The Insanity of the Clinton Campaign — An Update

Have we see anything more politically insane, more downright delusional, than Hillary Clinton’s current campaign for the presidency? In answering that, we might wish to imagine the political landscape of 1976 (our nation’s bicentennial). The Watergate scandal had drawn to a close, Americans had generally gotten past the jolt of President Gerald Ford pardoning former President Richard Nixon for any Watergate-related crimes he may or may not have committed. People were focused on the upcoming presidential election.

Imagine further that Richard Nixon, despite all his political baggage, decided to throw his hat in the ring and once more run for president (having served less than two years of his second term, before resigning amid scandal, he’d have been eligible). Imagine still further that nearly half of all Republicans said they didn’t trust Mr. Nixon, yet a majority said they’d vote for him anyway. And not only that, Nixon’s candidacy had unflinching support from the three broadcast networks (in 1976 there were only ABCNBC and CBS) and from much of the nation’s media and cultural elite. As insane as all of this may sound, it’s comparable to modern-day liberals and their delusional ‘Hillary for President’ routine.

Mrs. Clinton’s concealment and later destruction of subpoenaed State Department emails constitute an apparent obstruction of justice. And her mishandling of classified material via her home-brewed, private email scheme is a deliberate circumvention of U.S. laws regarding national security. Not only do these actions by the former Secretary of State likely constitute crimes, felonies in fact, they’re the sort of crimes that Nixon himself didn’t have the gumption to commit. Indeed, what might have been the reaction if Mr. Nixon had destroyed his Watergate tapes, after Congress had subpoenaed them? Would the Republican Party and the nation’s media and cultural elite still have endorsed the man to be president? … Not bloody likely.

Hillary Clinton has erased her State Department emails. In other words, she burned the tapes. She has also betrayed America’s national security by mishandling classified material, apparently for selfish reasons. Should this not be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and perhaps prosecuted by the Justice Department? Might the Democrat party and liberal elites put their enthusiasm for Hillary on hold, at least until we’ve been assured she’s not a felon?

And then there is the Clinton Foundation, with ever more obvious conflicts of interest, and perhaps more criminal activity. In other words, more insanity … stay tuned folks 

(This column, originally published May 2015, is updated to reference intervening events.) 


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