Hillary’s Latest Excuse: I’m No Smarter Than an Eighth Grader

Hillary Clinton’s email imbroglio has gotten more serious, while her explanation has grown more preposterous. According to a new report from Fox News, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., a member of the House Intelligence Committee, when speaking of Clinton and the classified information found on her private email server, said that Mrs. Clinton had to have known she was dealing with classified information, regardless of whether or not it was marked as such.

Rep. Pompeo stated, “There is no way that someone, a senior government official who has been handling classified information for a good chunk of their adult life, could not have known that this information ought to be classified, whether it was marked or not.” He continued, “Anyone with the capacity to read and an understanding of American national security, an 8th grade reading level or above, would understand that the release of this information or the potential breach of a non-secure system presented risk to American national security.” (emphasis added)

And Hillary keeps stating that none of the material on her server was marked classified, as though that were the only thing that mattered — when in fact, it is quite irrelevant. The fact that Mrs. Clinton’s security breaches placed the lives of American security personnel at risk, and necessitated changing America’s national security protocol, seems a bit more to the point.

And the New York Times has just endorsed Hillary to become the Democrat party’s nominee. I guess she’s not the only one who’s no smarter than an eighth grader.


One thought on “Hillary’s Latest Excuse: I’m No Smarter Than an Eighth Grader

  1. The NYT shows how absolutely blind they are by endorsing Hillary when the said that voters …”have the chance to nominate one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.”
    Broadly and deeply qualified, seriously?
    She has been a failure at every job she has done. She has even failed in trying to cover up her husband’s sexual peccadilloes, dalliances and rapes. Maybe she will succeed in avoiding prosecution for her email felonies and Clinton Foundation corruption while SecState?
    She may have been First Lady for 8 years but being close to power does not qualify one to wield power….if being in the White House for a length of time is a qualifier, then the White House pastry chef should be the next nominee as he has been in the White House for decades. When a pilot retires, no airline says, hey lets go hire his wife, she has been living with him for 30 or 40 years!
    In the Senate, Clinton created only 2 bills, and both were to name something, a Post Office or a Road after someone, Great accomplishments. I could go on, about how she was fired from her job during the Watergate investigations for lying and corruption even back then, but Liberals refuse to see,so maybe there is no hope for them??


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