National Death-Match: Game On!

When it comes to President Donald J. Trump, I am not a fan. I’ve never cared much for Celebrity Apprentice, even when he hosted it; nor for his brash celebrity persona. As a politician he is preening, self-absorbed and boorish — in other words, Barack Obama without the same tailor or teleprompter.

I cringed at Mr. Trump’s speech when he announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency in 2015. And his inaugural speech was half good (make America great!), half not so good (always America first!). Having said that, as vicious attacks mount against him, his family and his administration, I find myself ever more inclined to cheer him on. The liberally dominated DC establishment fears him greatly, as an existential threat. That’s a good thing.

If the Democrats in DC and elsewhere were nearly as smart as they want to be, they’d be mad at Barry O. and Hillary C. — that crafty combo dug a mighty big hole for their party; which is currently at a historic nadir in terms of democratically elected office holders, their lowest ebb, in fact, since the 1920’s.

Staring political annihilation in the face, one tends to bare one’s teeth, much like a cornered coyote, and bite whatever gets near. Did I mention Mr. Trump is aggressive? Perhaps this is why we now see liberals — be they talking heads on late night, weekday and Sunday morning talk shows or celebrities on award shows, journo-politicians, academics, intellectuals, economists or low-wattage federal district judges — biting at whoever threatens to topple them from their sociopolitical perches … trying not just to repel … but to kill.

Mr. Trump is no longer playing Celebrity Apprentice … it is a death-match.


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