Building American Empire: A How To Guide

During my law school days, I took a class in International Law. Our professor was Russian and familiar with the old Soviet Union. When asked to explain how the USSR determined their leadership, he told us the Communist Party would put up a slate of candidates, the people would vote, and the Party’s chosen would win—without exception. “Yes, they hold elections in Russia,” he told us. “They just don’t mean anything.”

And so it goes with empires, a citizenry granted illusory participation while empowered elites decide who will be the next ruler; and once their choice is made, the political structure falls in line … or else! … a ruthless way of managing affairs. This is—more or less—how the Roman Empire worked, how the Soviet Empire worked, and how the American Empire was intended to work. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was chosen by America’s political elite to be the next President of the United States. Prominent politicians, celebrities and media figures all fell in line to back her candidacy.

Imagine … if she had actually won.

Imagine her (instead of Donald Trump) appointing justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as to lower federal courts. Imagine a leftist federal judiciary systematically legislating from the bench well into the future, long enough to mold the U.S. Constitution into something unrecognizable to the brilliant men who originally crafted it.

Imagine a judiciary and legislature to rubber-stamp Hillary’s overreach: confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens; taxing and spending Americans into economic subjugation; unbridled immigration, legal or otherwise, giving Democrats an unassailable electoral majority; the political Left in control of all federal branches: executive, legislative and judicial. Imagine access to the public forum incrementally lessened; arbitrary application of ‘hate speech’ rules and other rules to silence the Left’s opposition, as though the very notion of ‘free speech’ were an antiquated relic of America’s vainglorious past.

Imagine the Left controlling not only academia, the news media and the entertainment industry, but in firm control of the administrative agencies and all institutions of national intelligence and federal law enforcement. The collusion that occurred between the Clinton campaign, the DNC and sundry Obama operatives to subvert the 2016 presidential election would not be known to the public. Rather, such tactics would become quietly commonplace, enacted, aided and abetted with impunity by overlords of an ever-expanding Administrative State—whose opponents would count themselves lucky not to end up financially ruined or imprisoned. Of course, some of this behavior is openly advocated, and already occurring; but imagine it intensified exponentially and ongoing for decades on end.

Whoever might be chosen, in a long line of leftist succession, would be anointed by establishment elites and assured a presidency with essentially unchecked power. A self-interested political structure would fall in line … or else! … and as for the citizenry, they’d still be allowed to vote. It just wouldn’t mean anything.