Trump the Poet? … Who Knew?

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo once said, “You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.” This may be true, given the lofty rhetoric employed by many politicians, encouraging the hopes and dreams of their supporters, in order to get what they want, the U.S. presidency for instance, and the levers of power that come with it. Once in office, the same politicians exert their power and influence to get stuff done. That may involve hedging the truth, if not outright lying, as well as bullying and dirty deal-making. Anyone thinking this applies to our current president, would, in my humble opinion, be correct.

President-Elect Donald Trump, by contrast, took a more prosaic approach to campaigning, one of considerable bluster, pointed, head-on rhetoric — often to the limits of decency — a rhetorical slap in the face, awakening voters from their media-induced stupor, to see America at the abyss and do something about it. And it worked. Mr. Trump has 290 electoral votes (306 once Michigan is certified), and the presidency, to prove it.

Now he must govern. And one wishes to imagine his governance emerging in calm, well-oiled machinations, grounded in a straightforward manner, but polished and diplomatic, as befits the presidency. He has surprised us many times before; why should this moment be any different? Of course, any well-styled élan on Mr. Trump’s part will stand in sharp contrast to attacks being planned against him and his administration.

They have, in fact, begun. Initially, with violent, well-financed, Rent-A-Mob demonstrations in cities across the country. And now the intense reaction to Mr. Trump’s first White House staff appointments, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Only two appointments … and the establishment has gone bonkers, inaccurately labeling Mr. Bannon an anti-Semite, for instance. All of it intensified in the glare of liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) coverage. This first wave of vitriol will culminate, most likely, in massive demonstrations on Inauguration Day 2017 — which ought be noticed in stark contrast to the supportive restraint afforded Barrack Obama at the outset of his tenure.

Said contrast — between then and now — will continue in successive waves, well into Mr. Trump’s presidency. It will be marked and stunning. And if Trump & Co. play it right, it will work in Republicans’ favor. More on that later.


Quick Notes: ’16 Election

It is an amazing time in America and around the world. I have friends abroad whose heads are spinning. And friends here at home who are also very, very dizzy, now that President-Elect Donald Trump has turned their world upside down.

Here is what we know.

First, Donald Trump’s victory is not only the most incredible political upset in modern history (as suggested on these pages months ago); it is also a stern repudiation of President Barack Obama’s legacy and style of governance. Mr. Obama has pursued a controversial, unpopular overreach of liberal socialist policy. What made matters worse was that he carried it off with arrogance, divisiveness and disregard for the rule of law. Add to that his endorsement of a toxic heir apparent, in Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump indicated in his victory speech early Wednesday morning that he will eschew the off-putting manners, and reach out to those willing to work with him, even those who have previously opposed him. His ultimate political success will depend on it.

Second, this is also a massive repudiation of the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) establishment. The media world teems with journo-politicians, pundits, commentators, talk show hosts, movie stars, recording artists and various left-wing hacks going bonkers over Donald Trump’s magnificent victory. They threw their support, unreservedly, toward Hillary Clinton and their unbridled antagonism at Donald Trump. Now they’re incredulous, livid, that millions of Americans did not vote like them, and do not think like they do. Far too many Americans actually think for themselves and vote their own values. The nerve!

Third, now the real fight gets underway, and it will get ugly. Do not expect a political honeymoon to be afforded Donald Trump and his incoming administration, or the new Republican majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives. There remain a vastly powerful, dominantly liberal, cultural elite who oversee the federal bureaucracy and the media conglomerate. Already they are gearing up for the fight to come. One advantage for Mr. Trump, and those Republicans who wish to work with him, is the ongoing arrogance, and resulting ignorance, of the establishment. It is easier to overcome one’s adversaries when those adversaries doesn’t understand what they’re up against. Lately, liberal elites haven’t had a clue in that regard.

The next few years will be the most exciting we’ve seen politically since the days of President Ronald Reagan. So much to follow. Happy transition everyone!

Based on a True Story (Part 2)

Richard V. is 55 years old. He grew up in a small town on the Mississippi River and started driving a truck before he finished high school. Here is what he has to say.

I come from one of them small towns you’re always reading about. In Missouri. We call it ‘the heartland.’ I think that’s right, like it’s the heart and soul of the country. Don’t mean to get all wishy-washy or nothing, but I just feel that way. Lots of folks around here do.

We got lots of farmland, all around. I can drive ten minutes in pretty much any direction, and I’m looking at somebody’s cows, or fields full of corn. But my dad, he was a truck driver. And that seemed good enough for me. So, my older brother, he went off to college, and I took up with my dad, driving his eighteen-wheeler, part-time, when I was still in high school. Ya might say I fell in love with it. I sure did. We got I-55 running there right alongside town. So, I got good access for the long hauls. My favorite part of it all is driving early morning, around sunrise. Cup of hot coffee, watching the dew come off the ground, like it’s some kind of … like it’s a smoke signal, a wake-up call or some such thing. It’s a new day, and I’m first to see it.

Politics? Well, I used to be a Democrat. Just like my dad, and his dad before him. Used to like what they had to say, looking out for the little guy and all that. But at some point, not sure when that was, I guess I just got tired of what they was saying after a while. It’s like, somewhere along the way, seems the Democrats lost their way. Nowadays, they just keep making the government bigger and bigger. And they can’t stop spending money, way too much of it. Acting like it’s their money instead of ours. I think that’s wrong. Cause it ain’t their money. Hell, I mean, I work hard.

I’m an independent. Independent contractor. Drive my own truck so, I don’t earn a wage, but I drive jobs for other people, and I pay myself at the end of the day. Bought my first truck from my dad. Then I bought my next one off him, when he retired. I like being my own boss. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I earn is mine. And it don’t grow on trees. And it don’t rain down from heaven neither. Sooner or later, you’re left having to put things right again. And now that’s what America has to do. Start putting things right. So now, I vote Republican. What they say about the economy, it just makes more sense to me. Less government, more freedom. I like the sound of that.

What Voters Take Into the Booth

There’s an old adage: Be careful what you ask for.

Two days before election day Democrats got what they wanted — yet another ‘get out of jail free’ card for Hillary Clinton, courtesy of FBI Director James Comey. Mr. Comey, who appears hell-bent on self-destructing, announced on Sunday that his staff had, in little more than a week, thoroughly reviewed some six hundred and fifty thousand emails, some potentially classified, discovered on the laptop computer of the estranged husband of Mrs. Clinton’s top aide. Mr. Comey further announced that, based on his exhaustive review, he stands by his earlier decision, from July of this year, to release Mrs. Clinton, at least for now, from the threat of criminal prosecution.

Such a claim by Mr. Comey, under these circumstances, so lacks credibility as to be laughable. And therein lies the Democrats’ conundrum. Mr. Comey’s maneuver, clearly intended to push Hillary over the electoral hump, may actually be seen by voters as one clever maneuver too many, highlighting the corruption of the Clintons, the Democrat party and the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) who slavishly protect them.

This point will be lost on the zombie-wing of Democrat voters. But for other voters – Democrats, Republicans, Independents – who actually pay attention, and are still determining how they’ll vote tomorrow, Mr. Comey’s last minute stunt, most certainly orchestrated from within the Obama Administration’s bowels, may be instructive.

Covering up criminal behavior with such arrogance, disregarding the rule of law in such a cavalier manner … in naked pursuit of political ambition … sends a chilling message –- one people may take with them into the voting booth on election day.

Another adage: Be careful what you vote for.

Hillary Hoisted by Obama

By now we are well aware of Hillary Clinton’s little email problem, the one about to sink her candidacy. Do not, however, believe the Democrats’ latest line, that this is all due to James Comey informing congressional leaders of a reopened FBI investigation — the same James Comey whom Democrats, across the board, praised effusively in July, when he broke with protocol to give Hillary a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Here’s what we know.

First, the electorate is trending toward Trump. This has been ongoing for the past week, since well before Comey’s announcement last Friday. It is, indeed and in large part, due to Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server, her efforts to mislead Congress, the FBI and the electorate, and her efforts to destroy or otherwise hide evidence of widespread, serial criminality.

Second, it’s not just her emails. Equally significant are the ongoing Wikileaks revelations that lay bare the corrupt manner in which the broader liberal establishment compromises our government and our electoral process. Any movement toward Trump has a lot to do with the overall sense among voters that we’ve been lied to and abused by our political leaders, our government institutions, and the news media who are supposed to look out for us, for a long time; and we just want it to end. Hillary offers more of the same abuse. Trump offers a clean break from it.

Third, this is President Barack Obama’s legacy, one built on a foundation of brazen deceit and overt politicization. He lied, for example, about his own political origins in order to hide his radical leftism from voters. He lied repeatedly about his signature legislative ‘achievement,’ ObamaCare, in order to get it through Congress. He and his then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, lied about the Benghazi disaster, and sent out surrogates to do the same, in order to conceal whatever scandalous revelations are yet to be revealed. He has politicized the monumental power of our federal government in order to, as he put it, “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and to destroy his political opposition; perhaps the most egregious example of which is a deliberate, still ongoing effort within the IRS to target and harass groups and individuals opposed to Mr. Obama’s radical agenda.

Which brings us back to Hillary’s email mess. If Mr. Obama had wished to treat this scandal appropriately, and limit its influence over the electorate during a national election’s waning days, he would have called for a special prosecutor, well over a year ago, to investigate the matter, and thus, removed it from the realm of political influence. But he did no such thing. Nor did his Justice Department, under Attorney General Loretta Lynch, impanel a grand jury to hear evidence and perhaps issue subpoenas in the matter, which would have taken the FBI’s investigation in a more substantive direction than where it has gone. Instead, Hillary was enabled in her nefarious scheme by Mr. Obama’s politicization of the Justice Department, something that began in 2009, with the deplorable Eric Holder (the only U.S. Attorney General to be held in contempt of congress), and continues today, with this painful, ongoing Bill and Hillary Clinton/Loretta Lynch/James Comey/Barack Obama imbroglio. Now she, and they, are hoisted on their own petard.

A lesson to be learned: When all is politicized, all credibility is lost. One of our major presidential candidates seems open to absorbing this. One hopes he’ll do so, and get a chance to make it count for something.