The Misogynistic Cult of Clinton

In recent days, the Liberal Media (a.k.a. ‘Mainstream Media’) has posited its consensus that, with her impressive victory in the New York primary, Hillary Clinton has locked up the Democrat Party’s nomination for President. On a related note, and with considerable fanfare, HBO recently aired the film, Confirmation, depicting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ Senate confirmation hearings, specifically the testimony of Anita Hill, who, in unseemly detail, publicly accused Thomas of sexually harassing her.

Those 1991 Senate hearings are now hailed by the Liberal Establishment as a watershed moment for the rights of women in the workplace. Lest they forget that one year after Anita Hill began the era of Bill Clinton – who, as Governor of Arkansas and as President of the United States, was a serial predator of women, and whose primary enabler in his many sordid affairs was his own wife, Hillary.

Where, pray tell, were the cries of sexual harassment in the workplace during said Era of Clinton? Sadly, yet not surprisingly, the Liberal Establishment was silent and submissive, and largely remains so to this day. They protected Bill then, and they protect Hillary even now. To anyone whose moral compass has a true north, such utter hypocrisy is hard to fathom. It appears delusional, if not outright cultish.

If the so-called ‘feminist movement’ were consistent in its narrative, they would highlight the stories of the brave women who came forward and told how Bill Clinton sexually harassed them, and highlight how Hillary Clinton sought to silence them.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for HBO to make a film about that.


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