: Of course not. He’ll do whatever the Democrat leadership tells him to do. So would any other Republican lookalikes the Democrats may dig out of the electoral woodwork. They may campaign like Republicans. But they govern like Democrats. And that’s nothing new.

It Isn’t Just Hollywood

Regarding the public flagellation of Hollywood uber-producer Harvey Weinstein, for his decades of allegedly horrid behavior toward women, there’s an elephant in the room. And it’s not a Republican. Some observations.

First, the entertainment industry has for decades treated sex and violence as commodities, to be exploited and marketed to their viewing public. Is it not ironic for those who monetize the objectification of women and men (but mostly women) to castigate anyone for not doing enough to empower them?

Second, where were these suddenly horrified people in the 1990s … the decade of ‘Billary’ … when the President of the United States was a serial predator of women, and quite possibly a rapist; and his greatest enabler was his wife, Hillary Clinton, who submitted to her husband’s humiliations, lied on his behalf, and intimidated his accusers … when instead of condemning the Clintons for their well-documented, horrid behavior toward women, liberalism’s self-appointed arbiters of morality gave the Clintons a pass (and still do) because they were ‘politically correct’ on abortion and what have you?

Third, would all of this be coming out now if Hillary had won the presidency last year? Would mass media be, by implication, putting the lie to Bill and Hillary’s own abuses if the Clintons had re-consolidated their power, with the breadth and might of the federal bureaucracy behind them? Would those whose business model monetizes objectification be blowing down their own house of cards if the Clinton money machine were still in full-swing, doling out political access, instead of relegated to the brink of irrelevance?

Just asking.

Taking Republican Senate Seriously

Today’s big story concerns the 2018 election cycle, well underway, wherein Republicans can strengthen their current majority in the U.S. Senate.

For more details click here.

A most attractive Republican candidate, Attorney General Josh Hawley, enters the state-wide Missouri mix to take a U.S. Senate seat away from vulnerable Democrat, Claire McCaskill. Other potential Republican contenders in the state clear the way for Mr. Hawley. The President’s base seem pleased.

All this indicates a much-needed level of seriousness among Republicans. A lingering concern is how far the sentiment will spread as election season intensifies.

Stay tuned.