Clinton’s New ‘Charm’ Offensive

So, you’re a Democrat running for President of the United States, favored by establishment politicians and establishment media to win the thing walking away; and you fall flat in a national forum on national defense, outshone by a cumbersome opponent you were supposed to have buried by now. But this guy won’t stay down. It’s as though he really wants to win (which is not in the script), he’s better than you in front of a camera, and his message seems to resonate with voters.

Your lies become increasingly obvious, your felonious behavior a matter of public record, and your health, now a smoldering issue, awaits one more public coughing fit to spring forward. On top of all that, almost no one likes you. Stories abound of your temper tantrums and staff abuse. When you give a speech, not many people show up, and the ones who do soon realize you don’t give good speeches.

What do you do to turn this thing around? Why, launch a charm offensive, of course.

Line up some of the aforementioned establishment politicians and media to tell voters how kind and warm-hearted you are, how once they get to know the ‘real’ you, they cannot help but like you, and therefore want to vote for you.

It’s underway, folks, and destined to ring hollow. The reason is simple. Like everything else about Hillary Clinton and her languid campaign — it’s scripted, blatantly insincere and, therefore, not believable. Ever more voters are coming to accept that.

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