The Great Disruptor

In an earlier era, cable TV emerged from its infancy, the ‘big three’ combo of ABC, NBC and CBS utterly dominated broadcast news, and America’s liberal establishment, spearheaded by the New York Times, monopolized the mass dissemination of news and information. That was the nineteen eighties. And in those days, establishment media routinely brought cowering Republicans to heel. Yet, there was one politician who stood out. His name was Ronald Reagan.

By the strength of his communicative skills and political instincts, President Reagan beat the liberal media at their own game, playing with their own stacked deck. He used TV and radio to speak directly and effectively to the American people, and he proved the liberal media could be overcome. Thus, Ronald Reagan is today remembered fondly as The Great Communicator.

In future days, Donald Trump may well be remembered as The Great Disruptor. He lacks Reagan’s affability and rhetorical finesse, but then … so what?

This is the age of the Internet, social media and the 24-hour news cycle. It is also a time of stridently, often viciously partisan media. Be they news, entertainment, lifestyle, educational, whatever else, nearly all media have been politicized. Along comes Donald Trump—caustic, bombastic, irreverent; and most importantly, willing to take on the Liberal Media Complex and the rest of the DC Establishment, to stick it right back in their faces. They are aghast at this newly styled American President who completely broke an old, stone-cast mold. How dare Trump speak so bluntly! So contentiously! So arrogantly!

What these establishment types do not realize, and perhaps never will, is that millions of Americans find Donald Trump’s overbearing style less disturbing than they do the vastly corrupt political establishment that has forced a great nation toward oblivion. ‘Trumpians’ will support a politician who safely pulls America back from the brink, even as that politician sheds convention, shocks the complacent, and dons a well-earned moniker.


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