Who Really Won the Presidency?

They never saw it coming. Did they?

One year ago today, Hillary R. Clinton and the rest of the ‘Establishment’ (liberal or not) couldn’t imagine her losing the presidency to a crass vulgarian like Donald J. Trump.

So thoroughly had they bought into their own propaganda, so confident were they of Hillary’s pending victory, they did whatever they wanted (much of which we’re only now learning about), with little regard for the law or propriety, in order to humiliate Mr. Trump and bury him in an electoral avalanche.

At the end of election day, however, they were dazed, confused, lost, asking themselves: How could this man Trump survive such an overwhelmingly negative onslaught and emerge victorious?

They did not, and still do not, realize … that is the wrong question.

It was never about Donald Trump so much as it was, and remains, about the American people — specifically, those people fed up with an Establishment that lies to them in order to manipulate them; an Establishment that enriches itself on the backs of fed up Americans, many of whom are struggling to provide for their families and themselves.

On November 8, 2016, it was the American electorate who survived the Establishment’s onslaught of insults and negativity. Such Americans never lost their nerve, and never wavered in their disdain for their would-be overlords.

And that is why, in spite of himself, Donald J. Trump won the presidency.


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