Quick Notes: ’16 Election

It is an amazing time in America and around the world. I have friends abroad whose heads are spinning. And friends here at home who are also very, very dizzy, now that President-Elect Donald Trump has turned their world upside down.

Here is what we know.

First, Donald Trump’s victory is not only the most incredible political upset in modern history (as suggested on these pages months ago); it is also a stern repudiation of President Barack Obama’s legacy and style of governance. Mr. Obama has pursued a controversial, unpopular overreach of liberal socialist policy. What made matters worse was that he carried it off with arrogance, divisiveness and disregard for the rule of law. Add to that his endorsement of a toxic heir apparent, in Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump indicated in his victory speech early Wednesday morning that he will eschew the off-putting manners, and reach out to those willing to work with him, even those who have previously opposed him. His ultimate political success will depend on it.

Second, this is also a massive repudiation of the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) establishment. The media world teems with journo-politicians, pundits, commentators, talk show hosts, movie stars, recording artists and various left-wing hacks going bonkers over Donald Trump’s magnificent victory. They threw their support, unreservedly, toward Hillary Clinton and their unbridled antagonism at Donald Trump. Now they’re incredulous, livid, that millions of Americans did not vote like them, and do not think like they do. Far too many Americans actually think for themselves and vote their own values. The nerve!

Third, now the real fight gets underway, and it will get ugly. Do not expect a political honeymoon to be afforded Donald Trump and his incoming administration, or the new Republican majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives. There remain a vastly powerful, dominantly liberal, cultural elite who oversee the federal bureaucracy and the media conglomerate. Already they are gearing up for the fight to come. One advantage for Mr. Trump, and those Republicans who wish to work with him, is the ongoing arrogance, and resulting ignorance, of the establishment. It is easier to overcome one’s adversaries when those adversaries doesn’t understand what they’re up against. Lately, liberal elites haven’t had a clue in that regard.

The next few years will be the most exciting we’ve seen politically since the days of President Ronald Reagan. So much to follow. Happy transition everyone!


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