Is It Time to Dump Trump?

Bill Kristol makes a good point. At some point, Republican voters must come to recognize Donald Trump for the destructive blowhard that he is. Perhaps this is the moment.

It is one thing to argue that the Iraq War (an odd reference, since war was never declared, but anyhow…) has been a huge miscalculation and an awful mistake. It is quite something else for a Republican presidential candidate to state publicly and without equivocation, as has Mr. Trump, that President George W. Bush knowingly and deliberately lied about weapons of mass destruction so that he could launch an invasion of Iraq.

The public record does not support such an accusation. And Republicans who voted to elect and re-elect President Bush need to seriously vet the man currently embraced as their party’s presidential front-runner. There are, after all, ways to vent one’s frustration with the DC establishment that don’t involve clipping one’s self at the knees politically.

While Trump doesn’t approach the corruption and demagoguery of a Hillary Clinton, his caustic bombast on debate stages and his unpredictable, unfounded rhetoric on the campaign trail are negatively impacting the Republican Party. The full extent of this impact may not come to fruition for some time. But if left unchecked, the considerable damage will present itself eventually.

Republicans have better options at the ready. Trump’s candidacy, therefore, should be put to pasture. The sooner the better.


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