Elections Matter: An Illustration

Imagine a world wherein there is no ‘Russia-gate’ scandal. No congressional committees investigating said scandal, no special counsel or wall-to-wall media coverage.

Imagine that … you were to suggest Russia actually colluded with American politicians to interfere in America’s 2016 elections; that they attempted to hack into our electoral systems and used social media to impact how we voted for our president; that your concerns warrant investigation by Congress and a special counsel to further investigate; and that Russia is now to be counted among America’s worst enemies … Imagine a world in which making these charges would get you written off as a crack-pot conspiracy theorist, and see you driven from the public square in shame and ridicule.

Imagine such a world … as the real world … and you begin to see what things would look like had Hillary Clinton won the presidency in 2016.

The Democrat party line on ‘Russia-gate’ would still be based on President Barack Obama’s words at the White House in October of 2016 (see a video clip by clicking here), when he declared that no one could “rig” America’s elections, that any such suggestion was not to be taken seriously.

The Liberal Media Complex would have joined the Democrat chorus to establish a narrative supporting Mr. Obama’s claim and, thereby, supporting Mrs. Clinton’s claim to presidential legitimacy. And the voluminous evidence of actual collusion between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, the Obama Administration and, yes, Russians — so as to “rig” the 2016 election against Mr. Trump — would have gone largely, if not completely, unnoticed.

If Mrs. Clinton had won — as the political establishment expected — concerns about Russian meddling in our elections would now be seen as petty and ludicrous; and the liberal media would attend such concerns only so as to delegitimize them. That is, for example, how Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex dealt with Mr. Obama’s Benghazi scandal — they focused on it just long enough to label it as partisan, scandal mongering by Republicans; and after a requisite amount of uninspired media coverage, the Benghazi scandal was cast aside.

By this point in a Clinton presidency, there would have been no appointment of a special counsel, and America would have moved well past ‘Russia-gate’ to focus on other matters … such as …

                                                                              To be continued …


Trump’s Not the Target … You Are!

In a current iteration of Trump hatred, one of the Liberal Media Complex’s hugely underwhelming talking heads, a guy named John Oliver, assures his viewers that President Donald Trump is wildly unpopular in virtually every country in the world. And that we Americans, in turn, should feel humiliated having such a man in the White House.

When you take on the Liberal Media Complex — which is, make no mistake, international in scope — they are going to do what they can to destroy you. Mr. Trump knew this going in. He is immune to their insults, clearly. Just read his tweets for a week. Or watch him at one of his well-attended, public rallies. So, the liberal media have taken to shooting past President Trump, aiming their insults at anyone who supports him.

To those who offer aid and comfort to their enemy, the liberal media’s message is … Don’t you dare! And if you even consider it … then you, like Trump himself, are an idiot! Don’t you know that everyone … and we mean EVERYONE … hates this guy? Come on … join the haters.

How well Trump supporters stand up to this steady barrage will determine how long Mr. Trump stays at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Era of Zero-Sum Politics

Its roots are in the presidency of Barack Obama, a man who famously refused to negotiate with Republicans, unless, of course, they gave him everything he wanted — Mr. Obama would have considered that a fair negotiation. When he did not get his way, he vilified Republicans in Congress and used executive orders to marginalize them; even as he weaponized powerful organs of the federal government to punish his political enemies.

Toward the end of Mr. Obama’s second term, he and the rest of the established political order fully expected Hillary Clinton to take up the reins as our next president. They envisioned a bright future for themselves, a future of unbridled immigration via open borders; of a newly amalgamated citizenry, ill-informed and heavily dependent on government, with little appreciation for the duties and privileges of citizenship; of an ever-expanding, all-powerful, politically weaponized administrative state; of entrenched liberal dominance as far as the eye could see.

Their sense of entitlement, of imminence, led some establishment politicians and bureaucrats to a deeply corrupt place, doing inappropriate and perhaps illegal things, certain they would get away with it. They could, for instance, conduct a sham investigation of Hillary Clinton’s classified email imbroglio, or falsely obtain a FISA warrant to spy on candidate Trump and his campaign; because candidate Clinton benefited from their malfeasance, and a President Clinton would never hold them accountable.

In the Autumn of 2016, with Mrs. Clinton on the verge of victory, the established political order were that close to having it all. But Trump didn’t lose to Clinton, as written in their script. And now, they see it all slipping away. They are bitter. And angry. And vulnerable.

If Democrats can re-take Congress, if they can destroy and humiliate Donald Trump, if they can intimidate congressional Republicans into submission as once was customary … they may still have a chance. This is why Democrats, with their allies in the Liberal Media Complex and the Deep State, are now so partisan and vicious. Their struggle is existential. They will win … or suffer a slow death … on this field of political battle.


The Dick vs. The Donald … and What It Means

When Democrat Senator Dick Durbin emerged recently from a White House meeting with President Donald Trump and congressional leaders, he claimed the President had used the word “s**thole” in referencing certain nations, some of which are nearly or literally failed states, some of whose citizens desperately wish to leave their own countries and come to America.

Others who attended the same meeting have claimed the President did not use that word in that way. But the Dick’s comment about the Donald ignited a political firestorm — as intended — that spread rapidly. Various world leaders have now openly labeled the U.S. President a “racist.”

The reason for all this hullabaloo is, ultimately, a simple one.

Those who know Donald Trump personally will tell you that the President may be brash and arrogant, but he is not a racist. So, the question becomes … why have Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex so eagerly rushed to paint a racist caricature of Mr. Trump as though it were reality?

For the same reason the Dick made his comment in the first place. To put the President and his allies on their heels in the ongoing debate over immigration reform. Which begs the further question … why so much political capital expended on this one issue?

Because unbridled immigration is the future of the Democrat party. Unable to prevail by way of their own failed policies, Democrats hope to re-engineer America’s demographics through immigration, to thereby expand and entrench an underclass dependent on government and beholden to one political party. With one crass maneuver, however, the Dick has squandered any credibility he may have had with Mr. Trump, with whom he needs to negotiate and who now knows the Dick is, well, a d**k — willing to do or say pretty much anything to gain the upper-hand.

As for the media hounds so eagerly buying the Democrat party’s tainted commodities and selling them to the world, those charlatans squandered their credibility long ago. Dripping with disdain for the President, they follow a predictable script, one that harms America’s image as it foments instability.


Rule of Politics or Rule of Law?

What we see unfolding in Washington, DC verges on a constitutional crisis. Nothing less.

An entrenched political establishment is attempting to overturn the results of a U.S. presidential election. In doing so, they attempt to destroy a duly elected President of the United States because they disapprove of his conservative politics and his course manner. More importantly, the establishment senses an existential threat to its own privilege and entitlement, a threat in the form of a true outsider in the White House.

The DC establishment employs hyper-politicized agencies and authorities of the bureaucratic state — e.g. FBI, Justice Department, Office of Special Counsel — relying on the phalanx of a Liberal Media Complex to help promulgate their offensive.

As for the millions of voters who elected Mr. Trump in November 2016, the DC establishment is, in essence, telling these voters … We implored you not to support Donald Trump, to vote for Hillary Clinton or not vote at all. But you didn’t listen to us. Now you will see that what you want, and voted for, is ultimately irrelevant. 

The politically favored, such as Hillary Clinton, are given a pass; while political opponents, such as Michael Flynn, are publicly skewered, roasted and left with their lives in tatters. It harkens to the historic days of Empire, when Roman elites who failed to back a favored choice for Emperor could expect to have their property seized and their lives threatened, if not literally taken.

When all is politicized … all credibility is lost. And America becomes a nation dominated less by the Rule of Law than by the Rule of Politics.


Sex and Cynicism Home to Roost

Earlier on these pages, I queried whether mega-producer Harvey Weinstein would be facing his hard-earned day of reckoning had his political ally, Hillary Clinton, won the presidency in 2016. For that matter, would actor Kevin Spacey? Or Senator Al Franken? Of course, Judge Roy Moore would be in trouble down in Alabama. He’s ultra-conservative and Republican. I digress.

The larger point is … Cynical, demagogic liberals are beginning to throw Hillary and Bill Clinton overboard. Because they can. The Clintons are no longer political kingmakers and unlikely (as in ‘no chance’) to enjoy such status again. When such a high-level coup occurs, so does collateral damage.

The even larger point is … It’s not as though we suddenly know things about Bill’s engaging in, and Hillary’s enabling of, sordid sexual imbroglios that were unknown prior to November 8, 2016, or even some twenty years before that. It’s just that one year ago, twenty years ago, when the Clintons held great power and influence, and, equally important, served the political needs of the liberal establishment in support of legal abortion and what have you, they were given a pass. Until now.

As former allies turn on the Clintons — very suddenly, it seems — there is the attempt to deflect away from said allies’ own hypocrisy, even so as to re-write history. For example, it is claimed that, in 1998, Republicans pursued charges of perjury against then President Clinton when they should have focused, instead, on the President’s sexual predations. That is poppycock!

Bill Clinton’s detractors condemned his sexual predations in 1998; even as his defenders in the Democrat party and the Liberal Media Complex rejected such condemnation, claiming, for instance, that Bill’s sexual dalliance with young White House intern Monica Lewinsky was “sex between two consenting adults” and, therefore, nobody else’s business. As for Mr. Clinton’s other accusers, they were roundly dismissed by establishment liberals as ‘tramps,’ ‘trailer trash,’ or otherwise lacking credibility.

Such obvious hypocrisies aside, getting rid of the Clinton’s now serves another deeply cynical purpose. The establishment left hopes to clear a pathway to President Donald Trump. After all, if sexual predators are dropping like flies in multiple industries and on both sides of the aisle, and if we now (better late than never, eh?) recognize the sex-related travesties of a former U.S. President, how can we ignore any sex-related charges conjured up against the current President?

It is easy to imagine this cynical ploy bandied about by establishment liberals … as they continue and intensify their quest to destroy a sitting President.


Which Petard? … A Tough Call

Today’s big story concerns the big shift in the Russia-Clinton-Collusion narrative. That’s right. It’s no longer about Trump-Russia.

Now it’s Hillary, Bill, and a cabal of former Obama Administration officials taking center stage. And today’s story is multi-pronged. It involves potential corruption at the highest levels of the former administration, self-dealing by the Clintons (needless to say), and compromising America’s national security in the process.

For details … click hereand here.

Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex, who for the past year have promoted a ‘Russian collusion’ narrative, are being hoisted on their own petard(s).

And it’s going to get interesting.