What America Needs Is a Good Sense of Humor

How can you tell when someone has a good sense of humor?

Worth asking, given the extreme polarization in America these days. After all, it’s hard to poke someone in the eye when you’re sharing a good laugh. Am I right? It’s easier to appreciate the jokes, of course, when you’re the one writing them. And for decades, liberals in New York and Hollywood have been creating most of the funny stuff the rest of us have consumed via movies and television.

That means more often than not the joke is on the “stupid” Republican, the “heartless” conservative, or the “antiquated” values of middle-America. But, heh, Americans are used to that. Our liberal media have spent these past several decades training us — at least those of us who do not self-identify as liberals — to laugh at ourselves and our values. All the while, American culture erodes in an unrelenting deluge of deprecation.

Want to try something really funny? … Turn the tables by getting the liberal establishment to laugh at, say, Harvey Weinstein … you’ll be making light of sexual harassment. Or the lunatic ravings of Hillary Clinton on her self-vindication tour … you’ll be a misogynist. Or the many glaring hypocrisies of Barack Obama … you’ll be a racist. Hmmm … so, how does one get around this conundrum?

Nearly thirty years ago, Rush Limbaugh began doing his part on national radio, lampooning the left’s sanctimony, snobbery and sacred cows. He did it with humor and irreverence — traits liberals thought they owned — and the left went bonkers. They despised and tried to destroy Limbaugh. But he has thrived because he speaks with sincerity to a vast audience that New York and Hollywood have taken for granted. And what is his secret trick, the one so obvious that liberals cannot see it? Limbaugh has never laughed at his core audience … only with them, and that’s why they’ll never poke him in the eye.

Something similar is playing out in our polarized politics. When President Trump mocks and ridicules the establishment, even irreverently, so long as he laughs with his base, not at them, they will not abandon him. After decades spent laughing happily at themselves, they take in Mr. Trump’s irreverence like a breath of fresh air. And this drives the liberal establishment crazy. They cannot get their heads around this phenomenon, because these comic geniuses remain oblivious to a key ingredient in good comedy.

How can you tell when people have a good sense of humor?

When they can laugh at themselves.


“Bye-bye Boy Scouts”

Today’s big story concerns the once vaunted Boy Scouts of America … and what has become of them, now that liberal post-modernists have inserted their hooks. These lefties want to politicize everything it seems — even the weather!

Why would the Boy Scouts be any different? An organization that once had its place, a revered one, in American culture, tried to remain ‘relevant’ — and avoid litigation — in a rapidly, politically changing world; and so, they began watering down their rules: admitting openly gay boys, transgender boys, and openly gay adult leaders. Soon girls will be able to join the Boy Scouts … seriously.

Where do they go from here? Further toward insignificance, ironically. When they eventually change the name, as they must, from the Boys Scouts of America to something more accurate, the process will be complete.

Another coups for the post-modernist left … a further erosion of American culture.

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It Isn’t Just Hollywood

Regarding the public flagellation of Hollywood uber-producer Harvey Weinstein, for his decades of allegedly horrid behavior toward women, there’s an elephant in the room. And it’s not a Republican. Some observations.

First, the entertainment industry has for decades treated sex and violence as commodities, to be exploited and marketed to their viewing public. Is it not ironic for those who monetize the objectification of women and men (but mostly women) to castigate anyone for not doing enough to empower them?

Second, where were these suddenly horrified people in the 1990s … the decade of ‘Billary’ … when the President of the United States was a serial predator of women, and quite possibly a rapist; and his greatest enabler was his wife, Hillary Clinton, who submitted to her husband’s humiliations, lied on his behalf, and intimidated his accusers … when instead of condemning the Clintons for their well-documented, horrid behavior toward women, liberalism’s self-appointed arbiters of morality gave the Clintons a pass (and still do) because they were ‘politically correct’ on abortion and what have you?

Third, would all of this be coming out now if Hillary had won the presidency last year? Would mass media be, by implication, putting the lie to Bill and Hillary’s own abuses if the Clintons had re-consolidated their power, with the breadth and might of the federal bureaucracy behind them? Would those whose business model monetizes objectification be blowing down their own house of cards if the Clinton money machine were still in full-swing, doling out political access, instead of relegated to the brink of irrelevance?

Just asking.

Taking Republican Senate Seriously

Today’s big story concerns the 2018 election cycle, well underway, wherein Republicans can strengthen their current majority in the U.S. Senate.

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A most attractive Republican candidate, Attorney General Josh Hawley, enters the state-wide Missouri mix to take a U.S. Senate seat away from vulnerable Democrat, Claire McCaskill. Other potential Republican contenders in the state clear the way for Mr. Hawley. The President’s base seem pleased.

All this indicates a much-needed level of seriousness among Republicans. A lingering concern is how far the sentiment will spread as election season intensifies.

Stay tuned.

“The League of Extraordinary Candidates”

Today’s big story concerns an insurgent push to elect anti-establishment candidates to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, as well as state governorships.

And it’s not just Democrat seats that are vulnerable in 2018.

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Establishment Republicans, quite a few of them, are vulnerable as well.

This push is to elect as many of a so-called “League of Extraordinary Candidates” as possible; to drain government swamplands of politicians obstructing the populist reforms currently spearheaded by President Trump.

As Children Often Do

What do children, really little children, do when they don’t get their way?

Quite often, they throw tantrums: screaming, crying, kicking furniture, laying face-down on the floor, etc. in order to get what they want. We all know the drill because, at various times, we’ve witnessed this ultimate negotiating tactic of the very young and immature.

We see a similar phenomenon these days among Democrat politicians, the celebrity set, the Liberal Media Complex, assorted DC swamp-dwellers and denizens of social media — purportedly grown-ups, mind you — refusing to accept the fact that their preferred candidate lost the presidency.

The most immature brat of them all is the candidate herself, Hillary Clinton, currently touring the nation, whining, blaming, casting aspersions and otherwise setting a poor example for her emotionally fragile cadre.

One hopes, perhaps against hope, these dour souls can exhibit the emotional grace of at least a five-year-old, stop behaving so poorly, and get on with the business of governing, entertaining, reporting the news or clogging up the works … as their talents dictate.

What Do We Believe?

Some people believe in the U.S. Constitution; and there are those who do not.

Some believe in democracy, with its inherent flaws and inefficiencies, as offering humanity the widest possible dispersion of liberty and opportunity; and there are those who believe America’s Constitution, and the democratic ideals enshrined therein, obstruct the march toward their dreamed of statist utopia.

Some believe in the rule of law, whereby each individual enjoys the same rights as the next, judged blindly, regardless of race, creed or political affiliation; and there are those who believe our legal system must advance an agenda, that laws should be applied so as to comfort the servile, serve the politically connected, and intimidate those who dissent.

Some believe America was founded by wise men, of high principle, who understood the limitations of their times, and devised a government of the people, instituting constitutional mechanisms whereby America might evolve, strengthen and improve in a consistent, time-honored manner; and there are those who see our Constitution as outmoded and increasingly irrelevant, devised by indecent men, elitists and slave-holders, whose moral shortcomings invalidate the Constitution they devised and the nation they established.

Some see America as a shining city on a hill, one with grave sins in its past, yet a force for good, offering stability, leadership and hope in a world ever bending toward authoritarianism; and there are those who see America’s sins as uniquely grievous, whereby its history of slavery and racism, its decimation of Native American culture, and its many decades of military and economic dominance have rendered it unworthy.

Some believe America must constantly improve itself and strive toward the ideals enshrined within our founding documents; and there are those who believe America must be deconstructed and remade in some manner devoid of free expression and other freedoms that many Americans have come to take for granted.

If we erase our past, if we diminish, deconstruct and invalidate our Constitution, if we give away our freedoms … we will not get them back … America will become a formerly bright beacon of hope in a darkening world, a once great nation that brought about its own demise and faded into history’s oblivion.

Some people fear such a demise; and there are others who seek it.