Rule of Politics or Rule of Law?

What we see unfolding in Washington, DC verges on a constitutional crisis. Nothing less.

An entrenched political establishment is attempting to overturn the results of a U.S. presidential election. In doing so, they attempt to destroy a duly elected President of the United States because they disapprove of his conservative politics and his course manner. More importantly, the establishment senses an existential threat to its own privilege and entitlement, a threat in the form of a true outsider in the White House.

The DC establishment employs hyper-politicized agencies and authorities of the bureaucratic state — e.g. FBI, Justice Department, Office of Special Counsel — relying on the phalanx of a Liberal Media Complex to help promulgate their offensive.

As for the millions of voters who elected Mr. Trump in November 2016, the DC establishment is, in essence, telling these voters … We implored you not to support Donald Trump, to vote for Hillary Clinton or not vote at all. But you didn’t listen to us. Now you will see that what you want, and voted for, is ultimately irrelevant. 

The politically favored, such as Hillary Clinton, are given a pass; while political opponents, such as Michael Flynn, are publicly skewered, roasted and left with their lives in tatters. It harkens to the historic days of Empire, when Roman elites who failed to back a favored choice for Emperor could expect to have their property seized and their lives threatened, if not literally taken.

When all is politicized … all credibility is lost. And America becomes a nation dominated less by the Rule of Law than by the Rule of Politics.


Sex and Cynicism Home to Roost

Earlier on these pages, I queried whether mega-producer Harvey Weinstein would be facing his hard-earned day of reckoning had his political ally, Hillary Clinton, won the presidency in 2016. For that matter, would actor Kevin Spacey? Or Senator Al Franken? Of course, Judge Roy Moore would be in trouble down in Alabama. He’s ultra-conservative and Republican. I digress.

The larger point is … Cynical, demagogic liberals are beginning to throw Hillary and Bill Clinton overboard. Because they can. The Clintons are no longer political kingmakers and unlikely (as in ‘no chance’) to enjoy such status again. When such a high-level coup occurs, so does collateral damage.

The even larger point is … It’s not as though we suddenly know things about Bill’s engaging in, and Hillary’s enabling of, sordid sexual imbroglios that were unknown prior to November 8, 2016, or even some twenty years before that. It’s just that one year ago, twenty years ago, when the Clintons held great power and influence, and, equally important, served the political needs of the liberal establishment in support of legal abortion and what have you, they were given a pass. Until now.

As former allies turn on the Clintons — very suddenly, it seems — there is the attempt to deflect away from said allies’ own hypocrisy, even so as to re-write history. For example, it is claimed that, in 1998, Republicans pursued charges of perjury against then President Clinton when they should have focused, instead, on the President’s sexual predations. That is poppycock!

Bill Clinton’s detractors condemned his sexual predations in 1998; even as his defenders in the Democrat party and the Liberal Media Complex rejected such condemnation, claiming, for instance, that Bill’s sexual dalliance with young White House intern Monica Lewinsky was “sex between two consenting adults” and, therefore, nobody else’s business. As for Mr. Clinton’s other accusers, they were roundly dismissed by establishment liberals as ‘tramps,’ ‘trailer trash,’ or otherwise lacking credibility.

Such obvious hypocrisies aside, getting rid of the Clinton’s now serves another deeply cynical purpose. The establishment left hopes to clear a pathway to President Donald Trump. After all, if sexual predators are dropping like flies in multiple industries and on both sides of the aisle, and if we now (better late than never, eh?) recognize the sex-related travesties of a former U.S. President, how can we ignore any sex-related charges conjured up against the current President?

It is easy to imagine this cynical ploy bandied about by establishment liberals … as they continue and intensify their quest to destroy a sitting President.

Who Really Won the Presidency?

They never saw it coming. Did they?

One year ago today, Hillary R. Clinton and the rest of the ‘Establishment’ (liberal or not) couldn’t imagine her losing the presidency to a crass vulgarian like Donald J. Trump.

So thoroughly had they bought into their own propaganda, so confident were they of Hillary’s pending victory, they did whatever they wanted (much of which we’re only now learning about), with little regard for the law or propriety, in order to humiliate Mr. Trump and bury him in an electoral avalanche.

At the end of election day, however, they were dazed, confused, lost, asking themselves: How could this man Trump survive such an overwhelmingly negative onslaught and emerge victorious?

They did not, and still do not, realize … that is the wrong question.

It was never about Donald Trump so much as it was, and remains, about the American people — specifically, those people fed up with an Establishment that lies to them in order to manipulate them; an Establishment that enriches itself on the backs of fed up Americans, many of whom are struggling to provide for their families and themselves.

On November 8, 2016, it was the American electorate who survived the Establishment’s onslaught of insults and negativity. Such Americans never lost their nerve, and never wavered in their disdain for their would-be overlords.

And that is why, in spite of himself, Donald J. Trump won the presidency.

Tribalism: Coming to America?

When society descends into tribalism, most anything can happen. Rwanda … South Sudan … Pinochet’s Chile … Castro’s Cuba … can happen. Currently, we see a Balkanization unfolding among America’s politicians, media and voting public, in a documented trend that shows no sign of lessening soon.

Democrat members of Congress (e.g. Maxine Waters, Al Green) repeatedly call for Donald Trump’s impeachment, with no grounds for their rhetoric beyond a personal loathing of a duly elected President of the United States. Democrats caustically oppose, as a matter of course, any legislative or administrative initiatives of President Trump’s tenure. Such conduct by politicians is not just commonplace, but encouraged by a Liberal Media Complex and a political elite seeking to humiliate the President, to overturn his election victory, and to publicly shame those who support him.

This behavior, in turn, encourages resentment and distrust among voters, as we see the ‘center right’ and ‘center left’ move increasingly toward irreconcilability. As divides deepen, the commonalities that bind our society and culture diminish. Eventually, people regroup themselves around more primitive loyalties, sown of fear and mistrust of the ‘other.’

In an unsettling trend, left-wing activists such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa drive America toward an increasingly tribal mentality; while the Liberal Media Complex promotes their twin narratives that American police officers routinely target young Black men for death, and that being White in America is inherently a “privilege” of ongoing, institutionalized racism.

When Antifa activists insist that those who disagree with them are racists and fascists; when they label dissenting voices as “hate speech” that must be denied access to the public square; when they use violence, as a first resort, to silence such voices; and when their tactics are not roundly condemned, but often encouraged, by political elites, we have a glimpse of one possible future.

If trends continue along such a course, it is not hyperbole to suggest a bloodletting awaits, beyond the horizon. What that portends for the American experiment is troubling indeed.

Which Petard? … A Tough Call

Today’s big story concerns the big shift in the Russia-Clinton-Collusion narrative. That’s right. It’s no longer about Trump-Russia.

Now it’s Hillary, Bill, and a cabal of former Obama Administration officials taking center stage. And today’s story is multi-pronged. It involves potential corruption at the highest levels of the former administration, self-dealing by the Clintons (needless to say), and compromising America’s national security in the process.

For details … click hereand here.

Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex, who for the past year have promoted a ‘Russian collusion’ narrative, are being hoisted on their own petard(s).

And it’s going to get interesting.