Why I Write About Politics

I write about politics. A lot.

But I do not care for politics. I do not care for those who profit and prosper off the sacrifice of others; the fat-cats, bureaucrats and sundry denizens of our federal government, often ensconced within grand buildings of Romanesque architecture, their marble columns a testament to waste. Of money, for sure, but more importantly, of lives. I think of the fabulous amounts of requisitioned wealth spent by politicians and bureaucrats over the decades, money they collected on behalf of others and spent on themselves. I do not care for those people, the politicians.

I do care about those affected by politics. When it comes to matters of such import, I suffer no political affiliation. I care about those who’ve been made vulnerable, who’ve been disregarded or marginalized through no fault of their own. We who grew up with privilege must pay attention so as to understand. By ‘privilege’ I mean something very simple. We grew up in households with parents who taught us right from wrong by way of example, of consistency, who gave us three meals a day with meat, vegetables and potatoes, got us to school each morning, to the doctor as need be, and kept us safe. We were lucky, privileged.

There are millions of children in this complicated world who are not privileged. I do not care what color their skin is. The prism is vast. Their consistency is of fear, suffering and not knowing they are loved. They are everywhere: Malaysia, India, Sudan, Afghanistan, Venezuela, France, the United States. I know there are millions of adults who cannot, or will not, take proper care of even themselves. Their reasons vary like the sand pebbles. I do my best not to judge. But I cannot ignore.

And I cannot abide the untold billions of dollars requisitioned from U.S. taxpayers, purportedly on behalf of those not privileged, and squandered within the bowels of a horribly bloated, bureaucratic monster — intolerable in a nation as wealthy and blessed as these United States. Yet, influential DC denizens continue to prosper off the misfortunes afflicting the lives of others. We must hold them to account. Thus, the big question … how?

That’s where politics comes into play. It matters, after all.

                                                                                            … to be continued …


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