Today’s Big Story: An Inconsequential Sequel

Today’s big story concerns Al Gore’s new global warming documentary, specifically its dismal performance at the box office.

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There is little interest, it seems, in yet another pompous, on-screen lecture about largely unsubstantiated climate change hysteria. And so, few are lining up to see Gore’s movie.

The longer lines are the ones to get into Trump rallies.


Those On the Left Deny the Science of Climate Change

Progressives the world over have been denying the science of climate change. But why?

It is scientifically well established that planet Earth’s climate has been in a state of constant change, evolving if you will, for billions of years … billions! Here’s the shocker — it’s going to continue. We humans can and must be good stewards of our natural environment; that is not at issue. The point of contention stems from the suggestion that human beings can now, in the virtual blink of an eye, prevent climate change from happening or, at the very least, control the manner in which it unfolds. That is a form of denial. For if science tells us one thing about climate change, it is that mankind isn’t in control. Such is the domain of a higher power.

The deeper design of left-wing climate change deniers is, in fact, less about our planet than it is about our money. They hope to frighten, and thereby motivate, enough of the well-meaning, malleable masses to bring about a new world economic regime; to effectuate a massive reallocation of wealth and economic resources from nation states with more to nations states with less. Governed not by sound economic principle, but by redistributionist motives, theirs is a recipe for global catastrophe – economic and political.

The climate will take care of itself.