When It Doesn’t Add Up

One recalls former FBI Director James Comey pardoned—err, declined to prosecute—Hillary Clinton over her email shenanigans, back in July of 2016. It truly was a shock to see Mr. Comey make the case against Mrs. Clinton, reeling off various things she had done, undeniably criminal in nature, and in the very next moment declare that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute her for such obviously criminal activity.

I remember thinking, at the time … There must be some reasonable prosecutor … somewhere! … who would pursue such a strong case against Hillary. In fact, I’d call it a slam dunk. This just doesn’t add up.

Since Mr. Comey cleared the way for Hillary to continue her ill-fated run for the presidency, we’ve learned more of the story, of the Deep State—in which James Comey was a key player—and their well-documented efforts to preserve and promote Hillary’s candidacy, while simultaneously harming Donald Trump’s.

One recalls, also, numerous accounts surfacing shortly after President Trump’s 2016 election victory, stories of alleged ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives to subvert the very election Mr. Trump had just won. Though largely attributed to ‘anonymous’ sources, the Liberal Media Complex promoted the story with abandon and glee, investing heavily in their own narrative.

I remember thinking, at the time … Something about this, the way the establishment Left uniformly promotes it, gives me pause. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but this doesn’t add up. In fact, it stinks.

In the months since then, thanks to investigations by determined congressional Republicans (despite obstruction from congressional Democrats), as well as determined reporting by a few journalists (to the indifference of the Liberal Media Complex), we’ve learned that operatives in the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the Obama Administration concocted a false narrative of ‘Russian collusion’ in order to compromise, if not end outright, President Trump’s campaign and later his fledgling administration.

Now, in the days leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, we have another disturbing narrative, of bombs being sent to prominent Democrat politicians and other high-profile, outspoken liberals. Despite the gravity of the situation, and before the full story was even known, establishment politicians and liberal media cynically pounced to blame it all on President Trump. It is a disturbing indication of how polarized and dangerous our politics have become.

As I find myself thinking … Something about this just doesn’t add up. The timing alone, within two weeks of election day, is suspect. Add in the nature of the story—twelve oddly assembled explosive devices, none of which exploded to cause injury, and a suspected perpetrator who looks right-wing crazy enough to have come from central casting—along with the manner in which the story unfolded, as though tailor-made to give Democrats and the liberal media an advantageous narrative. 

Surely there is more to learn about this story’s origins and trajectory. Surely this is not some scripted, decrepit stunt. However, in view of the circumstances and past experience, many observers are skeptical.

Hard to blame them.


The Left Goes Full Tribal

On one hand is an allegation of sexual assault—an allegation that is thirty-six years old, alleged by a victim who cannot say precisely when the assault occurred, where it occurred, how she got to the location where it occurred, or who was present when it occurred. In fact, all the purported witnesses identified by the victim have denied any knowledge of the alleged incident. The allegation has been fully investigated, and the evidence that has emerged would not be enough to secure a search warrant, much less a conviction.

On the other hand is a federal judge—a man of sterling reputation, universally admired by his colleagues, co-workers and friends, scores of whom have come forward in unqualified support of his character and integrity; a man whose life and career have been nothing short of exemplary, yet whose reputation has been maligned publicly in a most vile manner; and whose family has been subjected to attacks and threats equally vile.

Neither is the winner here; both accuser and accused have seen their lives turned upside down. This cacophony of personal destruction has been orchestrated for purely partisan reasons—by Democrats and the establishment Left—to maintain their grip on the federal judiciary. They have threatened to do anything—whatever it takes!—to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, and they fully intend to make good on their threat.

Make no mistake. They would—and will—do the same to any conservative jurist President Trump nominates to the Supreme Court. Destroying individual lives, ruining reputations, terrifying families are all within the Left’s decrepit playbook. We’ve seen how they weaponized the Deep State. This is how they weaponize the judiciary.

This is not about right or wrong, and most certainly not about protecting women. Democrats’ (and Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s) latest call for an FBI investigation is nothing more than a tactic of delay, and has nothing to do with getting to the truth. In the meantime, harassment of Republican lawmakers will continue, and more baseless charges against Judge Kavanaugh will emerge. Rest assured.

After all their carnage and destruction, the Left remains in full attack mode, utterly unrepentant. No sympathy or empathy. This is about power. Diminishing our nation’s revered institutions is no longer merely a cost. It is an objective.

It is ruthless. It is cynical. It is tribal.

This Is Total War

The Left has declared total war. Political warfare, total nonetheless.

In a military context, total war means ‘no civilians,’ as non-combatant populations become targets, along with non-military elements such as infrastructure and industrial capacity. Nothing is off-limits in a hellish, scorched earth push to destroy the enemy’s capacity and will to fight, to cause devastation and surrender.

The leftist wing of American politics has adopted such measures, in political terms, in their determination to destroy President Trump. Witness the scorched earth sentiment of HBO comedian Bill Maher, wishing America’s economy would suffer a recession if it hurts Mr. Trump’s electoral prospects. Or Robert De Niro chanting “F*ck Trump!” to a standing ovation from the live, televised audience at the Tony Awards. To hell with the country, its economy, its citizenry, and with any sense of propriety, so long as Trump suffers too. Such sentiments reflect a Left willing to punish Americans in order to harm their duly elected president.

Rule of Law, the U.S. Constitution and functional democracy mean little to those whose disdain for Trump and his policies outweighs their respect for America’s socio-political institutions. As with Hitler’s bombing of London or the Allied bombing of Dresden during World War II, this is not about softening up one’s enemy pending frontal assault. The objective is surrender; in this case to cause Mr. Trump and his allies to abandon a fight that is too withering, too exhausting.

The formula includes collective punishment of anyone allied or closely associated with Donald Trump, all become targets, even the president’s wife. Unfounded speculation by David Frum and other media talking heads that the first lady had suffered domestic abuse is worse than preposterous; it is weaponized rhetoric designed to lessen the president’s resolve by humiliating his family. No respite, no quarter given.

Witness Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s intimidation and over-zealous prosecution of those associated with the president, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s conflict-ridden empowerment of Mueller, juxtaposed against self-guided incompetence in the FBI’s non-investigation of Hillary Clinton and her associates. A politicized Justice Department targets the very chief executive under whose purview it operates; and those on one side of the political equation get a pass, while those on the other side get pulverized. The message is simple and direct—ally yourself with Donald Trump and we will target, harass and destroy you.

This behavior is not as irrational as one might think. Establishment liberals have spent decades constructing a system in which an elite political class oversees America, wherein they alone have the capacity to manage our federal bureaucracy, wherein they use government’s immensity and power to marginalize and manipulate the citizenry. In stark contrast, at the heart of President Trump’s mandate, is a return of power and influence to the American people, in accord with the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution and sustainably functioning democracy.

The way the establishment Left sees it, if Trump succeeds, the world as they know it, the value system and power structure they cling to, will cease to exist. They refuse to accept Trump’s presidency as legitimate and want him removed from office post-haste; they want to humiliate and destroy him, make an example of him, as a warning to anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps; and they see voters who elected Donald Trump as a rebellious, low brow mob, to be subdued.

The Left is at war with current political reality. It is total, unconditional, unsustainable and dangerous.

Obama’s Legacy of Corruption

Reporting and commentary on Barack Obama’s presidential legacy, and Donald Trump’s efforts to undo it, have focused, until now, on policy. However, President Obama’s most enduring legacy may have less to do with policy than with an apparatus and attitude of corruption that, under his stewardship, infiltrated our federal government.

Members of President Obama’s senior staff, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, among others, are implicated in the illegal use of the government’s legal and national security apparatus to protect the 2016 candidacy of Hillary Clinton and sabotage the candidacy, and presidency, of Donald Trump. This is impropriety of the highest order — and that’s putting it mildly.

A flow of damning information, leaked or otherwise, is now beyond stoppage. The year-old investigation into ‘Russian collusion’ by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is increasingly tainted with partisan overreach. Hypocrisy among the Liberal Media Complex reaches heights of self-parody. And the so-called ‘deep state’ is in a state of deep panic. President Trump has appropriately called for a full-on investigation, which may require a second special counsel to root out improprieties and illegalities that are legion.

In all of this, a line of inquiry difficult to avoid: What did President Obama know? And when did he know it?

We asked this some months ago. Establishment politicians are now doing so in polite circles. The Liberal Media Complex continues to ignore and deflect, having been part of the scam from the jump. But the deeper one digs, the more a trail of corruption leads to Mr. ‘No-Drama’ Obama himself. It will not go away until Barack Obama’s deepening legacy of corruption is fully exposed, acknowledged and dealt with.

Bias Creep Already

Here’s how they cover it at The Hill:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under mounting pressure from the right to appoint a second special counsel to investigate conservative allegations of abuse at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.” (emphasis mine)

The above quote is the first paragraph in today’s story. The Hill is a steadfast establishment news outlet. Query: How often did we read about liberal allegations coming from the left when Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation of the Trump Administration? Answer: We didn’t. We never do when the target of an investigation is Republican.

That double standard is bad enough, however, it is extremely condescending to downplay legitimate concerns about malfeasance at the highest levels of the FBI and U.S. Justice Department as nothing more than … conservative allegations.

An expanding volume of evidence points to serious, perhaps criminal, wrongdoing. And it leans less toward President Trump than toward the Deep State and President Obama. Maybe … just maybe … that is why establishment media are suddenly suggesting it’s about politics more than truth and justice.

D’ya think?