Trump, Meet Bump!

This has been trending for a while. And yesterday’s Wisconsin primary vote makes it clear Ted Cruz has seized the Republican momentum. He is better organized, with a more grounded and complete campaign operation than Donald Trump. And he is not prone to the careless, self-inflicted wounds that Trump brazenly embraces. In politics, such things matter, and they have a cumulative effect.

Now, Mr. Trump has hit a noticeable bump in his previously, and amazingly (some would say unbelievably), direct road toward the nomination. Cruz captured 48 percent of yesterday’s Wisconsin vote, to Trump’s 35 percent and John Kasich’s 14 percent. This is a substantial margin of victory, and it awards Cruz the lion’s share of Wisconsin delegates, 36 to Trump’s 6 and Kasich’s nil.

What this means, most importantly and with near certainty, is that the Republican nomination is not going to be determined prior to the convention this summer. And there, again, Cruz’s campaign promises to be better organized and better prepared to maneuver the political maze that awaits the remaining Republican candidates.

If you think this race cannot get any more interesting or bizarre … stay tuned.


One thought on “Trump, Meet Bump!

  1. Hillary will probably be indicted, and Cruz will be sued for his ineligibility as he is not a “natural born citizen”, and Trump will be denied simply because the establishment on both sides cannot buy him. ….so none of these, Trump, Cruz nor Hillary will be on a major Party Ticket come November.

    And for those who argue that Ted is a natural born citizen, I have to ask, what was all the hullabaloo over Obama? And why did Obama spend over $3 million hiding his birth certificate for so many years?

    Silly Rinos and faux conservatives cannot have it both ways!!


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