When the ‘Smartest Guy in the Room’ Looks Like a Dunce

When the ‘smartest guy in the room’ wants to look like a dunce, he makes an inherently political statement while, at the same time, guaranteeing no political influence. This is just what President Obama has done recently, as seen here. Had he been wise, Mr. Obama would have declined to comment on the FBI’s ongoing criminal investigation of his former Secretary of State. But the man just couldn’t help himself … and in this case, may have hurt himself.

Mr. Obama has gotten into a no-win situation regarding the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. If the FBI sends a criminal referral to the Obama Justice Department and Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Mrs. Clinton, and perhaps members of her staff, then Mr. Obama becomes implicated in a politically driven attempt to shield those politically well-placed from prosecution; and the Obama administration and the President’s former Secretary of State suffer a much feared ‘slow leak’ of politically damaging information that would inevitably result. There would be well-placed and justifiably outraged individuals, in the FBI and elsewhere in the criminal justice community, to guarantee such leaks occur in a compromising and drawn out manner.

If the Obama Justice Department does indict Mrs. Clinton, then her candidacy for the Presidency becomes damaged beyond repair, and Mr. Obama’s so-called ‘legacy’ is ever more gravely put in jeopardy, as he will have lost his one ‘heir apparent’ and may find himself and his administration sucked into the quagmire of nasty, drawn out criminal proceedings. And if, almost inconceivably, no criminal referral is forthcoming from the FBI’s investigation, then again, there will be well justified cries of political foul play and a political cover-up, at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not fond of each other. But for now, poised atop the liberal food chain, they need each other. Theirs is a decrepit alliance, born of a common lust for self-aggrandizement, a shared need for self-preservation, and a mutual disregard for the rule of law. A criminal investigation moves forward, and a political firestorm is on the verge of igniting, one that could devastate Democrats, who would in turn blame Mrs. Clinton for her monumentally, historically bad judgment and actions. The Obama Administration may soon be less concerned with defending Mrs. Clinton than with protecting the President, to shore up a firewall between him and a scandal set to consume those sucked into it.


One thought on “When the ‘Smartest Guy in the Room’ Looks Like a Dunce

  1. You say if indicted, “…her candidacy for the Presidency becomes damaged beyond repair…”

    Not true at all. In a recent primary, exit poling of Democrats showed that 80% agreed that Mrs Clinton was dishonest and corrupt. And yet, she won with over 60% of the vote. Do the math and it shows that about 1/2 of those who admit she is dishonest and corrupt voted for her anyways.

    Personally I always thought most Democrats to be unthinking and mindless fools but now I think I may have been mistaken. Instead it is becoming clear that they have no moral center or compass and that they are indeed corrupt and immoral themselves.

    Add the % of Republicans who are also corrupt, and I fear for our country as it is certainly getting close if not already at the point of no return.


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