America Bleeding

They mean to hurt the president; the United States be damned.

When Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of Russian intelligence officers, for election meddling, just prior to President Trump’s summit with Russian President Putin, the timing alone was a tell. Liberals are fond of the term ‘dog whistle.’ Democrats and media types predictably heeded, demanding President Trump cancel his summit with President Putin. When that, of course, did not happen, reporters showed up to the post-summit presser determined to compromise, if possible humiliate, the president in front of his Russian counterpart, on an international stage—an umbrage unimaginable during the days of Obama.

Mr. Trump should have anticipated the liberal media’s barrage. He should have admitted the obvious: Russia interfered in America’s 2016 elections. He should have understood that admonishing President Obama’s now discredited, upper-echelon intelligence personnel does not preclude overall praise for the intelligence community’s efforts to protect the country. And he should have told any reporter presumptuous enough to demand a public rebuke of President Putin, during their joint press conference, that a president’s obligations are to the United States of America and not to self-absorbed members of a press pool.

Instead, Mr. Trump was off his game, as though he’d not been properly briefed on what to expect and how to respond; and the DC establishment pounced. They claim Mr. Putin ‘has something’ on Mr. Trump. They call the president’s conduct at a lone press conference ‘treasonous’ and grounds for impeachment; suggesting U.S. intelligence agencies ought to withhold classified information from the duly elected President of the United States; calling for a ‘shadow government’ to divest President Trump of power, for a coup to replace the administration … with what? … doesn’t matter. It’s an ongoing, fever-pitched cacophony. A white-noise wall of discord, intended to wither and weaken the resolve of President Trump and, more importantly, his supporters—just in time for the late-summer congressional recess, leading up to fall elections. Some coincidence, Mr. Rosenstein’s timing.

If America’s relationship with Russia—the world’s other major nuclear power—is damaged in the process, and America’s stature diminished, the political Left doesn’t care. They consider Mr. Trump’s presidency a mortal threat; like misguided surgeons of centuries past, they’ll bleed the nation hoping to save their version of it.

They mean to hurt the president; the United States be damned.


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