Amid National Tragedy, Obama Ups the Snark

Barack Obama is one snarky chief executive. Just watch his comments from two days ago.

The President appeared before news cameras, ostensibly to update the nation regarding the horrific shootings that took place last weekend in Orlando. However, he used the opportunity to engage in selfish, disingenuous polemics and attack his critics.

Because he felt personally insulted by Donald Trump, Mr. Obama tried to prop himself up by caricaturing his opponent’s position; as if the only thing that matters is the turn of a specific phrase; as if several unspoken words might be the only thing lacking in Mr. Obama’s failed foreign policy, in his refusal, in particular, to adequately combat radical Islamic jihad during its strategic advance over the past several years.

Mr. Obama’s failure to reference such murderous radicalism for what it is, to honestly label that which threatens western democracy, as well as human dignity, characterises his broader, manifest policy failures. He focuses on polarizing semantics to divert from harsher, more frightening realities.

When a President of the United States cannot rise above disingenuous partisanship in a time of national tragedy, and puts his personal pride ahead of the nation he governs, it is evidence that President is not fit to lead.

Mr. Trump suggested Mr. Obama resign. Is that such a bad idea?


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