How Obama Begat Trump

The political left has a slew of objections to Donald Trump’s candidacy; while they have as many, if not more, rationalizations for viewing the Obama presidency as a success. Partisan blinders prevent their seeing how Mr. Obama’s many shortcomings have actually paved the way for a Trump candidacy that defies the rules of establishment politics.

Liberal elites chose to ignore obvious problems with Mr. Obama’s candidacy in 2008: his lack of significant managerial experience; his lack of exposure to international diplomacy, financial markets and macroeconomic policy; and his radical-leftist views of the world and America’s role in it — to name just a few. Establishment liberals have chosen, as well, to downplay Mr. Obama’s glaring inadequacies while in office: his consistent exacerbation of racial and other political divides, his bellicose derision of those who stand in his way, his recurring constitutional usurpations and rank politicization of one government appendage after another, including the IRS, the Justice Department and the EPA — to name just a few.

For the past eight years, America’s liberal establishment has treated Mr. Obama like a media celebrity, like a rock star or movie star, but not like a President of the United States. No minimum requirement of decent behavior, no accountability or outrage. Just fawning supplication and unyielding support.

Such moral and political malpractice — not only by Mr. Obama and Democrats, but also from the liberal media (a.k.a. ‘mainstream media’) establishment entrusted to keep watch against such shenanigans — has left many American voters angry and disillusioned. And many of them support Mr. Trump because: 1) they’ve grown accustomed to celebrity politicians who generate enthusiasm, play well for the cameras and run roughshod over whatever doesn’t please them; or 2) they’re so angry and so frightened for America’s future that they’ll support anyone who can prevent another four years’ march toward left-wing fascism — or both.



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