Why Comey Had to Go … And How the Fallout Fits a Pattern

Let us begin with the obvious. Former FBI Director James Comey needed to be fired. President Trump did this nation and the FBI a favor by sacking Mr. Comey earlier this week. One regret is that it did not occur sooner.

Last year, in a July press conference, Mr. Comey  detailed elements of criminal behavior in Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material, making a criminal prosecution seem imminent; then, in the same press conference, he stunned by declaring that no such prosecution would occur. Merely holding that press conference was inappropriate, since the FBI, as a matter of long-standing policy, does not publicly announce that criminal investigations are taking place, much less completed; and the Attorney General and Justice Department, not the FBI Director, determine whether to pursue criminal prosecution.

Details emerged about what a sham Mr. Comey’s purported investigation of Mrs. Clinton had been — conducted without a grand jury, subpoenas or search warrants, and cutting inappropriate immunity deals. In a matter where America’s national security was gravely compromised by Mrs. Clinton, her staff, and perhaps others within the Obama Administration, Mr. Comey botched it, in a manner both unprofessional and reeking of political influence.

Matters got worse for James Comey. He continued to act in bizarre and inappropriate ways regarding Hillary Clinton’s email imbroglio. He provided recurring  congressional testimony that cast doubt on his judgement. He upset Democrats, Republicans and career FBI employees — constituencies that he needed. He showed himself to be incompetent and compromised in his ability to lead such an important institution as the FBI.

A parallel and compelling aspect of this drama is the politicized response to Mr. Comey’s dismissal. Democrats and their lib-media allies are going bonkers; Republicans and those on the right seem generally, though not universally, pleased. The Liberal Media Complex openly thirsts for a special prosecutor to investigate the Comey firing and Russia’s purported ‘collusion’ in the 2016 elections, as a whisper campaign of impeachment bubbles up from the DC swamp.

Mr. Comey’s ouster was long overdue. Under new leadership (assuming congressional Democrats don’t block Mr. Trump’s pending nominee) the FBI may soon re-establish its tarnished credibility. But the liberal establishment — lib-media, Democrat party and assorted DC swamp-dwellers — may never recover from the withering defeat and utter humiliation they suffered in 2016, at the hands of Donald Trump. They’re out to vindicate themselves and to restore their own warped sense of honor and entitlement. They have ridden their ‘Russian collusion’ narrative so long and hard it has become a dead horse … yet, one they will not stop beating.


Hillary Hoisted by Obama

By now we are well aware of Hillary Clinton’s little email problem, the one about to sink her candidacy. Do not, however, believe the Democrats’ latest line, that this is all due to James Comey informing congressional leaders of a reopened FBI investigation — the same James Comey whom Democrats, across the board, praised effusively in July, when he broke with protocol to give Hillary a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Here’s what we know.

First, the electorate is trending toward Trump. This has been ongoing for the past week, since well before Comey’s announcement last Friday. It is, indeed and in large part, due to Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server, her efforts to mislead Congress, the FBI and the electorate, and her efforts to destroy or otherwise hide evidence of widespread, serial criminality.

Second, it’s not just her emails. Equally significant are the ongoing Wikileaks revelations that lay bare the corrupt manner in which the broader liberal establishment compromises our government and our electoral process. Any movement toward Trump has a lot to do with the overall sense among voters that we’ve been lied to and abused by our political leaders, our government institutions, and the news media who are supposed to look out for us, for a long time; and we just want it to end. Hillary offers more of the same abuse. Trump offers a clean break from it.

Third, this is President Barack Obama’s legacy, one built on a foundation of brazen deceit and overt politicization. He lied, for example, about his own political origins in order to hide his radical leftism from voters. He lied repeatedly about his signature legislative ‘achievement,’ ObamaCare, in order to get it through Congress. He and his then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, lied about the Benghazi disaster, and sent out surrogates to do the same, in order to conceal whatever scandalous revelations are yet to be revealed. He has politicized the monumental power of our federal government in order to, as he put it, “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and to destroy his political opposition; perhaps the most egregious example of which is a deliberate, still ongoing effort within the IRS to target and harass groups and individuals opposed to Mr. Obama’s radical agenda.

Which brings us back to Hillary’s email mess. If Mr. Obama had wished to treat this scandal appropriately, and limit its influence over the electorate during a national election’s waning days, he would have called for a special prosecutor, well over a year ago, to investigate the matter, and thus, removed it from the realm of political influence. But he did no such thing. Nor did his Justice Department, under Attorney General Loretta Lynch, impanel a grand jury to hear evidence and perhaps issue subpoenas in the matter, which would have taken the FBI’s investigation in a more substantive direction than where it has gone. Instead, Hillary was enabled in her nefarious scheme by Mr. Obama’s politicization of the Justice Department, something that began in 2009, with the deplorable Eric Holder (the only U.S. Attorney General to be held in contempt of congress), and continues today, with this painful, ongoing Bill and Hillary Clinton/Loretta Lynch/James Comey/Barack Obama imbroglio. Now she, and they, are hoisted on their own petard.

A lesson to be learned: When all is politicized, all credibility is lost. One of our major presidential candidates seems open to absorbing this. One hopes he’ll do so, and get a chance to make it count for something.

Does Obama Now Own the FBI?

Have you heard what’s in the new release of information concerning Hillary’s email shenanigans while Secretary of State? If not, you’re not alone. The information came in a ‘document dump’ on Friday of last week, just as Labor Day weekend got underway. It’s a classic Washington maneuver, designed to bury the release of damning information, away from the light of day, when the public is least likely to notice. One anticipates such slight-of-hand from political campaigns or political parties.

But not from the FBI.

When all is politicized, all credibility is lost. That is America’s dilemma at this stage in Barack Obama’s presidency, and in Hillary Clinton’s campaign to succeed him. The Obama administration has systematically politicized events and entities within the President’s orbit, to shape and control a political narrative. Liberals have long valued exercising such control, and Mr. Obama is, if anything, a product of modern American liberalism.

Consider, for example, the Obama Justice Department and aforementioned FBI, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Director James Comey, respectively, at their helms. In July, Mr. Comey held a press conference to detail Mrs. Clinton’s dubious behavior regarding her emails while Secretary of State, behavior that ought prompt a non-partisan Justice Department to further investigate, if not indict. But Director Comey himself intervened, in an utterly unconventional manner, to state that no criminal indictment should be sought; which gave political cover for Attorney General Lynch to drop the matter, despite an overwhelming appearance of impropriety and illegality on the part of Mrs. Clinton and certain of her operatives.

Now we have Obama’s FBI enacting further political mischief, with a pre-Labor Day document dump, designed to mitigate damage to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. It looks like an act of political desperation, however. As summer draws to a close, and voters increasingly focus on the presidential campaign, presidential polling shows favor shifting away from Mrs. Clinton and toward Mr. Trump. Despite attempts by liberal minions in the FBI, the Justice Department, the liberal media and other tentacles of Washington’s bureaucratic establishment, information is coming out of the shadows, and increasingly being noticed by voters. The light of day, it seems, is damning Hillary Clinton’s campaign —  in a serious way, at a crucial time.

The Fix Has Never Been More In

Jaws have been dropping since yesterday’s presser by FBI Director James Comey. He used the bulk of that presentation to outline a clear and detailed case against Hillary Clinton for her email related crimes, then ended his comments by recommending no criminal charges be brought against her. And he took no questions from the assembled media hounds.

Mr. Comey’s incongruous, tightly scripted speech leaves many claiming there is one set of laws for the well-connected Hillary Clinton and another for the rest of humanity. Indeed, the ‘rule of law’ in this once great American republic — and the romantic notion that all citizens receive equal justice thereunder — has been decimated. But let’s be clear, it’s not just Hillary Clinton.

One remembers the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2012 decision on the purported constitutionality of ObamaCare. Chief Justice Roberts began his majority opinion with reasons why ObamaCare ought not pass constitutional muster, then ended his opinion with a convoluted rationale for upholding the ObamaCare statute, as if to justify a pre-determined outcome. That’s awfully similar to what Mr. Comey did yesterday, arguing for another pre-determined outcome. Care to hazard a guess as to who did the pre-determining?

A pattern of obfuscation and outlandishly straight-faced denials has become part of President Obama’s presidential legacy. One cannot be faulted for wondering if Mr. Obama and his people somehow ‘got to’ James Comey. Did they similarly ‘get to’ John Roberts? Did they intentionally lie about ObamaCare in order to get it through Congress? Did they deliberately target conservatives for harassment by the IRS and then lie about it? Did they politically calculate and deliberately allow the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, before they lied about that? Did Justice Antonin Scalia really die of natural causes (feel free, at your own peril, to consider that a sarcasm)?

Nothing seems off-limits to Obama’s cabal, in which Mrs. Clinton is now ensconced as heir apparent, and their consuming pattern of corruption, a pattern deeply rooted in Mr. Obama’s own authoritarian tendencies and his utter ruthlessness in securing his objectives. It is so essential to their conduct that almost no suspicion or accusation of impropriety is beyond belief. And the ‘rule of law’ seems ever more a quaint notion of America’s once illustrious past.

When the ‘Smartest Guy in the Room’ Looks Like a Dunce

When the ‘smartest guy in the room’ wants to look like a dunce, he makes an inherently political statement while, at the same time, guaranteeing no political influence. This is just what President Obama has done recently, as seen here. Had he been wise, Mr. Obama would have declined to comment on the FBI’s ongoing criminal investigation of his former Secretary of State. But the man just couldn’t help himself … and in this case, may have hurt himself.

Mr. Obama has gotten into a no-win situation regarding the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. If the FBI sends a criminal referral to the Obama Justice Department and Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Mrs. Clinton, and perhaps members of her staff, then Mr. Obama becomes implicated in a politically driven attempt to shield those politically well-placed from prosecution; and the Obama administration and the President’s former Secretary of State suffer a much feared ‘slow leak’ of politically damaging information that would inevitably result. There would be well-placed and justifiably outraged individuals, in the FBI and elsewhere in the criminal justice community, to guarantee such leaks occur in a compromising and drawn out manner.

If the Obama Justice Department does indict Mrs. Clinton, then her candidacy for the Presidency becomes damaged beyond repair, and Mr. Obama’s so-called ‘legacy’ is ever more gravely put in jeopardy, as he will have lost his one ‘heir apparent’ and may find himself and his administration sucked into the quagmire of nasty, drawn out criminal proceedings. And if, almost inconceivably, no criminal referral is forthcoming from the FBI’s investigation, then again, there will be well justified cries of political foul play and a political cover-up, at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not fond of each other. But for now, poised atop the liberal food chain, they need each other. Theirs is a decrepit alliance, born of a common lust for self-aggrandizement, a shared need for self-preservation, and a mutual disregard for the rule of law. A criminal investigation moves forward, and a political firestorm is on the verge of igniting, one that could devastate Democrats, who would in turn blame Mrs. Clinton for her monumentally, historically bad judgment and actions. The Obama Administration may soon be less concerned with defending Mrs. Clinton than with protecting the President, to shore up a firewall between him and a scandal set to consume those sucked into it.

The Clintons’ Oblivion


One need only observe Hillary Clinton’s inept campaign launch, re-launch, and second re-launch, along with the half-hearted, ham-handed manner in which her campaign has been conducted, to garner a sense that it all just doesn’t seem to add up. It is as though the candidate herself isn’t trying as hard as she might, as though her heart really isn’t in it. Even though Hillary wouldn’t mind being president, she does not want to run for president. That much is crystal.

She is, after all, a most unappealing candidate. Recent polling indicates that people don’t much like her and certainly don’t trust her. Yet, the massively powerful, entrenched interests of the liberal establishment continue to back her. Why is that … one may ask.

For decades the Clintons have aggrandized and enriched themselves, immensely. And they’ve done so premised on the notion that Hillary would one day follow in her husband’s footsteps to become ‘the most powerful man in the world.’ Holding themselves out in such a manner, they’ve doled out markers to extremely powerful individuals, corporations and state entities around the world. Those powerful interests are now intending to collect. What might be the reaction if the extremely high-priced markers the Clintons have been selling for so many years suddenly became worthless? Consider that and the Clintons’ choice becomes clear: run for the White House or face oblivion.

However, as the FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s State Department emails moves inexorably toward her, oblivion may take a form that no special interest can predict or control.

Batten Down the Hatches or Abandon Ship?


Among the bombshells that went off this week all about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, most telling is the handing over of her private email server to the FBI.

Investigators are looking into the nature of communications that funneled through the private server Mrs. Clinton used during her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary of State. Up until this week, she had steadfastly refused to relinquish that server to proper authorities, instead providing printed copies of certain, pre-selected emails; already investigators have found highly classified material contained in at least two of them. There is simply no way this looks good for Mrs. Clinton, as it indicates, at best, monumentally bad judgment, and quite possibly criminal misconduct.

As the investigation continues, political fallout mounts. Increasingly, Democrats and their operatives in the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) begin to sense the long-gestating insanity of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, and her inherent weakness as a candidate. The big, as yet unanswered, question regards whether Democrats will batten down the hatches and try to weather the storm, or abandon ship and let Clinton’s candidacy sink. The answer is not an obvious one. Barack Obama occupies the White House, and it is his FBI now overseeing the Clinton email server. So, anything is possible.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats may tip their hand if they bring in their oft-utilized “ongoing investigation” ruse to explain a no-comment approach to Hillary’s email controversy, as the clock continues running into 2016. However, if the FBI moves forward aggressively, uncovering ever more troubling information about the contents and the handling of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, expect challenges to Hillary’s candidacy to become increasingly public and intense – we may even see Elizabeth Warren, who has said she would not run, cajoled to the front of the pack, whether Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden like it or not.