Does Obama Now Own the FBI?

Have you heard what’s in the new release of information concerning Hillary’s email shenanigans while Secretary of State? If not, you’re not alone. The information came in a ‘document dump’ on Friday of last week, just as Labor Day weekend got underway. It’s a classic Washington maneuver, designed to bury the release of damning information, away from the light of day, when the public is least likely to notice. One anticipates such slight-of-hand from political campaigns or political parties.

But not from the FBI.

When all is politicized, all credibility is lost. That is America’s dilemma at this stage in Barack Obama’s presidency, and in Hillary Clinton’s campaign to succeed him. The Obama administration has systematically politicized events and entities within the President’s orbit, to shape and control a political narrative. Liberals have long valued exercising such control, and Mr. Obama is, if anything, a product of modern American liberalism.

Consider, for example, the Obama Justice Department and aforementioned FBI, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Director James Comey, respectively, at their helms. In July, Mr. Comey held a press conference to detail Mrs. Clinton’s dubious behavior regarding her emails while Secretary of State, behavior that ought prompt a non-partisan Justice Department to further investigate, if not indict. But Director Comey himself intervened, in an utterly unconventional manner, to state that no criminal indictment should be sought; which gave political cover for Attorney General Lynch to drop the matter, despite an overwhelming appearance of impropriety and illegality on the part of Mrs. Clinton and certain of her operatives.

Now we have Obama’s FBI enacting further political mischief, with a pre-Labor Day document dump, designed to mitigate damage to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. It looks like an act of political desperation, however. As summer draws to a close, and voters increasingly focus on the presidential campaign, presidential polling shows favor shifting away from Mrs. Clinton and toward Mr. Trump. Despite attempts by liberal minions in the FBI, the Justice Department, the liberal media and other tentacles of Washington’s bureaucratic establishment, information is coming out of the shadows, and increasingly being noticed by voters. The light of day, it seems, is damning Hillary Clinton’s campaign —  in a serious way, at a crucial time.


One thought on “Does Obama Now Own the FBI?

  1. We may as well get ready for a Hillary Presidency followed very shortly by a Kaine Presidency. The same fools, ie the American “low information” voting public who put Obama in power 2X will certainly elect the most corrupt and dishonest person ever to seek the oval office. I have no doubt her significant health issues will have her step aside before her term is over. Perhaps a few days after 2 years so Tim can run for two full terms himself, assuming there will still be a US govt to rule.


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