National Death-Match: Game On!

When it comes to President Donald J. Trump, I am not a fan. I’ve never cared much for Celebrity Apprentice, even when he hosted it; nor for his brash celebrity persona. As a politician he is preening, self-absorbed and boorish — in other words, Barack Obama without the same tailor or teleprompter.

I cringed at Mr. Trump’s speech when he announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency in 2015. And his inaugural speech was half good (make America great!), half not so good (always America first!). Having said that, as vicious attacks mount against him, his family and his administration, I find myself ever more inclined to cheer him on. The liberally dominated DC establishment fears him greatly, as an existential threat. That’s a good thing.

If the Democrats in DC and elsewhere were nearly as smart as they want to be, they’d be mad at Barry O. and Hillary C. — that crafty combo dug a mighty big hole for their party; which is currently at a historic nadir in terms of democratically elected office holders, their lowest ebb, in fact, since the 1920’s.

Staring political annihilation in the face, one tends to bare one’s teeth, much like a cornered coyote, and bite whatever gets near. Did I mention Mr. Trump is aggressive? Perhaps this is why we now see liberals — be they talking heads on late night, weekday and Sunday morning talk shows or celebrities on award shows, journo-politicians, academics, intellectuals, economists or low-wattage federal district judges — biting at whoever threatens to topple them from their sociopolitical perches … trying not just to repel … but to kill.

Mr. Trump is no longer playing Celebrity Apprentice … it is a death-match.


Liberals Fear Trump More Than They Did Reagan

We see politicos calling President Trump’s mental stability into question, as though he must be impeached, or otherwise removed from office, due to an incapacity that threatens the safety and well-being of the nation. Note, for example, the clownish Senator Al Franken’s recent comments. This is not a new strategy.

They (and we all know who ‘they’ are) did this to President Reagan during his second term. There were well-placed rumors of his mental incapacity, of his inability to remain focused, or even to stay awake, during cabinet meetings. This became a serious issue, and it dogged Mr. Reagan, until he brought in a new Chief of Staff, Howard Baker, who assured the fidgety news media that Mr. Reagan was indeed mentally sound enough to remain as our president. Totally absurd, right?

But it happened. And now, they’re doing the same thing to President Trump, as if merely insulting him, his administration and his family — en masse, as a matter of course — were not bad enough. And it’s only the first month of his presidency. There has never been such vitriol aimed at a newly inaugurated U.S. president, certainly not in my lifetime.

We even see comparisons to Watergate bandied about by the Democrat party and their allies in the Liberal Media Complex. And when President Trump quite appropriately declined to take questions from leftist journo-politicians — who wanted nothing more than to embarrass the President on the international stage he shared yesterday with the leader of Israel — those leftist journo-politicians went bonkers, equating their bruised egos with an attack on the First Amendment, or some such nonsense.

The Deep State, DC Establishment is only getting revved up. This really is a ‘death-match’ … similar to Watergate in one important aspect … more on that later.

Media Are Indeed An Opposition Party … Here’s Why

It was and remains a succinct, salient observation.

In September of last year, with the presidential campaign in high gear, Salena Zito, writing in The Atlantic, analyzed the relationship between Republican nominee Donald Trump, members of the press who covered his campaign and Americans who supported his candidacy. Zito observed … the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.

That concept remains central to Trump’s steadfast support among voters, as well as the palpable contempt with which the Liberal Media Complex (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) views him. When you literally critique someone who’s overtly prone to exaggeration, and whose politics and policies you reject, expect to be driven bonkers.

Now, what if the liberal media had applied their literal standards to Barack Obama when he was president? After all, it was Mr. Obama who was fond of noting that, “Not just 99.5% of scientists and experts, but 99% of world leaders” shared the notion that “climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.”

Now, I’m not a climate scientist, or a world leader, but I can tell you that whenever someone cites 99% or 99.5% of anyone or anything, chances are they’re either ignorant or a liar … or perhaps they’re simply … prone to exaggeration.

Did The New York Times, The Atlantic or others among the Liberal Media Complex go bonkers over Mr. Obama’s repeatedly purveying such a whopper, and others like it? Of course not.

That’s because they didn’t take Mr. Obama literally … they took him seriously.

White House Press Corps Are Animals

The White House press corps are animals, acting from political instinct.

It has been eight years since a Republican administration was in the White House, and it’s easy to forget. So, here’s a primer.

As a new Republican administration becomes ensconced, the tenor of media coverage, reflected in the daily press briefing, changes. Witness a brief example, from yesterday.

We begin to see press briefings where the White House press secretary — currently Sean Spicer — is under siege. Suspicion, skepticism and unrelenting opposition become the norm. Reporters won’t allow Mr. Spicer to complete his answers. Repeated interruptions, accusatory and confrontational questions, often from unrecognized reporters, come from the crowd. If the President’s press secretary displays uncertainty, weakness, vulnerability, the press corps will set upon him like a pack of wild dogs.

Question: When was President Obama’s press secretary ever treated this disrespectfully by the White House press corps?

Answer: Never.

And this was only day 12 of Donald Trump’s presidency. Trust me, it’s going to get worse. Unless President Trump and his team do something to nip this in the bud. And They should.