Guns Don’t Kill People, Abortions Do

Following last week’s horrific school shooting in Florida, wherein a killer took seventeen innocent lives, our nation pauses to consider the ramifications. Political rallies have been held, featuring teenage survivors of last week’s shooting; more will follow. The President hosted a White House listening session, featuring heartfelt testimonials from some of those most directly impacted by the shooting.

Among the responses being discussed is an age requirement for purchasing firearms. With age comes life experience. Thus, it seems reasonable that a minor not be allowed to buy something as potentially lethal as a firearm. In seeking perspective, however, might we ask whether deciding to buy a gun is more momentous than deciding to have an abortion?

Of those who buy guns in this country, only a fraction use them to take human life. By contrast, every legal abortion results in the actual taking of an innocent human life. And, while the particulars vary from state to state, minors can get abortions, often without parental knowledge and/or consent.

There is no intent here to draw a comparison between gun violence and abortion, rather to draw a contrast between the level of concern and focus our society applies to one versus the other. It is estimated that between 50 and 60 million pregnancies have been aborted in America since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure in 1973.

Seventeen dead in Florida is a tragedy. 50 to 60 million dead in America is a statistic. When might we pause, as a nation, to consider the ramifications of that?


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