Watergate, the War of 2020 and Our Worst Brand of Politics

Comparisons between the current scandal over purported ‘Russian collusion’ and the mother of all modern political scandals, Watergate, have become profligate, likening President Trump’s current situation to obstructions of justice that occurred over the Watergate break-in. Such analysis often overlooks a significant distinction. With Watergate, there was an actual crime, a break-in of the Democrat party’s campaign headquarters; with the Trump/Russia narrative, no evidence of underlying criminal activity has surfaced, giving strong indication that none exists.

A salient analogy, however, does exist between current events and those of the Watergate era. It concerns the madness and hysteria that take hold when reason and self-awareness wane in the pursuit of sheer partisan advantage. We see this in a sociopolitical climate generated by America’s political left, whose current Trump/Russia hysteria disregards truth, consistency and introspection.

Machinations of the so-called ‘deep state’ are ongoing and geared toward ending, abruptly, the Trump presidency; they are better calibrated and less conspicuous than the left’s more common methods and tendencies. Dishonesty, demagoguery, hypocrisy, ruthlessness, hatred, even violence, as we’ve seen recently, are tolerated when directed at President Trump and his supporters. To establishment liberals, it matters not how they get there, only that they succeed in achieving their goal — the personal and political destruction of the President.

I halt shy of the word ‘evil’ but there is something decidedly dark in all of this. A darkness manifest in the image of a blood-drenched, severed head of the President of the United States held up by a comedian, whose expression is determinedly deadpan, open to interpretation: Is this a joke? … a threat? … an incitement? … a directive? … all of the above?

Not long thereafter, a gunman, clearly mad, clearly emboldened by the cacophony of rage and hatred coursing through our media culture, targets a group of lawmakers, specifically Republicans, for assassination. Miraculously, that madman’s effort was thwarted by Capital Hill police, else his swath of carnage would have been considerably more horrific.

Each time the level of vitriol, hatred and violence increases and the resulting condemnation is less than universal, the stakes rise that much more. Vile and violent rhetoric morph increasingly into vile and violent acts. Were President Trump to run for and win re-election in 2020, one could anticipate a full-throated call from Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex for their so-called ‘resistance’ to take it to the streets. If you think things are ugly now, wait until that happens.

Watergate was about politics, ultimately, and the liberal establishment, in all their rabid intensity, won the day, forcing Richard Nixon’s resignation of the presidency, securing a political windfall in the 1974 congressional elections and six subsequent years of largely unrestrained liberal dominance. If establishment liberals fail to win this time … if Mr. Trump somehow, miraculously, survives his first term and wins re-election in 2020, the moment and the fallout will be transcendent … heaven help us.

They Who Cry “Russian Collusion!” Must Look in the Mirror

Democrats and sundry leftists in the media are showing their hand when they complain about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. In fact, they damn themselves.

There is no evidence whatsoever, not even a reputable claim, that Russia affected America’s voting machines or vote tallying processes. Rather, the charge from Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex is that Russia impacted public awareness and opinion regarding America’s election and our presidential candidates, and that Russia’s impact was to candidate Clinton’s detriment.

In other words … It’s the messaging, stupid!

What liberals thereby admit — wittingly or not — is that the information put into the public square, and how it gets put there, can be determinative. That’s a huge admission on their part. What liberals accuse the Russians of doing is what the Liberal Media Complex have done every election cycle for decades, and continue to do even when an election is over.

Case in point. One recalls the months between Barack Obama’s 2008 election victory and his inauguration in January 2009. Many in the liberal media queried with breathless enthusiasm … Must we wait until January to have this brilliant man and his team of geniuses take the reins of power? Forget what the U.S. Constitution says. Can we not just inaugurate Obama in November or December of 2008? Just do it!

Contrast that with the atmosphere of foreboding after Donald Trump’s recent victory … We must prevent Trump from taking the reins of power. We beg those of you in the Electoral College to ignore your constitutional duty. Deny this awful man and his team of intellectual delinquents any access to the White House. Just do it!

Nothing upsets the liberal establishment more than getting beat at their own game. In 2016, Donald Trump beat them, indeed humiliated them, at their ‘messaging’ game. So, they hate the man and still want to undo him somehow. Their parade of animus and negativity continues unabated.

As for the Liberal Media Complex, they’ve shown their hand. Claiming a mantle of journalistic integrity, they brazenly attempt to impact our political discourse in favor of chosen candidates and causes. That’s not journalism. It’s political advocacy. They damn themselves.

How the Media Rob Us of Hope

It has taken a long time, decades in fact. But the Liberal Media Complex accomplished what they set out to do. They trained Democrats and Republicans how to behave. Perhaps the liberal media are to be congratulated on a job well done. Then again, maybe they ought to be condemned for having degraded political discourse and weakened our democracy.

The liberal media have trained Democrats to stand tall and say whatever they want, with little to no fear of negative repercussion. That is why Democrat presidents, and their surrogates, routinely deny requests for special counsels to investigate their scandals — something Barack Obama did repeatedly. And they do so without pushback from our vaunted media hounds. You know, the ones charged with ‘speaking truth to power’ … blah, blah, blah.

The same liberal media have trained Republicans to cower with their tails between their legs, waiting to be beaten. This is why Republicans break ranks and turn on a President of their own party, under relentless attack, until they cave and appoint special counsels or establish congressional investigative committees or special commissions; to their own detriment and the detriment of whatever agenda the voters duly elected them to pursue.

This is how it works in Washington, DC. Democrats boldly storm about the place, as though they are in charge, even when they are out of the White House and a congressional minority. Republicans, on the other hand, even when they control the White House and both houses of Congress, cower when the liberal media raise a threatening hand.

Folks … this has got to stop.

One held hope, as President Trump came into office, that perhaps it would stop, that Republicans … finally … would find a voice and some self-respect. But with all the momentum currently against them, and the liberal media breathlessly, relentlessly in attack mode, that hope teeters on the brink.

ObamaCare Repeal Is Now in the Offing

The Women’s March on Washington, that took place last weekend, was not the first time they came out with signs and chants. Outside the U.S. Supreme Court there were de rigueur demonstrations, in anticipation of the court’s decision, in the case of King v. Burwell. They held aloft signs reading, “Don’t take my healthcare away!” For every such sign, there should’ve been another reading, “Let me have my healthcare back!”

The year was 2015, and Democrats, via the legislative monstrosity known as ObamaCare, had taken away the health care that millions of Americans had previously taken for granted. This was the first time … ever … the bureaucrats in our federal government told us that we (who pay the salaries of said bureaucrats) must buy an overpriced, overly burdensome consumer product of the government’s choosing, whether we want to or not. They took away doctors and health insurance plans that millions of Americans wanted to keep. ObamaCare forced millions to take up insurance plans ill-suited to their individual needs. ObmaCare raised health insurance premiums and heath care deductibles so high that, for millions of Americans, health care itself was becoming, in effect, inaccessible.

Among the most important decisions people make, for themselves and their families, are those concerning health care. Democrats took many of those decisions away from the people, and put them within a massive federal bureaucracy … destined to become ever more burdensome and oppressive … You want to try a new medication to keep your diabetes in check? In the future, don’t ask your doctor about that; ask the bureaucrats in Washington. You need a kidney transplant? In the future, don’t check with your spouse; ask the bureaucrats in Washington, and see if they will allow your life to be saved … WAIT!!!

America! … That nightmare scenario can now be avoided. With a President Donald J. Trump and a Republican Congress, we have a chance. It’s time to fill the streets of Washington with demonstrators, carrying signs that read, “Hallelujah! I’m getting my healthcare back!”

‘Patriotism’ Returns … and We’re Not Supposed to Notice

When George W. Bush was in the White House, Democrats and their allies in the Liberal Media Complex (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) often refered to political opposition and obstructionism as ‘the highest form of patriotism.’ Whoever got in Bush’s way was doing the honorable thing.

Once Barack Obama became America’s chief executive, however, dissent and obstruction became something akin to treason, according to the same liberal chorus. If you wanted Mr. Obama to fail, then you wanted America to fail. Rather clear-cut.

As Donald Trump prepares to take the presidential baton from Mr. Obama’s incredulous hands, and Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees begin testifying on Capital Hill this week, we see the Democrat party and the Liberal Media Complex once again warming to the idea of opposition and obstructionism. They assemble choreographed, often compensated street protestors, and organize opposition on a massive scale, augmented by liberal politicians’ frequent appearances at their Capital Hill podiums, and their seats on congressional committees, for orchestrated displays of feigned indignation.

There is nothing surprising about this liberal double standard. It is, in fact, as anticipated as it is apparent. What amazes is that liberals, be they party hacks or media hacks, do not seem able to notice their own hypocrisy. They drone on in a bewildered state of self-delusion. And the rest of us are not supposed to notice.


When Democrats Run Out Of Racists …

Donald Trump’s outreach to African-Americans is long overdue. Yes, it flies in the face of convention. Going off-script is a Trump trademark. This time, however, he is directly on point. When he called Hillary Clinton a “bigot” yesterday, he was reading from the teleprompter. And it’s about time!

Trump is correct to point out that Democrats have taken the African America community, as well as Hispanics and other minorities, completely for granted, for far too long. The days of Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan (both creations of the Democrat Party) are long gone; people who’ve grown up in post-seventies America do not fixate on race to the extent past generations did.

Minority communities, however, remain a voting block the Democrats cajole with racial demagoguery and big government promises of a better future — a future that never seems to arrive, not in all the fifty-plus years Democrats have courted minority support. The liberal establishment’s script is so time-worn as to be axiomatic: Democrats care about Blacks and Hispanics; Republicans don’t.

How long must we bow down to such outmoded, sophomoric dishonesty?

Democrats have not made life better for America’s minority communities. Instead, they’ve encouraged a culture of dependency, of cyclical hopelessness, frustration and anger. Easy marks for the propaganda of Black Lives Matter and their Democrat enablers, not the least of whom is the President himself. We’ve actually come to a point where our police officers — those charged with protecting society from anarchy — are viewed, quite literally, as targets for assassination. A Hillary Clinton presidency offers more of the same, quite possibly an intensification of it.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, offers a viable alternative, not the ever-illusory sameness of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the liberal establishment, but real change from a culture of dependency, frustration and anger to one of enhanced liberty and new possibilities.

See Democrats. See Democrats Implode.

This is serious … and hilarious.

Just as the Democrat party’s national convention gets underway this week, out pops a Wikileaks release of hacked Democrat National Committee emails, bringing to light what some of us already knew, because it was so obvious. Now it is undeniable: the DNC, which is required to remain neutral during the primaries, conspired to secure Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee for president, allowing voters to believe there was an actual primary contest underway, when the fix was in from the beginning.

Bernie Sanders, the poor sap, never had a chance.

Sanders charged, throughout the primaries, that the system was rigged against him, a charge dismissed by both DNC and Clinton officials. Now there is no denying ‘Crazy Bernie’ was right all along. This part of the story, as I’ve said, is not surprising, nor is it the story’s biggest lead.

Equally noteworthy is the revelation that some in the liberal media (a.k.a. the ‘mainstream’ media) took part in the conspiracy. They acted deliberately and undeniably to advance Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, in a massive fraud on Democrat voters, and indeed, the voting public at large. The dirty, not so little, secret is that the liberal media have been defrauding their viewing public in this manner for decades — holding themselves out as objective journalists, all the while advancing a liberal narrative.

As predictable as Hillary Clinton’s denial that she had any knowledge of the DNC’s untoward behavior, are various media hounds already performing damage control, attempting to shift the focus away from the media’s involvement, toward implicating Russia in the scandal, and even the Republican party.

Such left-wing spin is all quite predictable, and therefore comical, yet these email revelations remain serious, perhaps even criminal, in nature. We shall see, as more leaks may surface — don’t be surprised if they do — along with more revelations of bad behavior by Democrats and their accomplices.