Democrats Promote Political Vocabulary, Among the Corpses

Consistent among liberal politicians is a reflexive use of politicized vocabulary to turn major news events, even tragic ones, to their political advantage. Witness President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s response to the murderous rampage that just took place in Orlando, Florida.

These two Democrat standard bearers lead their legions away from the painfully obvious: radical islamic terrorists are fighting to destroy western democracy. Instead, they promote a diversion: the Orlando attack was a hate crime for which right-wing bigotry and the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms are ultimately responsible.

Falling back on time-worn, poll-tested talking points is what liberal politicians have been trained to do, so as to move any discussion away from areas of perceived liberal weakness (terrorism and homeland security), toward their perceived strengths (hate crimes and gun control).  Like Pavlovian drones, with steady backing from liberal media hounds (a.k.a. the ‘mainstream’ media), they salivate at this chance to obfuscate, to pursue a political agenda, as the corpses of innocent victims accumulate.


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