Republicans, Wake Up! … Before It’s Too Late

For eight years, President George W. Bush acted as though it was beneath him to defend himself and his party against relentless, withering assault from Democrats and the Liberal Media Complex. Then, along came left-wing wunderkind Barack Obama; and the Complex just couldn’t get enough of the guy.

With outgoing President Bush likened to The Plague, incoming Republican standard-bearer, John McCain, reliably feckless, and the U.S. economy cratering (as if on cue), it was no wonder voters, in 2008, gave Democrats the keys to the capital city: White House, House of Representatives and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Democrats spent the next two years having their way with our government and our economy – in other words, careening full-throttle toward Socialism. And voters said, “What the heck? We didn’t vote for this!”

In 2010, voters awarded Republicans the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2014, the Senate. In 2016, the White House. Which begs the question: Why is it now so hard for Republicans to behave like a party in power?

From a public relations standpoint, congressional Democrats are running well-orchestrated circles around their Republican counterparts, who come off, by contrast, as bumbling chumps. For example, when your party controls the Senate, you don’t agree to hold Senate hearings on Russia’s purported collusion with your own presidential candidate in the 2016 election, while ignoring the potential shenanigans of the opposing party. But, that’s what Republicans are doing. The mind boggles at this level of political incompetence.

President Trump has enough on his plate, trying to get his fledgling administration off the ground, all the while taking flak from a Democrat party and a Liberal Media Complex openly determined to destroy him. The President should be able to rely on other Republicans to stand up for him and for themselves; and at the very least, not behave like bush-league amateurs who stumbled onto the main stage.

It’s enough to make voters cry foul. Or at least say, “What the heck? We didn’t vote for this!”


Judges Rule! … Never Mind the Constitution

Just yesterday, I had a scintillating chat with one of my left-wing pals in West L.A. It was a doozy. As we sipped our lattes — mine was actually a macchiato, a double, but anyway — she told me how happy she was to see another federal district judge slap down the President of the United States over his newly minted travel ban.

Her reasoning, if one can call it that, boiled down to nothing more than: Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban is a “Muslim ban” because it applies to majority-Muslim countries, and Donald Trump’s rhetoric from the 2016 campaign evidences his animus toward Muslims. That’s it. I know because I asked my friend to repeat her position … twice … shaking my head in dismay.

“You do know that this travel ban applies only to six countries?” I queried. “And that leaves about 90% of the world’s Muslims unaffected?” … here I got a blank stare … and so, continued, “But that doesn’t matter because each of these countries is majority-Muslim, is that correct?” She nodded and tossed in a “Yep!” for emphasis.

Well, this fruit was just too ripe and too low.

“So, even though the President has constitutional and statutory authority, unilateral authority I might add, to restrict immigration into the U.S., this is still a no-no because these countries are majority-Muslim?”


“So, what if the President restricted travel from a majority-Christian country? Or majority-Hindu? Or majority-Jewish, like say, Israel? In other words, our president cannot restrict entry to the U.S. from any country with a majority religion. Right?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“But if you don’t apply this rule to every country with a majority religion, then you’re singling out Muslims, and you’re applying a religious test of your own … aren’t you?”

“No. Because it’s Trump. He hates Muslims. Just look at what he said in the campaign.”

“So, now we get to the crux of this. The Constitution doesn’t matter. The laws passed by Congress, specifically giving the President this authority, don’t matter. National security doesn’t even matter. The only thing that matters is what Donald Trump said … rhetorically … during the campaign. Really?”

Another blank stare.

“Federal judges get to decide what’s acceptable political rhetoric in this country? What does that do to the First Amendment? All it takes is one federal judge who thinks some candidate’s rhetoric stinks. And based on that … one, single, solitary … federal judge can override the national security policy of a duly elected President of the United States?”

“If Trump’s the president. Pretty much.”

This is what we’re up against … the mind boggles.

Trump v. Obama: Round Two

We have written before of Barack Obama’s lack of respect for democracy. What could more clearly substantiate this than his refusal to step away from presidential politics, now that his two terms in the White House have ended? Not even in the opening days of his successor’s newly forming administration has Mr. Obama eschewed his predilection for hyper-partisan meddling — unprecedented in the modern presidency.

Mr. Obama engages in ongoing, orchestrated attempts to delegitimize Donald Trump’s administration. Beyond that, Mr. Obama and his cadre of allies dispersed broadly throughout the federal bureaucracy, the Liberal Media Complex and the Democrat party are attempting to delegitimize America’s 2016 presidential election, in which Mr. Obama’s party and his chosen successor were trounced by Republicans nation-wide. It was such a stinging rebuke that the former president and his cadre refuse to accept it.

Instead of soul-searching and rebuilding their party, Democrats turn ‘fake news’ stories into front-page headlines and manufacture scandal where there is none, in order to prevent the new Republican majority from actually governing. The strategy of Mr. Obama and his cadre is to exploit every dubious advantage the ‘deep state’ bureaucracy and Liberal Media Complex afford them, in a full-on effort to destroy President Trump’s administration. They hope to bury it in scandal and disrepute, to render it ineffective, and if possible to end it — literally — as prematurely as they can.

This is what the new administration is up against. If they want to accomplish anything on behalf of the millions of voters who sent them to Washington, they must recognize the enemy they’re fighting, publicly acknowledge it, and be prepared to meet it, full-on, every day. One politician is best equipped to lead such a fight. Barack Obama and his cadre know it. That is why they want Mr. Trump gone. It is why he must stay.