An Offer Kim Can’t Refuse

North Korea is often referred to as the ‘hermit kingdom’ due to its decades of isolation from political realities shaping the rest of the world. Worse than reclusive, North Korea is a hyper-authoritarian police state, with a wrecked economy and a populace living in ignorance, fear and squalor akin to that of medieval serfs.

For decades, North Korea’s ruthless regime has sought to shield itself by developing a nuclear arsenal, to keep outside world powers at bay. At a certain point, however, when facing difficult realities, one accepts and adapts—or one declares ‘total war’ against those realities.

Despite their seemingly irrational extremes, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and his regime are, in fact, pragmatists, survivors. And they sense a turning point. They sense their current operating model is unsustainable; especially with a man like President Trump leading the opposition. Kim came to meet Trump in Singapore for one reason—to merge North Korea with the twenty-first century. And Donald Trump knows a good merger when he sees one. He built his career on doing deals. He wrote a book called The Art of the Deal. He’s now in his element—brokering the world’s biggest merger.

You might say Trump has made Kim an offer he can’t refuse—denuclearize, open up your country, and welcome to the twenty-first century. For now at least, it appears the North Koreans have chosen not to declare ‘total war’ on reality. By contrast, in America, the political Left has declared ‘total war’ of its own.

To be continued …