Beyond the Hypocrisy, What the Left Really Wants

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump stated he would opine on the sanctity of the election’s vote count after the election had actually taken place. America’s liberally dominated, bi-coastal, political elites went bonkers, labeling Mr. Trump’s rhetoric a threat to the very foundation of American democracy. Now that the presidential election has taken place, and Mr. Trump has actually won by a considerable margin of electoral votes, it is especially rich to watch the same leftist elites going bonkers again, refusing to accept the election’s outcome.

In stunned disbelief, the poor darlings stagger about, grasping at any excuse to explain away the drubbing they just suffered. They’ve gone so far as to implore members of America’s Electoral College to ignore American voters and, come December 19th, decline to cast their electoral votes for Mr. Trump. Since the Left could not beat Mr. Trump in the election, they hope, in its aftermath, to delegitimize his victory and cast a false shadow over his presidency.

Let us not equivocate: this emanates from deep within the Obama Administration’s bowels. It is the premise upon which Mr. Obama and the Democrat party hope to argue, however falsely, that Mr. Trump’s presidency is illegitimate and Mr. Obama’s legacy inviolate. Let us set aside the gross hypocrisy of the Left and their myth makers in the fake news media (a.k.a. liberal media, a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media), as well as their latest false narrative about Russian hackers tilting the election toward Mr. Trump — as unproven as it is unbelievable.

What we’re left with is the preposterous suggestion from liberal myth makers that American voters ought to be disregarded and the choosing of our president left to a small group of individuals in the Electoral College. If the Left were to get their way, we could scrap our elections altogether and let political elites pick and chose our leaders for us. As frightening as that may seem, liberal elites would probably go for it, so long as they’re the ones doing the choosing. That would save us all a lot of time, money and bother. But it wouldn’t be very good for democracy. Now, would it?


One thought on “Beyond the Hypocrisy, What the Left Really Wants

  1. The main reason the liberals are going crazy is because they thought that with the Main Stream Media in their back pocket, and with the voter ID fraud in place all over the country, with the cheating they were doing so rampant, they cannot accept they STILL failed.


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