White House Press Corps Are Animals

The White House press corps are animals, acting from political instinct.

It has been eight years since a Republican administration was in the White House, and it’s easy to forget. So, here’s a primer.

As a new Republican administration becomes ensconced, the tenor of media coverage, reflected in the daily press briefing, changes. Witness a brief example, from yesterday.

We begin to see press briefings where the White House press secretary — currently Sean Spicer — is under siege. Suspicion, skepticism and unrelenting opposition become the norm. Reporters won’t allow Mr. Spicer to complete his answers. Repeated interruptions, accusatory and confrontational questions, often from unrecognized reporters, come from the crowd. If the President’s press secretary displays uncertainty, weakness, vulnerability, the press corps will set upon him like a pack of wild dogs.

Question: When was President Obama’s press secretary ever treated this disrespectfully by the White House press corps?

Answer: Never.

And this was only day 12 of Donald Trump’s presidency. Trust me, it’s going to get worse. Unless President Trump and his team do something to nip this in the bud. And They should.

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