See Democrats. See Democrats Implode.

This is serious … and hilarious.

Just as the Democrat party’s national convention gets underway this week, out pops a Wikileaks release of hacked Democrat National Committee emails, bringing to light what some of us already knew, because it was so obvious. Now it is undeniable: the DNC, which is required to remain neutral during the primaries, conspired to secure Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee for president, allowing voters to believe there was an actual primary contest underway, when the fix was in from the beginning.

Bernie Sanders, the poor sap, never had a chance.

Sanders charged, throughout the primaries, that the system was rigged against him, a charge dismissed by both DNC and Clinton officials. Now there is no denying ‘Crazy Bernie’ was right all along. This part of the story, as I’ve said, is not surprising, nor is it the story’s biggest lead.

Equally noteworthy is the revelation that some in the liberal media (a.k.a. the ‘mainstream’ media) took part in the conspiracy. They acted deliberately and undeniably to advance Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, in a massive fraud on Democrat voters, and indeed, the voting public at large. The dirty, not so little, secret is that the liberal media have been defrauding their viewing public in this manner for decades — holding themselves out as objective journalists, all the while advancing a liberal narrative.

As predictable as Hillary Clinton’s denial that she had any knowledge of the DNC’s untoward behavior, are various media hounds already performing damage control, attempting to shift the focus away from the media’s involvement, toward implicating Russia in the scandal, and even the Republican party.

Such left-wing spin is all quite predictable, and therefore comical, yet these email revelations remain serious, perhaps even criminal, in nature. We shall see, as more leaks may surface — don’t be surprised if they do — along with more revelations of bad behavior by Democrats and their accomplices.

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