When Democrats Run Out Of Racists …

Donald Trump’s outreach to African-Americans is long overdue. Yes, it flies in the face of convention. Going off-script is a Trump trademark. This time, however, he is directly on point. When he called Hillary Clinton a “bigot” yesterday, he was reading from the teleprompter. And it’s about time!

Trump is correct to point out that Democrats have taken the African America community, as well as Hispanics and other minorities, completely for granted, for far too long. The days of Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan (both creations of the Democrat Party) are long gone; people who’ve grown up in post-seventies America do not fixate on race to the extent past generations did.

Minority communities, however, remain a voting block the Democrats cajole with racial demagoguery and big government promises of a better future — a future that never seems to arrive, not in all the fifty-plus years Democrats have courted minority support. The liberal establishment’s script is so time-worn as to be axiomatic: Democrats care about Blacks and Hispanics; Republicans don’t.

How long must we bow down to such outmoded, sophomoric dishonesty?

Democrats have not made life better for America’s minority communities. Instead, they’ve encouraged a culture of dependency, of cyclical hopelessness, frustration and anger. Easy marks for the propaganda of Black Lives Matter and their Democrat enablers, not the least of whom is the President himself. We’ve actually come to a point where our police officers — those charged with protecting society from anarchy — are viewed, quite literally, as targets for assassination. A Hillary Clinton presidency offers more of the same, quite possibly an intensification of it.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, offers a viable alternative, not the ever-illusory sameness of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the liberal establishment, but real change from a culture of dependency, frustration and anger to one of enhanced liberty and new possibilities.


3 thoughts on “When Democrats Run Out Of Racists …

  1. I suppose when you’re polling in the single digits, as Trump is with black voters, you have to try something. This is an empty promise without details. Sure, there are racist Democrats. It’s also clear to most there are MORE unrepentant racists among today’s Republicans. You can’t avoid absorbing some racist programming if you grow up in the USA. We all have to face it and repudiate it as adults.


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