The Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump

Two brief observations, from today’s Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the forty-fifth President of the United States.

First, our new president gave one helluva speech.

It was bold, blunt, visionary and strident. Telling the world it’s going to be “America first” from here on out, puts other countries, and their leadership, on edge. Not the most diplomatic way to bolt from the gate. However, putting Washington DC bureaucrats on notice, that they’re going to start serving the people of this nation, and not the other way around, crystallizes what President Trump’s campaign has been about all along. It serves him, and the country, well to keep the latter sentiment dear and prominent.

Second, why are Democrats such assholes?

More than sixty Democrat members of Congress refused to attend the inauguration, displaying their contempt for our constitutional, republican (note the small “r”) form of government. Many openly proclaim that President Trump is not a “legitimate” president, some even suggesting Hillary Clinton as a “legitimate” heir to former President Obama — hogwash beyond the pale of sour grapes. The Democrats’ Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, gave a speech from the inaugural podium as subtly divisive as it was dismissive of President Trump, and as he watched Mr. Trump make the rounds, shaking hands across the podium, one imagined Mr. Schumer thinking to himself, “I can’t wait to impeach you.” The liberals already speak openly of impeachment, and it’s only day one of the Trump Administration.

We noted, long ago, that the politics of President Trump’s tenure would get ugly. In fact, they already are. And now, he has put his political adversaries on notice … You play nice, and so will I. Otherwise, take your best shot, cause no one hits back harder than I do.

Happy first 100 days, everyone!



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