The Great Disruptor

In an earlier era, cable TV emerged from its infancy, the ‘big three’ combo of ABC, NBC and CBS utterly dominated broadcast news, and America’s liberal establishment, spearheaded by the New York Times, monopolized the mass dissemination of news and information. That was the nineteen eighties. And in those days, establishment media routinely brought cowering Republicans to heel. Yet, there was one politician who stood out. His name was Ronald Reagan.

By the strength of his communicative skills and political instincts, President Reagan beat the liberal media at their own game, playing with their own stacked deck. He used TV and radio to speak directly and effectively to the American people, and he proved the liberal media could be overcome. Thus, Ronald Reagan is today remembered fondly as The Great Communicator.

In future days, Donald Trump may well be remembered as The Great Disruptor. He lacks Reagan’s affability and rhetorical finesse, but then … so what?

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Now This Is March Madness!

The unbridled enthusiasm of youth — well organized, well coached, at the top of their game and eager to show what they can do. They step into the televised limelight, and viewers tune in to the highly anticipated spectacle. We expect this each March from college basketball.

We saw it this past weekend from a bunch of high school students, not athletes, but budding left-wing activists; some are instant celebrities, due to politics and circumstance. Liberal media, liberal celebrities and establishment politicians, mostly Democrats, most hostile toward a robust Second Amendment, heavily promoted the so-called March for Our Lives that took place on Saturday. Query: Have the media ever given such enthusiastic coverage to the March for Life, put on each year by the pro-life movement? Of course not.

Despite what establishment politicians and the Liberal Media Complex would have us believe, this ‘youth movement’ is not organic in nature, nor is it truly student-organized. Saturday’s media spectacle was well scripted and produced. Serious money and professional talent went into it. Worth noting: If conservative minded youth skipped school en masse, and marched on the National Mall to demand, say, gun rights, gun safety and armed guards to protect students in schools, the liberal media would demand to know who put them up to it, who financed it, who helped organize it, which cynical politicians are using these unwitting students as political pawns — liberal media never ask such questions when demonstrators support a cause with which the Left agrees.

What we see instead is a new type of March Madness, wherein enthusiastic youth, organized, coached and manipulated by ruthless politicians and media types, march to promote an extreme political agenda. They want to whittle away at the Second Amendment until it becomes impotent, irrelevant. And they want to win elections, lots of them, along the way. This March Madness is a liberal media dream, harkening back to the hallowed days of anti-Vietnam War protests. The Left is co-opting everything that worked back then, updating and augmenting it with all they’ve learned since about mass media finance, production and promotion.

This week the photogenic youth from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are on the cover of TIME. Where they go from here has less to do with their cause and their passion than with their political usefulness, and, of course, which talent agency or PR firm may sweep them up. As for the rest of us, allowing a bunch of ill-informed teenagers to dictate public policy is … well … madness. The little secret, however, the Left wants their audience to ignore is that these kids are not masters of their own destiny. They are puppets. Someone else pulls the strings.

UPDATE: Government Shutdown May Be Needed

President Trump has signed Congress’ omnibus spending bill into law. Sigh! Ugh!

Democrats got enough overspending to smile about — that they can run against in the fall.

Republicans alienated many of their voters — who may disown them, again.

President Trump seems uncharacteristically uncertain.

Much yet to transpire between now and November. But today’s news does not portend well for the President, or his party, or the voters who elected them hoping for something better.

Government Shutdown May Be Needed

Query: When is a government shutdown not such a bad idea? Answer: Now.

There are two reasons Democrats won elections back in 2006 and wrested control of Congress from the Republican party: the Democrats ran like Republicans and the Republicans governed like Democrats.

As to the first reason, Democrats strategically recruited and proffered candidates in 2006 who promised to confront their own party leadership and rein in federal spending. That was all nonsense, of course, but frustrated voters bought it nonetheless and decided to give Democrats a chance.

As to the second, Republicans had been governing like Democrats, with wildly out of control spending and huge budget deficits that voters saw, rightly, as a betrayal — just the sort of fiscal policy Republicans had promised to end. Such myopic governance by Republicans served to alienate them from their own base of support, and left them vulnerable to the Democrats party’s duplicity.

Recent history is on the verge of repeating itself. Democrats have already shown their hand with congressional candidates, like Conor Lamb, who sound like moderate Republicans (a sure bet they wouldn’t govern that way). Republicans, meanwhile, govern as though deliberately attempting to alienate the voters who put them back in power … blowing it … again!

The only thing that can save Republicans from themselves may be a presidential veto and a temporary government shutdown.

Here’s hoping for one.

Bias Creep Already

Here’s how they cover it at The Hill:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under mounting pressure from the right to appoint a second special counsel to investigate conservative allegations of abuse at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.” (emphasis mine)

The above quote is the first paragraph in today’s story. The Hill is a steadfast establishment news outlet. Query: How often did we read about liberal allegations coming from the left when Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation of the Trump Administration? Answer: We didn’t. We never do when the target of an investigation is Republican.

That double standard is bad enough, however, it is extremely condescending to downplay legitimate concerns about malfeasance at the highest levels of the FBI and U.S. Justice Department as nothing more than … conservative allegations.

An expanding volume of evidence points to serious, perhaps criminal, wrongdoing. And it leans less toward President Trump than toward the Deep State and President Obama. Maybe … just maybe … that is why establishment media are suddenly suggesting it’s about politics more than truth and justice.

D’ya think?

Democrats’ New Strategy Is Nothing New

Have Democrats found a way to beat Republicans in the 2018 mid-terms? Democrat leaders seem to think so, offering something new, different and destined to work. But don’t be fooled … it’s a sham.

Case in point: Conor Lamb, the Democrat candidate in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. He and Republican Rick Saccone locked horns in a race that is too close to call, even though voting took place yesterday. The difference between them is a few hundred votes; absentee and provisional ballots are in play, though Lamb has claimed victory. The kicker is that Donald Trump won in Pennsylvania’s 18th District by nearly 20 points in 2016.

Question: What gives? Answer: Conor Lamb ran like a Republican.

Democrats proffered a candidate, in Mr. Lamb, both young and attractive, which doesn’t hurt. They also positioned him as mainstream, even right of center on certain issues. And that is their strategy. Run like Republicans in order to beat Republicans. But there is nothing new in this.

It is exactly what Chuck Schumer and the Democrat leadership did in 2006. They recruited congressional candidates who ran as though they were Republicans, claiming middle-ground on issues that Republican voters cared about (they also benefitted from President Bush’s military quagmire in Iraq and congressional Republicans accumulating huge budget deficits). A key, often overlooked, ingredient in the Democrat’s 2006 victory was their calculated effort to run like Republicans, and thereby regain control of Congress.

Of course, once Democrats obtained super-majorities in 2008, they governed as leftists, hoisting Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, and other Obama-era travesties on the nation. Does anyone believe that, should he emerge victorious, Conor Lamb, who ran like a Republican, would actually govern like one? Answer: Of course not. He’ll do whatever the Democrat leadership tells him to do. So would any other Republican lookalikes the Democrats may dig out of the electoral woodwork. They may campaign like Republicans. But they govern like Democrats. And that’s nothing new.

Boy Did We Dodge a Bullet!

Hillary Clinton’s instability gives witness …

Figuratively here … and literally here.

She has a tendency to lose her footing and collapse. The incident to which we linked, above, is not an isolated one. She has done so several times, most notably while campaigning in 2016, when she collapsed as though lifeless into the arms of her aides. How many times has this happened when cameras were not rolling?

She cannot accept her humiliating defeat in the 2016 election — of her own doing more than anyone’s — and wanders, unstable, delusional, among insouciant lingerers who eventually, one hopes, will wake up from the charade and move on.

Donald Trump may be a crass vulgarian. But one shudders, truly, at the prospect of what may have been wrought had enough electoral votes gone the other way.