Who’s the Real Fake?

If you want to know what the Left is up to, listen to what they accuse the Right of doing, so often a mirror image. There has been much said, for instance, about “fake news” –- a term used by the Left (e.g. here and here) to denigrate sources that do not follow the establishment narrative of the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media); the same liberal media who invested their reputations in the 2016 presidential election, openly promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, while denigrating Donald Trump’s. Now that Mr. Trump is President-Elect Trump, the shell-shocked liberal media seek to re-establish themselves as authoritarian arbiters of news and information.

Currently, the Left’s focus is anything that can be used to discredit President-Elect Trump, so that he enters office in January politically weakened, less able to pursue his agenda. As we predicted would occur, Mr. Trump has gotten no honeymoon period; already he is the butt of mean-spirited jokes on late-night TV, and the focus of relentlessly negative coverage on liberal news programming and internet news sourcing. The liberal media are selling their ‘anti-Trump-ism’ to America. Selling it hard.

Other news sources — such as Breitbart News, PJ Media and reason.tv — do not bow to the Left’s narrative. Instead, they have an agenda of their own, pursue it unapologetically, and have garnered sizeable audiences. This allows Mr. Trump to circumvent the liberal media in many instances (having millions of twitter followers doesn’t hurt either). As a result, Mr. Trump can reach vast numbers of Americans who’ve grown weary of what is purported to be a dispassionate, unbiased presentation of  “the news,” but which, in truth, is politically motivated dissembling by a self-absorbed media establishment, attempting to salvage their damaged reputations and re-exert their waning influence.


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