First Is Good … Smart Is Better

Eighty percent of success is showing up … so Woody Allen, the brilliantly funny comedian, once said. There’s a lot to be said, as well, for getting there first.

Ask George W. Bush. One may remember that by the time Al Gore challenged the presidential vote count in 2000, Bush was already declared the winner; in fact, Gore had just phoned Bush to concede—that’s another story. The point here is that Bush maneuvered from a position of strength, while uppity Al tried to snatch Bush’s victory away from him. Both candidates claimed the presidency … Bush got there first … and served two terms.

In politics, controlling the narrative is paramount. We’ve seen this play out over the 2016 presidential election, with narratives of dueling incompatibility. Sundry leftists, including the Liberal Media Complex, assert that Donald Trump colluded with Russian operatives to deprive Hillary Clinton of certain victory. Republicans contend it was in fact President Obama’s FBI and Justice Department that colluded to keep Mrs. Clinton in the race by absolving her of serious criminal charges, and further that the Clinton campaign, the DNC and operatives of Obama’s intelligence community colluded in various ways to sabotage Donald Trump’s candidacy, and later his presidency.

Trump’s enemies had the early advantage—they knew their conspiracies were improper and most likely illegal; they knew that, once Hillary lost the election, they and their misdeeds could be exposed; and they knew all of this before Donald Trump did. They saw a way to deflect from their own criminal collusion by arguing, with mind-boggling dexterity, that it was Mr. Trump who had colluded illegally. In doing so, the Left seized the narrative, and controlled the board for the next year and a half, during which President Trump busily performed damage control.

Nearly two years since Donald Trump’s election victory, well over a year of deep-dive sleuthing by Robert Mueller and his crack team of inquisitors, and no evidence has emerged of criminal activity on Mr. Trump’s part. The narrative and momentum may finally be shifting in the president’s favor. Getting there first, after all, is only one side of the equation. On the other is the ‘smarts’ department.

And who thought it was smart to cavalierly conduct a sham investigation of candidate Clinton, to brazenly sabotage a national election, to collude to unseat a duly elected president, and to leave an evidentiary trail of emails, text messages and goodness knows what other shenanigans? The people smart enough to do all that would be the same ones who knew Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, and would insure their corruption was swept into the dust bin. History, so they say, is written by the winners. And all the really smart people knew that Hillary would win in 2016.

They just knew it!