Democrats’ New Strategy Is Nothing New

Have Democrats found a way to beat Republicans in the 2018 mid-terms? Democrat leaders seem to think so, offering something new, different and destined to work. But don’t be fooled … it’s a sham.

Case in point: Conor Lamb, the Democrat candidate in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. He and Republican Rick Saccone locked horns in a race that is too close to call, even though voting took place yesterday. The difference between them is a few hundred votes; absentee and provisional ballots are in play, though Lamb has claimed victory. The kicker is that Donald Trump won in Pennsylvania’s 18th District by nearly 20 points in 2016.

Question: What gives? Answer: Conor Lamb ran like a Republican.

Democrats proffered a candidate, in Mr. Lamb, both young and attractive, which doesn’t hurt. They also positioned him as mainstream, even right of center on certain issues. And that is their strategy. Run like Republicans in order to beat Republicans. But there is nothing new in this.

It is exactly what Chuck Schumer and the Democrat leadership did in 2006. They recruited congressional candidates who ran as though they were Republicans, claiming middle-ground on issues that Republican voters cared about (they also benefitted from President Bush’s military quagmire in Iraq and congressional Republicans accumulating huge budget deficits). A key, often overlooked, ingredient in the Democrat’s 2006 victory was their calculated effort to run like Republicans, and thereby regain control of Congress.

Of course, once Democrats obtained super-majorities in 2008, they governed as leftists, hoisting Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, and other Obama-era travesties on the nation. Does anyone believe that, should he emerge victorious, Conor Lamb, who ran like a Republican, would actually govern like one? Answer: Of course not. He’ll do whatever the Democrat leadership tells him to do. So would any other Republican lookalikes the Democrats may dig out of the electoral woodwork. They may campaign like Republicans. But they govern like Democrats. And that’s nothing new.


Tribalism: Coming to America?

When society descends into tribalism, most anything can happen. Rwanda … South Sudan … Pinochet’s Chile … Castro’s Cuba … can happen. Currently, we see a Balkanization unfolding among America’s politicians, media and voting public, in a documented trend that shows no sign of lessening soon.

Democrat members of Congress (e.g. Maxine Waters, Al Green) repeatedly call for Donald Trump’s impeachment, with no grounds for their rhetoric beyond a personal loathing of a duly elected President of the United States. Democrats caustically oppose, as a matter of course, any legislative or administrative initiatives of President Trump’s tenure. Such conduct by politicians is not just commonplace, but encouraged by a Liberal Media Complex and a political elite seeking to humiliate the President, to overturn his election victory, and to publicly shame those who support him.

This behavior, in turn, encourages resentment and distrust among voters, as we see the ‘center right’ and ‘center left’ move increasingly toward irreconcilability. As divides deepen, the commonalities that bind our society and culture diminish. Eventually, people regroup themselves around more primitive loyalties, sown of fear and mistrust of the ‘other.’

In an unsettling trend, left-wing activists such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa drive America toward an increasingly tribal mentality; while the Liberal Media Complex promotes their twin narratives that American police officers routinely target young Black men for death, and that being White in America is inherently a “privilege” of ongoing, institutionalized racism.

When Antifa activists insist that those who disagree with them are racists and fascists; when they label dissenting voices as “hate speech” that must be denied access to the public square; when they use violence, as a first resort, to silence such voices; and when their tactics are not roundly condemned, but often encouraged, by political elites, we have a glimpse of one possible future.

If trends continue along such a course, it is not hyperbole to suggest a bloodletting awaits, beyond the horizon. What that portends for the American experiment is troubling indeed.

Taking Republican Senate Seriously

Today’s big story concerns the 2018 election cycle, well underway, wherein Republicans can strengthen their current majority in the U.S. Senate.

For more details click here.

A most attractive Republican candidate, Attorney General Josh Hawley, enters the state-wide Missouri mix to take a U.S. Senate seat away from vulnerable Democrat, Claire McCaskill. Other potential Republican contenders in the state clear the way for Mr. Hawley. The President’s base seem pleased.

All this indicates a much-needed level of seriousness among Republicans. A lingering concern is how far the sentiment will spread as election season intensifies.

Stay tuned.

If ObamaCare Is Still On the Block, What Is At Stake? … Everything!

Republicans on Capital Hill had an opportunity this week to honor their long-standing commitment to repeal ObamaCare — the Democrat party’s controversial health care regime that is merely a stepping stone toward socialized medicine. Republican efforts to repeal portions of ObamaCare (the so-called ‘Skinny Repeal’) failed yesterday to garner a simple majority in the Senate.

‘Dependence’ disguised as ‘sustenance’ can, over time, be the undoing of a great republic. That is why this remains the most significant matter that will come before this Congress, and why some Republicans in Congress still have not given up.

We published a column, back in December 2014, on what is at stake with ObamaCare; and it seems as relevant today as it was then. If you wish to read that column, entitled “ObamaCare is Heroin” … click here.


Republicans, Wake Up! … Before It’s Too Late

For eight years, President George W. Bush acted as though it was beneath him to defend himself and his party against relentless, withering assault from Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex. Then, along came left-wing wunderkind Barack Obama; and the Complex just couldn’t get enough of the guy.

With outgoing President Bush likened to The Plague, incoming Republican standard-bearer, John McCain, reliably feckless, and the U.S. economy cratering (as if on cue), it was no wonder voters, in 2008, gave Democrats the keys to the capital city: White House, House of Representatives and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Democrats spent the next two years having their way with our government and our economy – in other words, careening full-throttle toward Socialism. And voters said, “What the heck? We didn’t vote for this!”

In 2010, voters awarded Republicans the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2014, the Senate. In 2016, the White House. Which begs the question: Why is it now so hard for Republicans to behave like a party in power?

From a public relations standpoint, congressional Democrats are running well-orchestrated circles around their Republican counterparts, who come off, by contrast, as bumbling chumps. For example, when your party controls the Senate, you don’t agree to hold Senate hearings on Russia’s purported collusion with your own presidential candidate in the 2016 election, while ignoring the potential shenanigans of the opposing party. But, that’s what Republicans are doing. The mind boggles at this level of political incompetence.

President Trump has enough on his plate, trying to get his fledgling administration off the ground, all the while taking flak from a Democrat party and a Liberal Media Complex openly determined to destroy him. The President should be able to rely on other Republicans to stand up for him and for themselves; and at the very least, not behave like bush-league amateurs who stumbled onto the main stage.

It’s enough to make voters cry foul. Or at least say, “What the heck? We didn’t vote for this!”

Trump v. Obama: Round Two

We have written before of Barack Obama’s lack of respect for democracy. What could more clearly substantiate this than his refusal to step away from presidential politics, now that his two terms in the White House have ended? Not even in the opening days of his successor’s newly forming administration has Mr. Obama eschewed his predilection for hyper-partisan meddling — unprecedented in the modern presidency.

Mr. Obama engages in ongoing, orchestrated attempts to delegitimize Donald Trump’s administration. Beyond that, Mr. Obama and his cadre of allies dispersed broadly throughout the federal bureaucracy, the Liberal Media Complex and the Democrat party are attempting to delegitimize America’s 2016 presidential election, in which Mr. Obama’s party and his chosen successor were trounced by Republicans nation-wide. It was such a stinging rebuke that the former president and his cadre refuse to accept it.

Instead of soul-searching and rebuilding their party, Democrats turn ‘fake news’ stories into front-page headlines and manufacture scandal where there is none, in order to prevent the new Republican majority from actually governing. The strategy of Mr. Obama and his cadre is to exploit every dubious advantage the ‘deep state’ bureaucracy and Liberal Media Complex afford them, in a full-on effort to destroy President Trump’s administration. They hope to bury it in scandal and disrepute, to render it ineffective, and if possible to end it — literally — as prematurely as they can.

This is what the new administration is up against. If they want to accomplish anything on behalf of the millions of voters who sent them to Washington, they must recognize the enemy they’re fighting, publicly acknowledge it, and be prepared to meet it, full-on, every day. One politician is best equipped to lead such a fight. Barack Obama and his cadre know it. That is why they want Mr. Trump gone. It is why he must stay.

National Death-Match: Game On!

When it comes to President Donald J. Trump, I am not a fan. I’ve never cared much for Celebrity Apprentice, even when he hosted it; nor for his brash celebrity persona. As a politician he is preening, self-absorbed and boorish — in other words, Barack Obama without the same tailor or teleprompter.

I cringed at Mr. Trump’s speech when he announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency in 2015. And his inaugural speech was half good (make America great!), half not so good (always America first!). Having said that, as vicious attacks mount against him, his family and his administration, I find myself ever more inclined to cheer him on. The liberally dominated DC establishment fears him greatly, as an existential threat. That’s a good thing.

If the Democrats in DC and elsewhere were nearly as smart as they want to be, they’d be mad at Barry O. and Hillary C. — that crafty combo dug a mighty big hole for their party; which is currently at a historic nadir in terms of democratically elected office holders, their lowest ebb, in fact, since the 1920’s.

Staring political annihilation in the face, one tends to bare one’s teeth, much like a cornered coyote, and bite whatever gets near. Did I mention Mr. Trump is aggressive? Perhaps this is why we now see liberals — be they talking heads on late night, weekday and Sunday morning talk shows or celebrities on award shows, journo-politicians, academics, intellectuals, economists or low-wattage federal district judges — biting at whoever threatens to topple them from their sociopolitical perches … trying not just to repel … but to kill.

Mr. Trump is no longer playing Celebrity Apprentice … it is a death-match.