America Bleeding

They mean to hurt the president; the United States be damned.

When Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of Russian intelligence officers, for election meddling, just prior to President Trump’s summit with Russian President Putin, the timing alone was a tell. Liberals are fond of the term ‘dog whistle.’ Democrats and media types predictably heeded, demanding President Trump cancel his summit with President Putin. When that, of course, did not happen, reporters showed up to the post-summit presser determined to compromise, if possible humiliate, the president in front of his Russian counterpart, on an international stage—an umbrage unimaginable during the days of Obama.

Mr. Trump should have anticipated the liberal media’s barrage. He should have admitted the obvious: Russia interfered in America’s 2016 elections. He should have understood that admonishing President Obama’s now discredited, upper-echelon intelligence personnel does not preclude overall praise for the intelligence community’s efforts to protect the country. And he should have told any reporter presumptuous enough to demand a public rebuke of President Putin, during their joint press conference, that a president’s obligations are to the United States of America and not to self-absorbed members of a press pool.

Instead, Mr. Trump was off his game, as though he’d not been properly briefed on what to expect and how to respond; and the DC establishment pounced. They claim Mr. Putin ‘has something’ on Mr. Trump. They call the president’s conduct at a lone press conference ‘treasonous’ and grounds for impeachment; suggesting U.S. intelligence agencies ought to withhold classified information from the duly elected President of the United States; calling for a ‘shadow government’ to divest President Trump of power, for a coup to replace the administration … with what? … doesn’t matter. It’s an ongoing, fever-pitched cacophony. A white-noise wall of discord, intended to wither and weaken the resolve of President Trump and, more importantly, his supporters—just in time for the late-summer congressional recess, leading up to fall elections. Some coincidence, Mr. Rosenstein’s timing.

If America’s relationship with Russia—the world’s other major nuclear power—is damaged in the process, and America’s stature diminished, the political Left doesn’t care. They consider Mr. Trump’s presidency a mortal threat; like misguided surgeons of centuries past, they’ll bleed the nation hoping to save their version of it.

They mean to hurt the president; the United States be damned.


What Donald Trump Owes Mike Tyson

What President Trump owes former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is a lot. They may be pals for all we know, but either way, Trump seems to have paid attention to Mike, back in the day.

That day was the nineteen-eighties. Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion in history. He was known as a brawler, for winning fights with early round knockouts. Not particularly esteemed for his intellectual prowess, Mr. Tyson was, nonetheless, often prodded for insights regarding how he overcame whatever battle plan his older, more experienced opponent threw at him. At some point, Tyson was credited with this pithy observation: Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.

Exactly what Donald Trump does–punch them in the mouth–a lot!

Every one of his outrageous, early morning tweets is a quick jab, each seemingly insane pronouncement, from far afield, an uppercut. When Rudy Giuliani says something unpredictable about Mr. Trump’s legal strategy, a telling blow lands. The President’s more experienced opposition, in the Democrat party and the Liberal Media Complex, reflexively spend hours, if not days, responding to whatever he just hit them with.

Meanwhile, President Trump determinedly goes about appointing conservative federal judges so as to strengthen the rule of law; rolling back onerous Obama-era regulations so as to encourage economic growth; shoring up the U.S. military so as to engage America’s international allies and adversaries from a place of strength; reforming the federal tax code so as to increase business investment and encourage new private sector job creation … in other words … keeping the promises that got him elected.

Amazing what one can accomplish … with a good punch in the mouth.

The Dick vs. The Donald … and What It Means

When Democrat Senator Dick Durbin emerged recently from a White House meeting with President Donald Trump and congressional leaders, he claimed the President had used the word “s**thole” in referencing certain nations, some of which are nearly or literally failed states, some of whose citizens desperately wish to leave their own countries and come to America.

Others who attended the same meeting have claimed the President did not use that word in that way. But the Dick’s comment about the Donald ignited a political firestorm — as intended — that spread rapidly. Various world leaders have now openly labeled the U.S. President a “racist.”

The reason for all this hullabaloo is, ultimately, a simple one.

Those who know Donald Trump personally will tell you that the President may be brash and arrogant, but he is not a racist. So, the question becomes … why have Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex so eagerly rushed to paint a racist caricature of Mr. Trump as though it were reality?

For the same reason the Dick made his comment in the first place. To put the President and his allies on their heels in the ongoing debate over immigration reform. Which begs the further question … why so much political capital expended on this one issue?

Because unbridled immigration is the future of the Democrat party. Unable to prevail by way of their own failed policies, Democrats hope to re-engineer America’s demographics through immigration, to thereby expand and entrench an underclass dependent on government and beholden to one political party. With one crass maneuver, however, the Dick has squandered any credibility he may have had with Mr. Trump, with whom he needs to negotiate and who now knows the Dick is, well, a d**k — willing to do or say pretty much anything to gain the upper-hand.

As for the media hounds so eagerly buying the Democrat party’s tainted commodities and selling them to the world, those charlatans squandered their credibility long ago. Dripping with disdain for the President, they follow a predictable script, one that harms America’s image as it foments instability.

Is Hillary’s Candidacy America’s Oblivion?

Observing Hillary Clinton’s ineptitude on the campaign trail — think back to her comically bad campaign launch, re-launch, and second re-launch; consider the ham-handed manner in which she has conducted herself, shrieking like some wounded animal, for example, when she tries to raise the energy level in a speaking venue; and her piling lie upon lie about her State Department emails, about her Benghazi fiasco, about her husband Bill’s melange of sexual indiscretions — one gets a sense that Mrs. Clinton may be less than fully committed to her own candidacy.

Though Hillary wouldn’t mind being president, she detests running for president. She is, after all, a most unappealing candidate. Public polling shows overwhelmingly people do not like her and do not trust her; and even among Democrats, polls indicate the level of enthusiasm for her is quite low. Yet, the massively powerful, entrenched interests of the Democrat party and the rest of the liberal establishment continue to back her. Why is that … one may ask.

For decades, Bill and Hillary Clinton have enriched themselves, immensely. They’ve done so, in large part, via their purportedly non-profit and apparently corrupt Clinton Foundation, premised on the notion that Hillary would one day follow in her husband’s footsteps to become ‘the most powerful man in the world.’ In this manner, the Clintons have doled out markers to various individuals and state entities. As those powerful interests come to collect, what might be the reaction if the high-priced markers the Clintons sold for so many years suddenly become worthless? Consider that and the Clintons’ choice is clear: the White House or oblivion.

Hillary has, at the same time, compromised herself due to her mishandling of official email communications while Secretary of State. It is generally accepted that her extremely vulnerable, private email server was hacked by foreign governments — the Russians, for instance — as well as clandestine, even sinister, non-state entities. When a U.S. President becomes subject to blackmail by various state and non-state entities, for whom America’s national security is merely a commodity to be traded, the consequences to our nation could be devastating.

The FBI recently concluded its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s private email server and her thousands of missing emails. That investigation ended with a curious decision by FBI Director James Comey not to indict Mrs. Clinton, despite the negligent, callous, criminal nature of what she has done. An investigation into the Clintons’ nefarious dealings via their family foundation remains ongoing, so we’re lead to believe.

The ultimate verdict upon Hillary’s numerous indiscretions, compromising and immense, has yet to be rendered. America’s national security, and potential oblivion, rest in the balance.

Media Make Democrats Unique

Here is a recently published insight from columnist H.A. Goodman:

Millions of Democrats are voting for a presidential candidate linked to an FBI criminal investigation. These voters either don’t know there’s been a year-long FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, don’t care, or would vote for Clinton even [sic] she faced Espionage Act indictments.  … This state of affairs would never take place in any other leading democracy, but American politics is unique. (emphasis added)

Goodman acknowledges the obvious, yes, but without a requisite specificity. For American politics is not so unique as is Democrat Party politics; more specifically, Democrat politicians and liberal orthodoxy as portrayed by America’s liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) establishment; the very media who have shielded Mrs. Clinton, much as they did her husband before her, from the scrutiny and skepticism regularly applied to Republican politicians and conservative causes.

Establishment media have helped the Democrat party herd Hillary supporters toward a cliff-side state of sheer delusion, toward believing her corruption, demagoguery and apparent criminality ought not inhibit her candidacy for the White House.

This is one reason a history of America’s 2016 election cycle, and of modern American politics, will not be complete unless it includes a detailed examination of the role America’s mass media have played and the impact they have had.