When the Story Becomes the Story

This story is just as we’ve been describing, whereby the liberal media are orchestrated on behalf of the Democrat party. Get the latest details here.




Hillary’s Obscene Orchestration

During Monday’s debate, Hillary Clinton launched an orchestrated, full-on assault against Donald Trump, claiming he behaved in a sexist manner toward a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, insulting her after she gained an inordinate amount of weight (some twenty years ago, when she was the reigning Miss Universe, and under contract with the pageant to keep her weight within strict limits). The liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) have joined forces with the Clinton campaign to promote this story, attempting thereby to damage Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

It is all quite sordid and hypocritical, how Mrs. Clinton is hailed in liberal circles as a role model for women everywhere, as a feminist icon — an odd aspect of her otherwise insane candidacy. On this point, the case against her is easy to make. And since her allies in the liberal media have shown great reluctance in making it … here we go.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband comes to mind. As President of the United States (1993 to 2001) Bill Clinton was impeached, and later disbarred, for obstructing a federal investigation, for lying to a federal grand jury and for conspiring with others to do the same. He made fools of his own cabinet members when he had them publicly vouch for his veracity in the matter of Monica Lewinsky, the young White House intern upon whom President Clinton enacted a sexual predation that surely would have prompted the resignation or removal of a Fortune 500 CEO or a General in the U.S. military, not to mention any Republican holding high office. Mr. Clinton also lied to the American people when he stood before news cameras, pounded his fist on a podium and denied having had sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky. Indeed, it is well documented that while Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, Bill Clinton was a sexual addict, a serial predator of women, and quite possibly a rapist.

Bill Clinton’s most consistent defender, and therefore, greatest enabler in his various, sordid affairs was none other than his wife, Hillary. She submitted to her husband’s humiliations, she lied on his behalf, and she insulted and otherwise intimidated his most ardent accusers. Aside from whatever else may have motivated Mrs. Clinton, insuring that her husband survived his presidency was an immense boon to her own political ambitions. She parlayed her White House stint into a successful U.S. Senate campaign … and now look where we are.

The Clintons’ ethically and legally dubious shenanigans continue — note Hillary’s ever-worsening email imbroglio and the Clinton Family Foundation scandal — and severely limit Mrs. Clinton’s appeal among voters. A visceral opportunist, Hillary will use any means available to advance her candidacy. Her snarky debate jab at Mr. Trump (whereby she teed up the liberal media to continue an orchestrated assault) is absurd. Promoting herself as a role model for women everywhere, as a feminist icon, is worse than absurd. It is obscene.

(An earlier version of this column was published July 31 2015. It is updated to reference intervening events.) 


This Time It’s Palpable

The frustration is palpable, as a growing number of Americans feel they’ve been lied to for a long time, that they’ve been sold a false narrative by a regime of political corruption, and now find their nation at the abyss.

Hillary Clinton is one huge lie, as artificial and corrupt a candidate as we’ve seen (previously documented on these pages). And the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream’ media) openly, brazenly promote her candidacy, as if there’s no alternative. The liberal media’s narrative for Trump is that he’s a mean-spirited bigot and an otherwise horrible person. But what if they’re wrong? What if he is, in fact, a patriot who cares about his country and his fellow citizens, and is tired of them being taken for granted?

We already know Hillary is a product of the system. If she wins, we’ll see the system coalesce around her, to protect her and thereby protect themselves. It will be more of the same. The same economic listlessness. The same lessening of American strength and leadership in the world; the same dumbing down of our culture and social institutions; and the same weakening of our borders, of the rule of law and of our Constitutional protections. And more lies, telling us everything is just fine so long as a Democrat occupies the White House.

Trump is antithetical to the system. He’s different. If he wins, things will change drastically from what we’ve seen the past eight years. It will be engaging and fascinating. And the system won’t get a free pass. They’ll have to battle it out against Trump and all those Americans – regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality or what have you – palpably tired of being lied to. It will be the most exciting time in American politics since President Reagan’s tenure.

Voters must ask themselves … Do I want to live in a nation of zombies, taken for granted and marginalized? Do I want to surrender to my country’s descent? Or do I want to live in a nation re-energized? Do I want to be part of the next great debate?

Hillary’s sameness and listlessness are an option. Trump’s hopeful energy is different. His path is newness and possibilities. That’s why he can win.

A Realignment That Terrifies

American political history has seen a handful of so-called Realignment Elections, signifying major shifts in demographic loyalties between voters and political parties. One such election occurred in 1932, when Democrats, under Franklin Roosevelt, began to wrestle the African-American vote, and a vast coalition of working class Whites, away from the Republican party. Nearly fifty years later, in 1980, Democrat party dominance waned, as Republicans forged a new realignment, under Ronald Reagan’s conservative stewardship.

Thirty-six years on from the Reagan Revolution, after eight meandering years of Barack Obama’s presidency, America faces the possibility of another major realignment. It would, no doubt, weaken the Democrat party, and deny Mr. Obama the long-term liberal ascendency he’d hoped to establish during his White House tenure. Beyond that, however, what makes a potential 2016 realignment unique – and terrifies the elite political class – is that it would especially impact the Establishment versus the Non-Establishment. This threatened realignment is between an old political order (think Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney) and something new.

Not only would a Trump victory over Clinton be one the biggest upsets in American political history, it would also suggest a major decline for coastal, media elites, and big government bureaucrats and power-brokers; those currently devoting their resources and credibility to elect Hillary (whom they don’t really like, but who’s one of them) and to deny Trump (whom they loathe because he isn’t one of them). In this unconventional election year, voter preference is beginning to coalesce toward Trump’s promise of something new.

If 2017 brings a Trump inauguration, Americans will find out what ‘something new’ really looks like. And they’ll see an establishment elite put up a vicious fight. Some will have egg on their faces and fight to remain relevant. Others will be decimated and fight for their political survival. It will get ugly.

And won’t that be interesting.