“Bye-bye Boy Scouts”

Today’s big story concerns the once vaunted Boy Scouts of America … and what has become of them, now that liberal post-modernists have inserted their hooks. These lefties want to politicize everything it seems — even the weather!

Why would the Boy Scouts be any different? An organization that once had its place, a revered one, in American culture,¬†tried to remain ‘relevant’ — and avoid litigation — in a rapidly, politically changing world; and so, they began watering down their rules: admitting openly gay boys, transgender boys, and openly gay adult leaders. Soon girls will be able to join the Boy Scouts … seriously.

Where do they go from here? Further toward insignificance, ironically. When they eventually change the name, as they must, from the Boys Scouts of America to something more accurate, the process will be complete.

Another coups for the post-modernist left … a further erosion of American culture.

For more details, click here.


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