The Left’s New Narrative

As a dual narrative emerges, the importance of the 2018 elections becomes evident.

First, the Left label President Trump a Putin puppet, a foreign agent under Russian control, using the Mueller investigation as a pretext. The problem with this ploy is that sentient beings know it is lunacy, that Trump’s policies do not favor Russia, that our president is not a ‘Manchurian’ operative. There will be fits and starts, such as the recent Helsinki hysteria; but as such craziness continues, it will meld with the white-noise wall of anti-Trump propaganda.

Second, they seek to convince America that Hillary Clinton did not really lose to Donald Trump in 2016, implying Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. Of the Left’s various cockamamie ploys, this is the one with legs. Because they invested so heavily in the false narrative of Mrs. Clinton being decent and competent, and because they intend to use this ploy across a swath of Democrat campaigns, to drag their beleaguered candidates across the finish line in November. When Democrats lose, they’ll claim they didn’t really lose, but got screwed by … you guessed it … the Russians.

Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex are concocting a narrative in which Republicans are nothing without their Russian handlers … If you want to save America from them dang-blasted fur’ners, you gotta vote Democrat—by golly! The Left seems to think Americans are that stupid. Again, team Mueller’s Russia probe is their rhetorical foundation. One trial balloon is afloat with beleaguered Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, of Missouri, expected to lose in November to Republican Josh Hawley. Already Democrats and their liberal media allies have introduced their It’s the Russians! ploy, hoping to upend Hawley’s pending victory.

Unlike the U.S. Senate, expected to remain in Republican control, the House of Representatives is very much in play come November. Expect Democrats to claw for every seat, yelling … It’s the Russians! … whenever they can.

Anyone paying attention knows that if Democrats take control of the House in 2018, they’ll act swiftly to impeach President Trump. A Republican-controlled Senate may have the nerve not to convict Mr. Trump, which would allow him to remain in office. However, he would be severely wounded. Democrats and their cohorts in the Liberal Media Complex would claim Mr. Trump should not even run for re-election, and their rallying cry would consist of: How can you re-elect a racist who hates women, who not only was impeached, but was never really elected in the first place?

And if, after all that, Americans have the audacity to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020, late night talk show hosts will start saying things, like, “Alright, folks. The fun and games are over. This is going to get … really! … ugly!” And they won’t be going for laughs.


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