The Dick vs. The Donald … and What It Means

When Democrat Senator Dick Durbin emerged recently from a White House meeting with President Donald Trump and congressional leaders, he claimed the President had used the word “s**thole” in referencing certain nations, some of which are nearly or literally failed states, some of whose citizens desperately wish to leave their own countries and come to America.

Others who attended the same meeting have claimed the President did not use that word in that way. But the Dick’s comment about the Donald ignited a political firestorm — as intended — that spread rapidly. Various world leaders have now openly labeled the U.S. President a “racist.”

The reason for all this hullabaloo is, ultimately, a simple one.

Those who know Donald Trump personally will tell you that the President may be brash and arrogant, but he is not a racist. So, the question becomes … why have Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex so eagerly rushed to paint a racist caricature of Mr. Trump as though it were reality?

For the same reason the Dick made his comment in the first place. To put the President and his allies on their heels in the ongoing debate over immigration reform. Which begs the further question … why so much political capital expended on this one issue?

Because unbridled immigration is the future of the Democrat party. Unable to prevail by way of their own failed policies, Democrats hope to re-engineer America’s demographics through immigration, to thereby expand and entrench an underclass dependent on government and beholden to one political party. With one crass maneuver, however, the Dick has squandered any credibility he may have had with Mr. Trump, with whom he needs to negotiate and who now knows the Dick is, well, a d**k — willing to do or say pretty much anything to gain the upper-hand.

As for the media hounds so eagerly buying the Democrat party’s tainted commodities and selling them to the world, those charlatans squandered their credibility long ago. Dripping with disdain for the President, they follow a predictable script, one that harms America’s image as it foments instability.


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