What Do We Believe?

Some people believe in the U.S. Constitution; and there are those who do not.

Some believe in democracy, with its inherent flaws and inefficiencies, as offering humanity the widest possible dispersion of liberty and opportunity; and there are those who believe America’s Constitution, and the democratic ideals enshrined therein, obstruct the march toward their dreamed of statist utopia.

Some believe in the rule of law, whereby each individual enjoys the same rights as the next, judged blindly, regardless of race, creed or political affiliation; and there are those who believe our legal system must advance an agenda, that laws should be applied so as to comfort the servile, serve the politically connected, and intimidate those who dissent.

Some believe America was founded by wise men, of high principle, who understood the limitations of their times, and devised a government of the people, instituting constitutional mechanisms whereby America might evolve, strengthen and improve in a consistent, time-honored manner; and there are those who see our Constitution as outmoded and increasingly irrelevant, devised by indecent men, elitists and slave-holders, whose moral shortcomings invalidate the Constitution they devised and the nation they established.

Some see America as a shining city on a hill, one with grave sins in its past, yet a force for good, offering stability, leadership and hope in a world ever bending toward authoritarianism; and there are those who see America’s sins as uniquely grievous, whereby its history of slavery and racism, its decimation of Native American culture, and its many decades of military and economic dominance have rendered it unworthy.

Some believe America must constantly improve itself and strive toward the ideals enshrined within our founding documents; and there are those who believe America must be deconstructed and remade in some manner devoid of free expression and other freedoms that many Americans have come to take for granted.

If we erase our past, if we diminish, deconstruct and invalidate our Constitution, if we give away our freedoms … we will not get them back … America will become a formerly bright beacon of hope in a darkening world, a once great nation that brought about its own demise and faded into history’s oblivion.

Some people fear such a demise; and there are others who seek it.


ObamaCare Repeal Is Now in the Offing

The Women’s March on Washington, that took place last weekend, was not the first time they came out with signs and chants. Outside the U.S. Supreme Court there were de rigueur demonstrations, in anticipation of the court’s decision, in the case of King v. Burwell. They held aloft signs reading, “Don’t take my healthcare away!” For every such sign, there should’ve been another reading, “Let me have my healthcare back!”

The year was 2015, and Democrats, via the legislative monstrosity known as ObamaCare, had taken away the health care that millions of Americans had previously taken for granted. This was the first time … ever … the bureaucrats in our federal government told us that we (who pay the salaries of said bureaucrats) must buy an overpriced, overly burdensome consumer product of the government’s choosing, whether we want to or not. They took away doctors and health insurance plans that millions of Americans wanted to keep. ObamaCare forced millions to take up insurance plans ill-suited to their individual needs. ObmaCare raised health insurance premiums and heath care deductibles so high that, for millions of Americans, health care itself was becoming, in effect, inaccessible.

Among the most important decisions people make, for themselves and their families, are those concerning health care. Democrats took many of those decisions away from the people, and put them within a massive federal bureaucracy … destined to become ever more burdensome and oppressive … You want to try a new medication to keep your diabetes in check? In the future, don’t ask your doctor about that; ask the bureaucrats in Washington. You need a kidney transplant? In the future, don’t check with your spouse; ask the bureaucrats in Washington, and see if they will allow your life to be saved … WAIT!!!

America! … That nightmare scenario can now be avoided. With a President Donald J. Trump and a Republican Congress, we have a chance. It’s time to fill the streets of Washington with demonstrators, carrying signs that read, “Hallelujah! I’m getting my healthcare back!”

America … Land of the Free?


In the nineteen-eighties, it was hard for many Americans to imagine a more inflammatory or controversial form of expression than to burn or otherwise publicly denigrate the American flag. Yet, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized, and clearly established, a constitutional right to do so. Such offensive forms of expression must be protected, the reasoning went, despite the sensibilities of those who cherish America’s flag and consider its denigration pure and shameless effrontery. Otherwise – and this is key – America would cease to exist as the “land of the free.”

Nowadays, we have Yale and Mizzou, twin lands of collegiate repression, where student radicals cry foul over the purported offenses of others while they brazenly brandish an offensiveness of their own. We have Democrat legislators who want to criminalize challenges to the liberal orthodoxy on ‘climate change.’ And we have a President of the United States who refuses to take the threat of ISIS seriously, while he has politicized everything from the IRS to the Justice Department to America’s national security.

If the U.S. Constitution demands tolerance for denigrating America’s flag, or for sacrilege against Jesus Christ, does it not also require tolerance of a cartoonist who would satirize the Prophet of Islam? Can Americans  practice such tolerance — free of government intervention or terrorist reprisal?

If Americans lose their freedom to express themselves, then America as we’ve known it will cease to exist, and become just another U.N. member state. At some point, the world would miss us.

America’s Credibility Deficit Disorder

By David Lewis

When all is politicized, all credibility is lost. That’s America’s dilemma at this stage in Barack Obama’s presidency. And it’s self-inflicted.

For too long, the Obama administration has been allowed to systematically politicize the events and entities within the President’s orbit, in order to shape and control a political narrative. Liberals have long valued exercising such control, and Mr. Obama is, if anything, a product of modern American liberalism.

From a divisively activist Justice Department with Attorney General Eric Holder at its helm, to an EPA with a left-wing agenda, to an IRS that unapologetically targets and thereby censors the President’s political opponents, to a deliberate compromising of America’s southern border and the further usurpation of its national security for reasons of political expediency – and this list is shy of exhaustive – one cannot get clarity or consistency from the Obama administration and its vast, government apparatus. Instead it’s polemics and propaganda.

For Americans and anyone else who values a steadfast America, this state of affairs has become unnerving. With the rise of the terrorist group known as ISIS, for example, a time has come for straight talk about a credible, terrorist threat, about how it was allowed to develop and how best to confront it. Yet, Americans find themselves in a dangerous and stupefying quandary, since they don’t  know, even in matters of national security, whether they can trust their president and their government to do the utmost in protecting them and, convenient or not, to be truthful about it.

Sadly enough, it’s a strong likelihood they can’t.