The Lesson From 2018 Florida Fiasco

I’m sorry folks, but Rick Scott and the Republican party should have seen this coming.

Democrats had a vote fraud contingency in place, as they always seem to. They stood ready to deny the will of Floridians, who had just voted to elect the Republican candidate, Governor Rick Scott, to the U.S. Senate. Rick Scott, by contrast, looked a bit like a deer in the headlights, with no contingency in place to defend his own victory in the Florida vote. Republicans scramble now to catch up.

Could Rick Scott have filed for an injunction to halt the Democrats’ illegal after-hours vote count before it got revved up? Maybe he could have. But he didn’t. And in the 48 hours after final vote counts were required from every precinct, Scott watched his statewide lead of nearly 60,000 votes dwindle to about 15,000. That is, as Donald Trump might put it … Huuuuge!

As Governor of Florida, Rick Scott could have dismissed Brenda Snipes, the Elections Supervisor for Democrat-controlled Broward County, the focus of this current round of Democrat malfeasance. Ms. Snipes has engaged in partisan vote count shenanigans in the past, and such behavior warranted her dismissal some time ago. But then Governor Rick Scott was too genteel for that. Is it too late now? One wonders.

Democrats play for keeps. They lie, cheat, and otherwise connive … the name Kavanaugh ring a bell? … whatever it takes to hold onto power. For them, the end justifies the means, no matter the law, ethical principle or individual trampled underfoot.

Thankfully, Senator-elect Scott and the Republican party have now filed multiple law suits to preserve Scott’s hard-won election victory. But his vote lead has dwindled so badly that a statewide recount is underway. Republicans still can successfully defend the will of Florida voters, but only if they are as ruthless as their Democrat adversaries.

And the question lingers: When will Republicans like Rick Scott get their high-minded heads out of the clouds and realize what they’re up against? Come 2020, the Republican party must be ready to preserve election victories in every contested state and congressional district in America.

And they better be ready on election night. Not two or three days afterward.


One More Campaign Ploy

Will Democrats prevail over Republicans in the 2018 mid-terms? Nancy Pelosi seems to think so, having already declared on national TV that her party will win come Tuesday. Democrats claim to offer something new, something fresh and destined to work. But don’t be fooled … it’s a sham.

The Democrat party recruits candidates, such as Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona and Beto O’Rourke in Texas, who are young and charismatic, which doesn’t hurt. And liberal Democrats often position themselves as mainstream, or right of center, even claiming to be with Donald Trump on certain issues, such as border protection … Didn’t you know? … Ms. Sinema has encouraged the men and women protecting our southern border to “stay hydrated” and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has said, “I support the president 100 percent,” in securing the border. Forgive my rolling eyes.

Run as pseudo Republicans in order to beat Republicans. Some strategy. It is exactly what Chuck Schumer and the Democrat leadership did back in 2006, recruiting candidates who ran as moderates, claiming middle-ground on issues that Republican voters cared about. Of course, once Democrats obtained super-majorities in 2008, they governed as true leftists, hoisting Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, and other Obama-era travesties on the nation; travesties from which our economy is only now recovering.

Does anyone believe, should they recapture the House come Tuesday, that Democrats who run like moderates would actually govern that way? Answer: Of course not. They would do as told by their left-wing leadership. They may campaign as moderates. But they govern as leftists. That’s not a fresh approach. It’s from a tired old playbook. And it’s a sham.

What to Look for in 2018 Midterms

The upcoming midterms offer divergent outcomes of great consequence. If Democrats capture the House of Representatives, expect legislative gridlock in Washington, impeachment proceedings against the president, and non-stop Democrat investigations of everything good, bad or ugly even remotely connected to Donald Trump.

If Republicans hold the House and expand their majority in the Senate, one anticipates continued expansion of the U.S. economy, more jobs with higher wages, more middle-class tax relief and enhanced border security, along with continued investigations into Deep State abuses that occurred both during and after the Obama administration. With potential scenarios differing like night and day, these midterms are as important as any in memory.

Among voter patterns, there are crucial trends to watch. In particular, minority voters. Without customary dominance of the African-American vote, Democrats may not capture the House of Representatives this year, and may not control Congress for a very long time. If the party of Lincoln—the party that freed the slaves and secured their citizenship—secures twenty-two percent or more of the African-American vote, and maintains it through 2020, things look bleak for the party of the Clintons and Obamas. If, in addition, thirty percent or more of the Latino vote goes Republican, Democrats face minority status for a generation or more.

Under the leadership of Donald Trump, that is achievable. This is perhaps Mr. Trump’s most consequential—and thus far most overlooked—thrust into the Democrat party’s power base. The president has courted minority voters since 2016 with ever-increasing success; the economic expansion referenced above, for example, has already resulted in the lowest Black and Latino unemployment levels ever in American history. Beyond 2018, the effort will become a full-court press wherein 22% and 30% support may be merely the foundation on which Republicans enhance their rapport within the African-American and Latino communities.

Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex know this threat to their power is more than wishful Republican thinking. That’s one reason they’ve tried so hard, yet so futilely, to label President Trump a racist. Under the leadership of Trump and his shrewd team of strategists, the effort to expand Republican support among minorities is very real and very far along, and will be determinative.

This Man Holds the Key to Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

As tension builds, hourly it seems, over the fate of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, competing narratives and political factions increasingly entrench. Despite a fact set affirming Judge Kavanaugh’s innocence of decades old sexual assault charges, scoundrels continue to malign him with anything they can find, no matter how ludicrous.

Some argue that even if Kavanaugh is innocent of the charges that prompted re-opening his previously concluded confirmation hearing, he still must not be confirmed. Even if there is no fire, our carelessness has generated too much smoke—seems to be the argument.

One man, however, is poised to blow the smoke away.

During the first two years of President Trump’s administration, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been shrewd and steadfast in securing confirmation of Mr. Trump’s judicial nominees, in particular Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Senator McConnell has stated unequivocally that he will schedule a floor vote in the Senate on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, likely within the week.

This will put each senator on record as having either supported or opposed a good and eminently qualified man to serve on our nation’s highest court. That carries nicely into the upcoming mid-term elections. Several Democrat senators, from states President Trump carried convincingly in 2016, are running for re-election and will be forced to take a stand—betray the unscrupulous demagogues leading their party or betray the voters of their respective states.

If Republicans play this shrewdly (asking a lot, I know), they’ll have a major issue in Democrats’ unseemly, dishonest treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, making it a foundation upon which to build the rest of the Republican congressional campaign.

Quite a choice Mr. McConnell is poised to lay on the table.

The Left Goes Full Tribal

On one hand is an allegation of sexual assault—an allegation that is thirty-six years old, alleged by a victim who cannot say precisely when the assault occurred, where it occurred, how she got to the location where it occurred, or who was present when it occurred. In fact, all the purported witnesses identified by the victim have denied any knowledge of the alleged incident. The allegation has been fully investigated, and the evidence that has emerged would not be enough to secure a search warrant, much less a conviction.

On the other hand is a federal judge—a man of sterling reputation, universally admired by his colleagues, co-workers and friends, scores of whom have come forward in unqualified support of his character and integrity; a man whose life and career have been nothing short of exemplary, yet whose reputation has been maligned publicly in a most vile manner; and whose family has been subjected to attacks and threats equally vile.

Neither is the winner here; both accuser and accused have seen their lives turned upside down. This cacophony of personal destruction has been orchestrated for purely partisan reasons—by Democrats and the establishment Left—to maintain their grip on the federal judiciary. They have threatened to do anything—whatever it takes!—to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, and they fully intend to make good on their threat.

Make no mistake. They would—and will—do the same to any conservative jurist President Trump nominates to the Supreme Court. Destroying individual lives, ruining reputations, terrifying families are all within the Left’s decrepit playbook. We’ve seen how they weaponized the Deep State. This is how they weaponize the judiciary.

This is not about right or wrong, and most certainly not about protecting women. Democrats’ (and Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s) latest call for an FBI investigation is nothing more than a tactic of delay, and has nothing to do with getting to the truth. In the meantime, harassment of Republican lawmakers will continue, and more baseless charges against Judge Kavanaugh will emerge. Rest assured.

After all their carnage and destruction, the Left remains in full attack mode, utterly unrepentant. No sympathy or empathy. This is about power. Diminishing our nation’s revered institutions is no longer merely a cost. It is an objective.

It is ruthless. It is cynical. It is tribal.