A Lecture in Delusion

President Obama left his road to the White House littered with fabrications and misrepresentations, most glaringly his deliberate concealment of his own radical leftist views and policy objectives. He held himself out, dishonestly, as a centrist politician who would bring America’s warring political factions together. For the past seven plus years, he has governed as anything but.

In 2008, America’s liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) gave Mr. Obama a pass, overlooking his falsehoods and inconsistencies, refusing to subject him to the sort of severe scrutiny they ladle on every Republican vying for his job. For the past eight years, the same liberal media have treated Mr. Obama like a celebrity entertainer, like a rock star or movie star, but not like a President of the United States. They hold him to no minimum standard of behavior or transparency, no accountability, no outrage. Just fawning supplication and unyielding support.

Mr. Obama now has the gall to go before these same media elites and purport to lecture them about … wait for it … their failure to subject current Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump in particular, to a more intense vetting process, a sort of process, mind you, they have never applied to Mr. Obama himself. It is as though the President doesn’t care how delusional he appears. Or perhaps he is delusional, inhabiting a presidential bubble of insouciance and isolation. Either way, Mr. Obama cannot be bothered to acknowledge his own free ride from the media or his own hand in bringing America to the current state of political crisis he so readily derides. Mr. Obama maintains a serious tone, wearing a straight face and a well-tailored suit — all the while, acting like an oblivious dunce, in a tall white cap, his face to the wall.


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