Bias Creep Already

Here’s how they cover it at The Hill:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under mounting pressure from the right to appoint a second special counsel to investigate conservative allegations of abuse at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.” (emphasis mine)

The above quote is the first paragraph in today’s story. The Hill is a steadfast establishment news outlet. Query: How often did we read about liberal allegations coming from the left when Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation of the Trump Administration? Answer: We didn’t. We never do when the target of an investigation is Republican.

That double standard is bad enough, however, it is extremely condescending to downplay legitimate concerns about malfeasance at the highest levels of the FBI and U.S. Justice Department as nothing more than … conservative allegations.

An expanding volume of evidence points to serious, perhaps criminal, wrongdoing. And it leans less toward President Trump than toward the Deep State and President Obama. Maybe … just maybe … that is why establishment media are suddenly suggesting it’s about politics more than truth and justice.

D’ya think?


Boy Did We Dodge a Bullet!

Hillary Clinton’s instability gives witness …

Figuratively here … and literally here.

She has a tendency to lose her footing and collapse. The incident to which we linked, above, is not an isolated one. She has done so several times, most notably while campaigning in 2016, when she collapsed as though lifeless into the arms of her aides. How many times has this happened when cameras were not rolling?

She cannot accept her humiliating defeat in the 2016 election — of her own doing more than anyone’s — and wanders, unstable, delusional, among insouciant lingerers who eventually, one hopes, will wake up from the charade and move on.

Donald Trump may be a crass vulgarian. But one shudders, truly, at the prospect of what may have been wrought had enough electoral votes gone the other way.

Trump’s Not the Target … You Are!

In a current iteration of Trump hatred, one of the Liberal Media Complex’s hugely underwhelming talking heads, a guy named John Oliver, assures his viewers that President Donald Trump is wildly unpopular in virtually every country in the world. And that we Americans, in turn, should feel humiliated having such a man in the White House.

When you take on the Liberal Media Complex — which is, make no mistake, international in scope — they are going to do what they can to destroy you. Mr. Trump knew this going in. He is immune to their insults, clearly. Just read his tweets for a week. Or watch him at one of his well-attended, public rallies. So, the liberal media have taken to shooting past President Trump, aiming their insults at anyone who supports him.

To those who offer aid and comfort to their enemy, the liberal media’s message is … Don’t you dare! And if you even consider it … then you, like Trump himself, are an idiot! Don’t you know that everyone … and we mean EVERYONE … hates this guy? Come on … join the haters.

How well Trump supporters stand up to this steady barrage will determine how long Mr. Trump stays at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The Era of Zero-Sum Politics

Its roots are in the presidency of Barack Obama, a man who famously refused to negotiate with Republicans, unless, of course, they gave him everything he wanted — Mr. Obama would have considered that a fair negotiation. When he did not get his way, he vilified Republicans in Congress and used executive orders to marginalize them; even as he weaponized powerful organs of the federal government to punish his political enemies.

Toward the end of Mr. Obama’s second term, he and the rest of the established political order fully expected Hillary Clinton to take up the reins as our next president. They envisioned a bright future for themselves, a future of unbridled immigration via open borders; of a newly amalgamated citizenry, ill-informed and heavily dependent on government, with little appreciation for the duties and privileges of citizenship; of an ever-expanding, all-powerful, politically weaponized administrative state; of entrenched liberal dominance as far as the eye could see.

Their sense of entitlement, of imminence, led some establishment politicians and bureaucrats to a deeply corrupt place, doing inappropriate and perhaps illegal things, certain they would get away with it. They could, for instance, conduct a sham investigation of Hillary Clinton’s classified email imbroglio, or falsely obtain a FISA warrant to spy on candidate Trump and his campaign; because candidate Clinton benefited from their malfeasance, and a President Clinton would never hold them accountable.

In the Autumn of 2016, with Mrs. Clinton on the verge of victory, the established political order were that close to having it all. But Trump didn’t lose to Clinton, as written in their script. And now, they see it all slipping away. They are bitter. And angry. And vulnerable.

If Democrats can re-take Congress, if they can destroy and humiliate Donald Trump, if they can intimidate congressional Republicans into submission as once was customary … they may still have a chance. This is why Democrats, with their allies in the Liberal Media Complex and the Deep State, are now so partisan and vicious. Their struggle is existential. They will win … or suffer a slow death … on this field of political battle.


Can Voters Be Allowed To Choose Their Own President?

Since the day Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy, an unprecedented avalanche of negativity has descended upon the man. When one cuts through the clutter and claptrap inundating our media culture and political dialogue, one arrives at a most basic question … Do American voters get to choose their president or not?

Our Constitution provides for a president’s impeachment only in extreme circumstances — “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” That phrase has never been interpreted, nor was it intended, to allow a sitting president to be removed from office simply because some well-placed people don’t want him there. Being uncouth, unconventional or unpopular has never been grounds for impeachment. However, if certain of our political elites get their way, that may change.

An entrenched, self-appointed, political establishment has determined President Trump should not, and must not, remain in the White House. They seek Mr. Trump’s removal before the end of his first term, by any means at their disposal, preferably impeachment. That effort is well underway, and some of its sordid underpinning is only now coming to light.

If would-be usurpers were to achieve Mr. Trump’s premature removal, it would nullify a presidential election, thus depriving American voters of their own electoral destiny; and America would drift further from the core foundation, so eloquently expressed by President Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, when he spoke of, “… government of the people, by the people, for the people …”

When the will of the people is no longer sovereign — replaced by that of a select and powerful few — the core of our constitution loses its meaning. And our government its legitimacy.


What Did the President Know? And When Did He Know It?

In the now distant days of the Watergate scandal, then President Richard Nixon found himself in the crosshairs of congressional investigators and a Special Prosecutor. The query driving media hounds and establishment politicians was … What did the President know, and when did he know it? Only upon answering that did investigators in the government and the news media find time to rest.

Americans are going to hear, in coming days, of a more recent abuse of power, occurring at high levels of government, including the FBI and U.S. Justice Department. We are likely to learn that such abuses involved coordinated, highly inappropriate and most likely illegal efforts by federal law enforcement and intelligence officials to spy on and subvert Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, his transition to power once elected, and his fledgling administration as it struggled to get its bearings. Such revelations — suspected for some time and on the verge of confirmation pending the release of a memorandum now with the U.S. Congress — portend national embarrassment and political corruption on a scale unprecedented and unparalleled.

Among other things, we are likely to learn not only that Donald Trump was a target, but that Hillary Clinton was an intended beneficiary of massive abuses of governmental power. Mrs. Clinton’s shenanigans, if brought fully to light, could make Richard Nixon, the left’s poster-boy for presidential corruption, look like a neophyte.

Moreover, the trail of corruption being unearthed may go beyond our law enforcement and intelligence communities, to constitute collusion of such magnitude that, indeed, one cannot imagine it occurring without a then sitting President having known of it. And if he knew of it, did he not condone it? This could lead to the very top, to the Oval Office of Barack Obama and the unavoidable query … What did the President know, and when did he know it?


The Dick vs. The Donald … and What It Means

When Democrat Senator Dick Durbin emerged recently from a White House meeting with President Donald Trump and congressional leaders, he claimed the President had used the word “s**thole” in referencing certain nations, some of which are nearly or literally failed states, some of whose citizens desperately wish to leave their own countries and come to America.

Others who attended the same meeting have claimed the President did not use that word in that way. But the Dick’s comment about the Donald ignited a political firestorm — as intended — that spread rapidly. Various world leaders have now openly labeled the U.S. President a “racist.”

The reason for all this hullabaloo is, ultimately, a simple one.

Those who know Donald Trump personally will tell you that the President may be brash and arrogant, but he is not a racist. So, the question becomes … why have Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex so eagerly rushed to paint a racist caricature of Mr. Trump as though it were reality?

For the same reason the Dick made his comment in the first place. To put the President and his allies on their heels in the ongoing debate over immigration reform. Which begs the further question … why so much political capital expended on this one issue?

Because unbridled immigration is the future of the Democrat party. Unable to prevail by way of their own failed policies, Democrats hope to re-engineer America’s demographics through immigration, to thereby expand and entrench an underclass dependent on government and beholden to one political party. With one crass maneuver, however, the Dick has squandered any credibility he may have had with Mr. Trump, with whom he needs to negotiate and who now knows the Dick is, well, a d**k — willing to do or say pretty much anything to gain the upper-hand.

As for the media hounds so eagerly buying the Democrat party’s tainted commodities and selling them to the world, those charlatans squandered their credibility long ago. Dripping with disdain for the President, they follow a predictable script, one that harms America’s image as it foments instability.