What if the primary match-up between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is a smoke screen? Highly publicized and well-financed, but a diversion nonetheless.

Hillary has, among her many flaws, serious legal problems to overshadow everything she does. Her assorted improprieties — some would call them crimes — are only going to become more glaring when the FBI concludes its current investigation and calls upon the Obama Administration to indict.

Then there’s ‘Uncle Bernie,’ the crazy in the corner who wants to tax America into oblivion and pursue brazenly socialist policies; yet somehow hopes to find enough support among political centrists to get elected president — not bloody likely.

There are other Democrats on stand-bye. Joe Biden comes to mind. So does Elizabeth Warren. Al Gore … uh, no. Joe and Liz, and perhaps some mystery date, are avoiding the primaries altogether; only a draft movement (well orchestrated, mind you) would pull them into the race. The liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) would support them, and decline to examine their flaws, in the haste of a final run-up to November. Now, that’s some high-stakes political theater.

Note, however, that in this election cycle the old school playbook is out the window; e.g. GOP primaries where voters eschew conventional wisdom and support whoever they damn well please. With Barack Obama as Charlatan in Chief, the liberal media gone native for progressivism, a marginalized political establishment, and an electorate that has had it up to here … perhaps it’s time to let go of those popular assumptions held only a year ago … and begin to ask … what if …?



One thought on “WHAT IF …?

  1. Wahat if Ted Cruz gets the Republican nomination and is found ineligible by the Supreme Court. And if he IS eligible, what was all the ruckus over where Obama was born for in the first place. Sadly I like Ted Cruz but he is INELIGIBLE to be President per the constitution and his place of birth..


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