They Who Attack Republicans Forgive Obama And Hillary

A note from the largely forgotten challenge that presidential candidate Barack Obama faced, some eight years ago, regarding his spiritual mentor and pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the same reverend who, from his church’s pulpit, cast angry, racially charged aspersions on the United States of America.  When Rev. Wright’s comments were made public and rightly condemned, Mr. Obama spoke from Philadelphia in 2008 to defend himself and his mentor. He stated that he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could disown the entire black community. Three weeks later, he disowned Rev. Wright, without skipping a beat, for pure political expediency.

What can be drawn from that chapter? First, if there were enough political expediency involved, Mr. Obama would disown the black community. Or second, he was not very sincere in his support of Jeremiah Wright. Either way, the speech Mr. Obama delivered from Philadelphia, the speech so lauded in 2008 by the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) elite and so readily absorbed by the malleable masses, the speech credited with nothing less than saving Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, was in fact a polished presentation of empty rhetoric, a cynical exercise in political skin-saving.

That Philadelphia chapter from spring 2008 is contextualized within President Obama’s ever present campaign of divisive, deceptive, political stealth. He has shifted key policy positions, shifted in his loyalties, and refused to admit when his judgment has been repeatedly and glaringly wrong, recently as regards his misfeasance in response to a growing threat from ISIS and the steady disintegration of America’s strategic posture in the Middle East.

Mr. Obama seems to fancy himself above other politicians, such as the Republican majorities in Congress with whom he steadfastly refuses to deal in good faith; above the laws he refuses to fully enforce; and thus, above the Constitution he swore to uphold. Liberal media elites accommodate the notion, having laid claim to Mr. Obama as a long-awaited re-birth of early sixties political cool –- someone to promote and adore. Instead, he has emerged, over the past eight years, an essentially deceptive and purposefully ill-defined politician, one of extraordinary cunning, corruption and ambition — someone, in fact, to fear.

Hillary Clinton, having plumbed the depths of official corruption in her role as Secretary of State, offers more of the same, as bad as, if not worse than, what we’ve experienced the past eight years — a steroidal third Obama term.

The Republican party’s current slate of presidential front-runners, on the other hand, offers hope of something different, a brand of change in which America is desperately in need. How ironic, it is they upon whom so many political elites cast their aspersions.


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