Tax Cuts Save Money … Here’s How

Democrats are fond of asking Republicans, “How are you going to pay for your tax cuts?” They ask this a lot, I’ve noticed. However, Democrats do not ask, “How are we going to pay for our massive spending increases?” They don’t even call their spending increases “spending increases” anymore. They’ve taken in recent years to calling them “investments” instead. Some things, however, are sacrosanct; a “tax cut” is still a “tax cut.”

The great irony in all this is that lowering tax rates, across the board, doesn’t actually cost money. Rather, it saves money. The logic is so simple, in fact, that it’s often overlooked, and it goes like this. When American workers keep more of what they earn, due to lower tax rates, they’re saving more of their own money. See? I told you it was simple. After all, the money that we earn belongs, first and foremost, to us. Not to our government. Doesn’t it seem logical, then, that we tell our government how much of our money it gets to spend, rather than our government telling us how much we get to keep?

What I’m suggesting is a shift in our frame of reference, a slight yet thoroughly radical shift. Because once all American tax payers embrace their financial resources as belonging to them, and not to the government, we can all begin to better appreciate the federal bureaucracy for what it is.

Come April 15, our government is like an irrepressible teenager on a Friday night, approaching Mom or Dad to get money for the weekend; money this teenager will, in turn, spend on cheeseburgers or movies or beer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look your offspring in the eye and ask, “Are you going to spend this money wisely? Can you show me where, in the past, you have actually spent it wisely, this money that I keep giving you?”

Your suddenly and irrepressibly honest offspring would say, “Actually, I’ve taken your money, bought a bunch of beer with it, and crashed your car into other cars all around town. And this is costing you more money than you could ever hope to pay off. It’s actually going to bankrupt you. But never mind all that, because this time I want even more of your money than you gave me last time. So that I can keep doing the same irresponsible things I’ve been doing. And no, I won’t change my ways.”

As a parent, how would that make you feel?

Bear that feeling in mind whenever you hear Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or some other liberal politician urging you to ‘invest’ more of your hard-earned money in bigger government. What they’re really talking bout is the federal bureaucracy spending more money on inefficient, ever-expanding federal programs, more lobbyists, more regulations and more government control, crashing more cars all over town and bankrupting us in the process.

One thought on “Tax Cuts Save Money … Here’s How

  1. You will never make it as a Liberal Democrat. Do you not know that 100% of what a person earns BELONGS to the government and that it only allow us to keep a portion?


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